Fan Art Competition, April 2019!

Come! Create! Join the Adventure!

CrN is hosting our very first Fan-Art Competition, where winners will earn prizes and see their art concepts on merchandise in our store!

Proceeds are given to the Authors/Translators of the works behind your inspiration!

How It Works

Readers design a Fan-Art based on the guidlines each Translator and Author participating that has posted (listed below).

Submitting and accepting our terms, Artwork is shown in Galleries on the site, which are also connected to the works the translators and authors have done.

Readers can then vote on those works. Top votes based on idea, design, and faithfulness to the guidelines, win.

The winner will recieve prizes and get their design made and placed on a shirt. Proceeds will be given to the Translator or Author your winning Fan-Art was about.


Submission Closed