Volume 10, Chapter 1: Felicty’s Rant

Sunday Winter Quarter 2016 Day Before Spring Break

“Felicity, please just calm down,” I advised, watching her chug down another glass of liquor.

“No… you don’t understand, Yuki. I just don’t get it. How come no one talks to me like they used to?” Felicity complained, pounding the table.

Felicity invited me over because she wanted to hang out. The first location she led me to was the bar. Immediately after, Felicity grabbed a bottle and poured herself several drinks.

“Felicity, I can’t answer that for you. And why am I the only one here?” I asked, sighing.

“You see…. that’s what I’m shaying …. Tess was all like ‘oh I’m busy’. At least you’re here,” Felicity slurred, pouring yet another drink.

“Yeah, not surprising Tess is so busy. Felicity, let’s do something else,” I pleaded.

“No, you shee, you don’t get it, Yuki. I get it. What have I done wrong? Nothing!” Felicity exclaimed.

Where was Tess when you needed her? I’m sure she put an immediate stop to all of this. There was a knock and Felicity’s little sister entered.

“Yuki, Fel isn’t doing so well,” she observed.

“Of course she isn’t. Are you here to help out and stop her?” I questioned despite already knowing her response.

“Why would I end such fun times for you, Yuki? I’m just here to deliver food. Have fun!” Memoria departed and then there was a click.

I rushed to the door, twisting the doorknob, but it didn’t budge. Are you serious? This was a repeat of the Christmas party, except I was alone this time.

“Get back here, Yuki. I’m not done talking yet. You gotta accompany me…. you just gotta,” Felicity demanded, grabbing my arm.

“Yeah, guess I do,” I replied, sitting next to her.

“You’re damn right! I freaking need more drinks. Pour me another one!” Felicity slammed her cup on the table.

I obliged, pouring her another one, emptying the bottle. After downing the drink, Felicity hoisted the bottle upwards. She closed her left eye and squinted at the ceiling. Don’t drop it, please don’t drop it! Felicity placed it back down on the table and inspected the various alcohol available to her. This was not my idea of a relaxing Sunday. I expected a fun, low-key conversation over snacks, but this was too extreme.

“Yuki, how come you don’t…. hic… like anyone?” Felicity inquired, her head down on the counter.

“Felicity, calm down. You’re asking weird questions,” I said, tempted to drink now.

“You’re the one…. hic… who’s being weird. Iz a perfectly natural question. Come on, you’re hiding shomezing, aren’t you?” Felicity slapped the table.

“Felicity, I’m not. You do realize I don’t spend a lot of time with them, right? I’m more focused on figuring out everything,” I answered.

“Iz a lie, Yuki. Iz all lies you’re telling me. You just gotta… gotta….,” Felicity instructed before slumping down on the counter.

“Felicity, you okay?” I shook her.

“Of course! I’m Kaisi Konoe, daughter of….,” Felicity trailed off.

That name. Kyoi didn’t provide me false information. Felicity adopted her current name for use instead of the one she just uttered. What was her reasoning?

“Yuki, just promise me one thing…. just one thing,” Felicity spoke again.

“Yeah, what is it?” I asked, hoping for something coherent.

“You…. don’t ever take Darryl away from me. Jin and Long, I don’t really care. But Darryl, he’z mine,” Felicity said with a firm voice.

“I won’t. You’ve already had enough. That’s enough for today,” I warned.

“Iz my house so my rules! I No ifs and buts about it, Yuki! So fill ‘er up!” Felicity waved her glass in the air.

“Felicity, you’re going to regret this tomorrow,” I said, uncorking the new bottle.

“No one can tell me what to do,” Felicity emphasized.

“Whatever you say,” I said.

“Yuki, ya know what? Remember dat restaurant? I shwore I’m forgetting something. Can you tell me what it iz?” Felicity looked at me with an earnest look.

“Nothing. You just finished your food and went home. You were really tired,” I lied.

“You’re right. Nothing happened,” Felicity agreed.

“That reminds me, how do you know Champ?” I recalled how Felicity knew him previously.

“Who’s dat? Oh, Yuka’s boyfriend? His dad runs a pretty profitable company here. Iz pretty up there, you know?” Felicity answered.

“You’ve dealt with him before?” I questioned.

“Once or twice. Maybe three? Ah, who cares, pour me another one,” Felicity demanded.

“Felicity, are you in there? Felicity, I know you’re in there! Why would you lock it from the outside?” someone shouted before opening the door.

A woman, in her early forties, entered and shook her head at Felicity. She wore a dazzling necklace that shone even in the dim room lighting.

“Oh, I apologize for the intrusion. I didn’t know my daughter brought a guest over,” she said, noticing me.

I certainly saw the resemblance between them. Memoria stood behind her with a sheepish smile on her face.

“Memoria, did you lock them in here?” Felicity’s mother turned around, staring at her youngest daughter.

“Well….yeah I did,” Memoria confessed.

“How many times have I told you not to…. this smell. Felicity, how many bottles did you open?” she asked, examining the counter.

“Hey Mom! Care to join me for a little….,” Felicity offered before finally blacking out.

“I’m very sorry about all of this. Memoria, take her back to her room. This is partially your fault,” she ordered.

“Of course, Mom. I will be glad to,” Memoria said.

She lifted Felicity up from her seat, dragging her away. Was this just normal? Her mother took it pretty well. Felicity’s mother cleaned up all the bottles and then wiped down the counter.

“Once again, I apologize for my daughter’s actions. She really has no filter when it comes to drinking,” she said.

“Yeah, I was pretty worried there. Is this normal for Felicity?” I asked.

“No, but when she does, it’s always to the extreme. It is quite unfortunate,” Felicity’s mother shook her head.

“Well, she didn’t do anything too crazy, so there’s that,” I noted.

“Ah, I have forgotten to ask for your name,” Felicity’s mother requested.

“Oh, I should have introduced myself back there. I’m Tomo Yuki,” I revealed.

“Yuki, that’s a nice name. I hope my daughter hasn’t been too much trouble for you. She can be a handful sometimes,” Felicity’s mother complimented.

“No, not at all. Felicity’s been a really good friend. You don’t have to worry about that,” I assured her.

“That’s a relief. I’m afraid my daughter is very forceful, which doesn’t sit well with people. It’s nice to meet you today. Will you head home or wait for Felicity to awaken?” she questioned.

“I think I’ll head home. Give Felicity my regards. I think it’s best she sleeps it off,” I decided, heading toward the front door.

“I hope Felicity will be in a better mood the next time you visit,” Felicity’s mother said.

What a strange day. Oh crap, Tess’ house tomorrow. I wasn’t looking forward to that at all.

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