About Creative Novels

CrN is a platform providing a Network for Creators to share and improve their work. There are opportunities for growth, information for success, a hub for socializing, and a chance for exposure.


Besides having a growing readership who are likely to check your novel out, CrN is a managed platform with a multitude of divisions which include Marketing/Social Media and Editing.

So what does this mean for you?

  • We have a marketing team that will interview authors and their novels to help increase their exposure.
  • Some novels may be assigned an editor to help improve their work.
  • We have various social platforms to increase user base like Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • We have members that are currently helping others and providing advice.


Built for success, CrN provides multiple features to help get Creator's on track.

This includes an Account Dashboard (Or Creator's Hub) to:

  • View Your Total Pageviews and Earnings.
  • Advanced Analytics Section - shows various graphical data to help you know how well your novel is doing and provide hints on how to improve.
  • Add, Edit, Schedule, Trash new novels and posts.
  • Add Special Notes and name your Editor on each post.
  • Can add your personal website or donation link that is automatically generated for you on every post you make.


When readers and fans come to CrN, they come expecting a certain minimum level of quality. And we wish to provide them such.

Those willing to host with us should:

  • Have decent (understandable) English.
  • At least 10K words written for an ongoing work.
  • Completed works have no minimum word count.
  • Have a willingness to improve, network, or share.

Additional Requirements for Translations:

  • Any translator will be tested.
  • For JP, no LNs are accepted. Only WNs.

Notice: depending on the nature of it, some mature works may not be accepted.