Volume 1, Chapter 1-4: Feminist: S

What am I going to do with the Fire Bolt I learned?

That is……end the contract with Rose.

So — I once more go over how to use Fire Bolt.

First of all, picture what I want to do with the Fire Bolt in my mind…….picture it. I’m basically committing suicide with this spell. I was overcome with fear and couldn’t form the image in my mind. I once more looked at the ‘Immortality’ ability.

….It’s okay. I’ll survive.

It’s fine, I can do this. My willpower rank is high and I have good fear resistance. Either way, no fear can compare to what I felt earlier!

I scolded myself and I tried to picture what I wanted to happen.

Fire Bolt”

The spell starts to take shape. A brightly shining magic formation begins to take shape beneath my feet. I confirm the spell is ready and cast Fire Bolt.

At that moment, the Fire Bolt shot straight towards my throat and exploded. Blood sprayed from my throat and covered the ground in front of me. I was overcome with an intense, burning pain that covered my entire body. Then, my consciousness slowly began to fade.

And —

Your fear resistance has increased to rank A.

You died.

At the same time, the log window updated — I could see my blood spray out in front of me covering the carpet and I collapsed to the ground.

Then —- The world became monochrome. I could look down on my dead body. This is……something like a death screen in an MMO.

But, my consciousness still remains.

In other words, my physical body has died but my mind remains. This is proof the ‘Immortality’ skill works.

I’m fine for now.

The real problem now is how do I revive……In the corner of my view, I could see a chibi Medea-nee holding a wooden sign.

I was a little suspicious at first and wanted to look over the details of the ‘Immortality’ skill…..Uuooo!? The chibi Medea-nee just got bigger!

And I can’t even touch her to push her away!

…….Ah, I understand. This must be here to help me.

I decided to look closely at the chibi Medea-nee. The chibi Medea-nee nodded to me and held her wood sign up so I could read it.

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Umm, what does it say?

Would you like to revive right now? Yes/No

I just need to choose?

Well then, the only real choice is to press ‘Yes,’ right? As I selected the yes option, the text seemed to glow.

Immediately afterwards, the chibi Medea-nee flew towards the center of my vision. The chibi Medea-nee did a quick spin in front of me, but due to her miniskirt, I could see something that looked like white lace underneath it.

“……Did you see?”

She held down the hem of her skirt with her face blushing — If you’re shy why aren’t you wearing a longer skirt?

“But, Yuzuki-kun likes miniskirts, right?”

“…….I like them.”

“Then, this is just some free service for you.”

That may be so, but…

“I was really enjoying watching you do ecchi things with her….”

“Well, I’m sorry but I need to revive soon. It would be bad if Rose were to see me like that.”

“That’s fine. Then, I’ll revive you soon where you died. This time it seems fine, but if you were to die in a dangerous area, you may die again after being resurrected. So, be careful.”

“Ah…..I understand. I’ll be careful.”

“Also, following your resurrection, there will be a cooldown time of 24 hours for this ability. You will not be able to revive if you die again in that 24 hour time period.”


“Well then, have a nice Yandere life. I will always be watching, Yuzuki-kun.”

Medea-nee spread both her hands out in front of her and my vision starts to glow white. Shortly after, my mind seemed to have returned to my body.

I was now lying on the floor.

“…….What did she mean by have a nice Yandere life? And the fact that she said she’s always watching is a little scary.”

Honestly, I don’t feel any malice from Medea-nee, but…..I just need to focus on getting out of here.

I tried to sit up and was expecting some discomfort, but it seemed my body was restored to perfect health. On top of that, all of the blood covering the carpet has completely disappeared. That’s pretty thorough.

After that, I once again opened my status window. Underneath the [Bad Status] section I confirmed that the ‘Contract with Rose: E’ was now gone.

Now I can leave this room.

I am — Free!

I slowly turned the doorknob and walked out of the room. I made sure there was no one in the hallway and walked down the corridor towards the front door — on the way there, I walked into Rose as she was leaving a room.


“…..Huh? Yuzuki onii-san!? How did you get out of the room?”

This is bad. This is seriously bad.

I ended the contract with her. If she notices she might call for the guards to come. I need to distract her in order to buy myself some time!

“I don’t know how you did it, but please tell….”

“T-There’s no reason to worry about that! Weren’t you going to change your clothes, Rose? It doesn’t look like you have yet, right!?”

She told me she needed to change her clothes, but it doesn’t seem like she’s changed yet. She’s also holding panties in her hands. I’m hoping that asking such an embarrassing question will be enough to distract her.

And like that, Rose started shyly fidgeting in front of me —

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“Umm…..That’s because my underwear got wet. I had to take them off and was wondering what style of underwear you’d prefer……Well, which one do you like best?”

Rose held both of her hands out to me. In one of her hands, she held a simple white pair of panties. In the other, she had a long black cloth.

…..Are those shorts? More importantly, she took them off — does that mean she’s not wearing any right now!?

A beautiful girl, that is maybe one or two years younger than me, is standing in front of me. She’s wearing a gothic style dress and under it……there’s nothing.

This is……too much.

—- What should I do!?

“Eh…..Yuzuki onii-san? Please, tell me what you prefer.”

“Yes, I’ve decided that it is best for you to not wear any at all. This is the best option for you.”

“…..Yuzuki onii-san is ecchi…..”

Uwa. The shy Rose is the cutest…………………What did I just dddddoooooooo!?

Why did I tell her what I really thought!?

—N-no, this might be for the best. I answered honestly even though it made me look bad. This should make Rose think the contract is still active.

Eh……Yeah, that’s right. I only said that to convince Rose that the contract was still active!

Haa~, I need to calm down. Anyway, I was able to distract her. Now, I just need to find a way to escape….

“By the way, Yuzuki onii-san?”


“I don’t know how you got out of the room but will you please return there?”


I killed myself for no reason.

This is…..terrible. If we return to the room, the fact that the contract has ended will be revealed. I can’t let that happen. I’ll just have to use force to escape.

— I took a deep breath.

“Sorry, but I can’t do that.”

I’m no longer being compliant with Rose.

“Eh, impossible!? How did you break the contract with my demon eye!?”

“That’s why — I’m sorry.”

I really did feel sorry for various things. The idea of spending days with Rose was appealing, but — I can’t do that.

Rather, being someone’s pet doesn’t sound appealing to me. So, I turned my body to escape.

“Wait, Yuzuki onii-san! Wait a minute!”

Rose panicked and grabbed onto me. I expected to immediately shake her off my arm, but — I can’t shake her off! Why!?

“….Hmm? Yuzuki onii-san?”

I expected to shake her off with no effort, but now she’s just staring at me confused. But I am the one most surprised.

The contract with Rose should have ended — Why can’t I break free from her?

Suddenly, I noticed the log window in the corner of my vision.

There was a log that said no harm can be done to women due to the effects of ‘Feminist.’ There was something even worse than the contract with Rose there!

This is bad! How can I escape from this situation!?

“Umm……Rose? Will you release me?”

“…..Is it possible that Yuzuki onii-san can’t break free from me?”

“A-A-As if that would be possible!”

“Then, does that mean you don’t want to get away from me?”


It doesn’t matter how I answer. Either way, I’ll be stuck here.

What should I do? What can I do? A fascinating smile appeared on Rose’s face.

“Just like I thought, Yuzuki onii-san can’t shake off my hand. Oh, maybe it’s not just me either?”

“Wh-Wh-What is that supposed to mean?”

“Fufu~, I think I understand. Yuzuki onii-san, you have the feminist skill, right? Even better, it must be a really high rank~”

“Why do you —”

I let out a scream before Rose quickly closed my mouth. Rose said, “I guess I’m right,” and showed a bewitching smile.

“Then, Yuzuki onii-san, let’s return to the room.”

Rose hooked her arm with mine and started walking forward. I can’t do anything —- there’s no way I can escape.

“Damn it……”

Even worse, thanks to all of the commotion, there are now maids gathered in the hallway. There’s no chance I’ll be able to break free from Rose and escape from this hallway. The best option for me is to follow her and wait for another opportunity.

“Eh…..sorry, I tried to escape. I was wrong.”

“….Yuzuki onii-san?”

Because I suddenly stopped resisting her, Rose looked up at me, confused.

“Well, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Is that so…….That’s good. I like Yuzuki onii-san so I will forgive you for breaking your promise and leaving the room.”

“…..Rose, thank you.”

Most Yanderes I’ve encountered before were more selfish. For example, the girl Hinano said, “I’ll never allow you to do something I don’t like.”

So, I thought Rose was a little cute for forgiving me.

However —

“But, even though you did all of those things to me, you still tried to escape…..clearly you need to be punished. Don’t you agree? After this, you won’t ever be able to escape again.”


As Rose stood in front of me, she whispered the word “Sleep.” Immediately after, a magic formation expanded around Rose —

“Good night, Yuzuki onii-san.”

I fell asleep.

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