Volume 1, Chapter 2-4: Naughty Master

While looking at Claudia’s status window, I pointed to the bottom line.

“Hey, this SP, can you use it, Claudia?”

“SP…what is that?”

SP seems to have no meaning to Claudia. Moreover, even if I point directly at her remaining SP, she seems to not be able to see it. Maybe she needs to meet certain conditions to be able to see it?

“Can I try touching your status window?”

“Eh? Umm…..You can touch another person’s status?”

“Well, it’s one of the effects of one of my titles.”

Though that effect is restricted to people that I’m close with, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to interact with Claudia’s status window…..but I was able to easily touch the items in her status window.


And Claudia let out a cute voice.

…..That’s right. If you touch another person’s status they’ll receive some kind of sexual pleasure. I completely forgot about that. I don’t want to make Claudia angry, but I want to know more about this.

I started by placing my fingertips on some items in her status.

The status window appears to be a display window similar to what you may see in augmented reality (AR)…….but it feels like I’m touching the soft body of a woman.

“Hya~—nn~….. Hnnnn~”

“………What was that?”

I turned to face Claudia and saw her covering her mouth while her face was bright red.

“T-That was nothing. It was just a hiccup.”

“Right….a hiccup.”

She was definitely moaning just now — not like I can say that. Seeing Claudia’s erotic expression gave me an idea.

“Are you…..feeling okay?”

I asked her this as I slowly stroked her status window.

“No, I’m fi…… hnn~ I’m fine…….Fwaaa~”

Claudia’s face remained calm but her entire body was trembling. Her face was becoming even redder.

I learned a little about doing this when Medea-nee did it to me. Right now, Claudia’s entire body should be experiencing great pleasure.

I would gently rub her breasts and softly play with her nipples. I then slowly moved down below her waist, before moving my fingers inside her.

I’m sure she must be getting frustrated right now. She’s experiencing so much pleasure from an unknown source.

Yet, she’s currently standing in a room with her master, trying to desperately hide it.

But I know what’s happening and I’ve experienced it myself. When I slowly move my finger along her status window, I can see her entire body begin to tremble.

But I don’t get any satisfaction from doing this.

I want to experience her body for myself. I want to hear her cute voice moan even more.

I started stroking her status window slowly and would then rub it much more intensely.


“Ah, your face is really red. Are you sure you’re okay?”

She was biting her lip and doing her best to hold back her voice. For now, I’ll pretend to be worried about her until she can no longer hold it in.

“I’m fine hya~. Hnn~ it’s just nn~…..The hiccups won’t stop…. Hya~a”

“I see……Then, if it gets worse, please let me know.”

“Ye…s—-A~aah…Hyan~……I’ll let you know…. Fwaa~”

……That’s impressive.

Claudia is desperately trying to keep her face calm even though her entire body must be incredibly sensitive right now.

She looks pretty cute trying to hold it back. I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel a little guilty bullying and deceiving her like this.

Still —

Claudia did say she had prepared herself for something like this. Well — I really don’t think I can stop myself after seeing such an erotic scene.

While still asking her, “Are you okay?” I started moving my hand even more.

“…….Hy~an… Hii~……. These hiccups… Hnn~…….they just won’t stop!”

“Really……It sounds to me like you’re moaning.”

“Wh-hnn~….. Don’t be st–hya~ stupid. I have the hya~n hiccups. I can’t help it.”

“Oh, I guess so. Those are some pretty bad hiccups.”

She was still keeping a calm face, but — her eyes were completely lost in the pleasure. Her entire body looks as if she’s decided to embrace this pleasure.

I started moving my hand even more vigorously.

“Umm, Master?”


“Are you……Are you finished with my status window? If so, could you maybe close it now?”

“Hmm…..Just give me a moment.”

If I close out of her status window, the time I have to play with her will end. I turned my back to Claudia and began looking through her status window again.

First of all, I should actually check to see if I can change items in her status.

…….Yep. I can control her status window in the same way I can control my own. If that’s the case, I should be able to teach her whatever skills I want.


Well she has 524 remaining SP…….I’d like to rank up her Yandere resistance but she doesn’t have enough SP to increase it to SS.

Would it be best to increase her support magic so that she can be of more help to me?

Her magical power is rank A and, on top of that, she has Fast Cast as well. However, all of her abilities are reduced by 2, so the only ability she has that may be of any use is……her support magic.

“Umm……Can you look at this for a second…..”


As I continued using her status window, I could still hear her letting out sweet moans behind me.

I can hear Claudia trying to muffle her voice behind me.

It’s still so erotic. It’s too erotic!

Considering the current situation, I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself. Somebody, help me!

『– Did somebody call me?』

A message from Medea-nee was displayed in my log.

『I think someone wants my assistance. I wonder if I’ll be able to hear them if they call me ‘Medea onee-chan’–』

Medea onee-chan, please!?

『…That was quick.』

It’s only text but she seems amazed.

『Well…that’s fine. Medea onee-chan will provide a special service just for you.』

Immediately after Medea nee’s message appeared, a new window popped up in the center of my vision. And there…was the figure of Claudia in front of me.

Claudia is covering her mouth with one hand while the other is vigorously rubbing between her legs.

This is…..erotic. It’s overwhelmingly erotic.

However, Medea nee’s ‘special service’ didn’t end there. A message was then displayed under the live video.

『W-Wh-What is happening? It feels like there’s someone touching every inch of my body. Why do I feel like this? What’s happening? Why does it feel so good?』

Is this what Claudia is thinking?

『Haa~n…..It feels amazing…..It feels too good. I think I might go crazy if this keeps up. But why is this happening? Is it because Master is touching my status window?』

Ah, she found out. Even though she’s found out what’s causing it, as long as I pretend like nothing’s wrong, I can keep going.

Still, she’s telling me she has the hiccups, but I now know she’s feeling really good. I started rubbing her status window even harder.

『Haaaaan~ hyaa~…Aah……aaahh……Hnn~! It suddenly got even more intense. That was amazing. It felt even better.』

I could see Claudia still covering her mouth in the video. Her body was starting to tremble more and more.

『I can’t let Master see me like this. Hyan~. No, it doesn’t seem like he’s noticed yet. Aah~n….It feels amazing. Hyan~….It feels so good!』

This is incredibly lewd.

『P-Please, don’t notice, Master! Haa~ hyaa~n….No, no I can’t……I can’t help it, my body feels too good. I’m going to finish right in front of Master. Ah, right there, touch my status window there….Ah, I’m almost there……It feels so good~~~』

Just before Claudia finished, I stopped touching her status window.

I silently stared at the image of her in front of me.

『Haa…..haa……Why? Just a little bit longer and I would’ve finished. I can’t just stop there. This is so frustrating.』

I stopped touching her status window right before she finished. Right now, she’s rubbing between her thighs even harder. She seems even more aroused now than before.

“M-Master, are you not going to touch my status window more?”

“Hm? I’m just thinking about something.”

“I-Is that so……”

『Aah. What is with this timing? Haa…Haaaaa~…..This is too much. If it’s like this…I…I’ll have to do it myself.』

After thinking this, I could see Claudia look at me in the video. Is she checking to see if I’m looking?

『It should be fine. I’m sure of it. I told him I had the hiccups earlier. If he just thinks they got worse, he might not pay any attention to what I’m doing.』

I’m far from not paying any attention. I’m paying close to attention to the live video in front of me.

If I leave things as they are, Claudia’s live show will start right in front of me. However, I don’t want her to finish on her own.

— So, just as she was reaching down below the hem of her robe, I turned around to face her.

“By the way, Claudia.”

“Hyaaaaaaaaaa! Wh-Wh-What is it, Master!?”

“…..Why are you panicking so much?”

“I-It’s nothing! That was just…..That was just a really big hiccup.”

…….This girl is ridiculous…..She won’t admit to anything. While thinking this, I casually looked down at the hem of her robe.

Her robe had been moved up a little and I could clearly see her thighs.

It’s really erotic……But it is better, in a strange way, when I can’t see as much.

“Ah, actually, it’s about your status window.”

“R-Really? What about it?”

“It seems that when I touch another person’s status window, the other person will be burdened in some way.”


Claudia begins to think about what I said.

By the way, the video showing Claudia was in the center of my vision, so, even though I’ve turned around, I can still see that video…..and her thoughts.

『The burden he’s talking about must be that pleasure I felt a moment ago, but Master must have been misunderstanding and thought it was causing me pain………If I don’t tell him, will he continue touching my status window?』

As expected. All she can think about is erotic things.

Well, when Medea-nee was touching my status window, I lost all self-control. I can understand her feelings well.

“If Claudia is okay with it, I’d like to mess around with your status window.”

“M-Mess around?”

『He was only touching it like normal earlier. If that’s the case, what would happen if he were to be serious about it? Would my body even be able to handle it? Just the idea is scaring me…..』

“Umm…..Well, I’m….fine with it.”

“Is it really okay?”

“Yes. It’s true, there was a strange burden put on me earlier, but….Please, don’t hesitate at all. Use all of your strength to mess up my status window!”

『I went too far. It’s too obvious now. But, it doesn’t seem like Master has noticed. It should be okay, right?』

I pretend not to notice Claudia’s inner thoughts — Then, I moved behind Claudia and moved her delicate body onto my lap.


“I thought this would be easier for you if the burden is too much for you. If I sit you on my lap like this, I’ll be able to tell if you become distressed.”

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“Eh, no, that’s –.”

『W-What should I do? If I sit like this, he’ll definitely notice! And not just notice how good I’m feeling, but how wet I’ve become!』

Yeah, I’ve noticed.

But that is the reason why I wanted her in this position. With these perverted thoughts in my mind, I started touching Claudia’s status window to learn skills for her.

I decide to have her learn more support magic. I decided she’ll learn Haste: F, Sanctuary: F, and Mirage: F in that order.

The first skill I’ll have her learn……Haste. It greatly increases the user’s speed and it costs 200 SP.

“Haa~…..Nnn~. Something…..amazing….is flowing into me.”

The pleasure seems to be even greater when she learns a new skill. I could feel Claudia’s body trembling on my lap.

Next……Sanctuary. It’s a magic that will prevent any lower-rank monster from entering a certain area. It will also recover the stamina of the user as long as they are within the area.

Again, it costs 200SP to learn.

“My body….feels hot….Ha!…..Nnn!…..Fwaa~….”

She sounds like she’s suffering. I’m actually worried that she may actually be in pain. However, when I looked at the screen showing her inner thoughts, I could tell she was overcome with pleasure.

After reading her inner thoughts, I whispered into Claudia’s ear, “Are you okay?”

“Hyau~n. I…I’m fine. Please…..You can touch it more.”

“You’re okay with me touching it more? When, in fact, you really want me to touch it more.”

“Eh? Ahn…Aah……What?….Hnn~….What are you saying?”

“Right now, you’re drowning in pleasure. You’re so close but you didn’t get to finish. You want me to keep touching your status window.”

I stopped touching her status window and whispered this into Claudia’s ear.

“Eh? Eh, no…..that’s–”

“Before, I told you that you’d feel a burden when I touched your status window, but that’s not what’s happening is it?”

“Aahn…..No….That can’t be.”

“It is. I know that when I touch your status window, you feel incredibly good.”

“That’s not –”

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While pretending to suffer, she was acting as a slave that was following the demands of her master. But, her inner thoughts show that she is drowning in pleasure and begging for more.

Now that she understands I know everything — Claudia looks even more embarrassed.

“You’re terrible, Master.”

“That’s true. But, you’re too cute. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Cu–!? Th-That’s not possible.I have this terrible burn….”

“Still, you were really cute and erotic when you were breathing so hard earlier. And, you’ve been sitting on my knee…You know what I’m talking about.”


Claudia blushes even more.

“…Well, I have a question for you, Claudia. I’ve currently mastered two skills for you. I can still master another, but……I wanted to know what you want.”

“…….Eh? W-What do you mean by that?”

“I got a little carried away, but I don’t want to do something you’d dislike, Claudia. If you don’t want me to touch your status window anymore, I won’t.”

“Uh, ah…that’s…well”

Claudia’s face turned bright red and she couldn’t answer.

Of course, the window in front of me still shows her inner thoughts, but I don’t want to look at that. I want to hear her say it.

“So, what should I do?”

“That’s…well. Umm….”

“Then, I’ll try something different. Do you remember the ability ‘Dispel?’ I don’t have enough SP to learn it, but…If you learn more support magic and go into dungeons with me, someday, you’d be able to learn ‘Dispel’ yourself.”

“I could learn….Dispel?”

“Yep. So…do you want to learn more skills?”

The perfect excuse.

As she sat in my lap, I could hear Claudia take a deep breath,

And — Claudia said, with a faint voice, “…..please, touch……”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you. Could you clearly say what you want me to do?”

“—–Master, is cruel. My status window, please touch it! I already feel like I’m about to lose my mind. So, touch it. Touch it as much as you — Ahn~!”

I started touching her status window before she could finish her sentence. I used 100 SP so she could learn Mirage.

“Haa~….Hyan~….I can feel something hot flowing in….Haa…..Nnn~…..Hya~”

“……Do you want me to stop? Does it feel too good?”

“Y-You’re terrible, absolutely terrible! Please, more! Touch me more!”

“I can stop touching it. Do you want me to keep going?”

“Y-yes! Mou, I’m already at my limit and I can’t wait anymore! Please, touch me even more already! Make me feel even better!…..Ah….Hyan~! I’m almost there! It feels amazing! It feels so good! Ah…..Haa~…..Aaahhhhh….Hnnn….I finished! It felt amazing~….Aah….Nnnnn…”

Claudia’s entire body started convulsing on my lap.

Still, Claudia is really cute as her body continued to occasionally twitch.

“Then, Claudia, next you can make me……Claudia?”

I called out to her but got no response. As I looked into her face, I could see she passed out.

…….Ah, I overdid it.

Umm….I guess I should lay her on the bed for the time being.

I picked her body up and gently sat her on the bed.

Claudia should be okay now…..But, I won’t. How am I supposed to calm down after that?

『Yuzuki-kun, Yuzuki-kun.』

Another message from Medea-nee.

『I was able to record that video of Claudia in pleasure…do you want to see it?』


I’m conflicted.

I would never attack Claudia in her sleep, but I want to see that video. I really want to see that video. But, to say I want to see it and to actually see it are two different things.

I could take care of it on my own……But this world doesn’t have any online material I could use. The only thing like that is the video Medea-nee has…..I could still take care of it myself….

『So, what are you going to do, Yuzuki-kun?』

Medea-nee asks me once more.

But…..I’m already at my limit. There was only one choice for me.

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