About Creative Novels

CrN is a platform providing a Network for Creators to share and improve their work. There are opportunities for growth, information for success, a hub for socializing, and a chance for exposure.


Besides having a growing readership who are likely to check your novel out, CrN is a managed platform with a multitude of divisions which include Marketing/Social Media and Editing.

So what does this mean for you?

  • We have a marketing team that will interview authors and their novels to help increase their exposure.
  • Some novels may be assigned an editor to help improve their work.
  • We have various social platforms to increase user base like Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • We have members that are currently helping others and providing advice.


  • Works can generate revenue based on the number of readers you bring in. Typical Revenue generation can range from $0.70 to $1.15 per 1K Views before tax.
  • Novels with more than 50 Chapters can join the legacy program and lock advanced chapters. Readers can unlock those chapters for a small fee. Earnings are provided at the end of the month.

To submit or update a story, please go to your Account Dasbhoard

Basic Features

Built for success, CrN provides multiple features to help get Creator's on track.

This includes an Account Dashboard (Or Creator's Hub) to:

  • View Your # of Pageviews, Readers, Average Reading Time and Earnings.
  • Easy way of Adding, Editing, Scheduling, and Trashing your submitted works/chapters.
  • Add Special Notes and/or name your Editor on each post.
  • Can add your personal website or donation link that is automatically generated for you on every post you make.

To submit or update a story, please go to your Account Dasbhoard


Advanced Features

CrN comes with several advanced feautres for authors.

1. Glossary - which enabled authors to create a hub of info on their novel which will be available to readers as they read.

2. SearchEngine - which allows readers to look up your chapters based off of a word or phrase.

To submit or update a story, please go to your Account Dasbhoard



When readers and fans come to CrN, they come expecting a certain minimum level of quality. And we wish to provide them such.

Those willing to host with us should:

  • Have decent (understandable) English.
  • At least 30K words written for an ongoing work.
  • Completed works have no minimum word count.
  • Have a willingness to improve, network, or share.

Additional Requirements for Translations:

  • Any translator will be tested.
  • For JP, no LNs are accepted. Only WNs.

Notice: depending on the nature of it, some mature works may not be accepted.