Volume 1, Chapter 4-1: Goddess Medea’s Blessing (Trap)

After using Resurrection on Claudia, the light covering her body — didn’t stop.

“Claudia, please, stay with me! Claudia!”

I don’t want this! I don’t want Claudia to die like this! I was finally able to meet a girl that wasn’t Yandere! I don’t want to say goodbye like this!

“Claudia…please, Claudia! Open your eyes! Open your eyes!”

I remembered the pain I felt when I first thought I’d lost Claudia and began to cry.

And the next moment, the light particles that were disappearing from Claudia’s body finally stopped.

And Claudia’s body was restored as if time had been rewound.

“Did I make it on time…?”

Her eyes slowly opened and I could see my face reflected in her large emerald green eyes.

I was finally able to hear Claudia’s voice again and all of the feelings I’d been holding back finally came out.

“…are you crying?”

Because Claudia looked worried, I just shook my head and wiped my tears so she wouldn’t see.

“…good morning, Claudia.”

Using my hand that wasn’t covered in blood, I gently moved Claudia’s silver hair out of her face.

Her small face was framed by her silver hair. Her face was well-proportioned, including her small lips. What drew my attention most was — her flawless, pale skin.

“…you’re more beautiful than I could possibly imagine.”

“Eh!? What are you saying!? Even if you call me beautiful, I still have these burns –”

I guess she was trying to hide the fact that she was happy to hear me say that.

I covered her lovely lips with my index finger.

“Claudia, you were beautiful from the moment I met you. Even when you still had those burns.”

“~~~~ W-W-What are you saying!? What are you trying to accomplish by flattering me so blatantly!?…when I still had burns?”

Claudia noticed what I said and she hurriedly touched her face and exposed chest. That’s when she noticed that no trace of her burns remained.

“…eh? There are…no burns? How is that possible…umm, shouldn’t I have died from the poison? Did I survive?”

“No, you died.”

“Umm…then, is this heaven?”

“Nope. In the first place, I’m immortal so I can’t die. This is Bandol Dungeon. We’re on the fifth floor.”


Claudia lifted her upper body and looked around at her surroundings — then, she yelled out in surprise.

“W-Why are we in a place like this?”

“Just like I said you died, but I was able to learn Resurrection and managed to revive you. That’s also why your burns have disappeared.”

“You learned Resurrection…does that mean?”

I nodded and told her that I learned it through my status window.

“I see. So I died at that time…”

Claudia suddenly began to cry. I was surprised to see her start doing this.

“Cl-Claudia, are you hurt somewhere?”

“It’s not that…I thought I was surely dead…but my Master went through so much to revive me…to give me a second chance at life. I’m really, really happy…

“I see….”

She’s not crying due to pain or sorrow. Rather, they were tears of relief. Claudia embraced me tightly.

“…Master, thank you. Thank you so much!”

“I should be the one thanking you. I was happy when you protected me.”

“Well, that’s…my body just moved on its own. Anyway, Master, you’re immortal. It’s only because I did that that you had to go through so much….”

“It wasn’t any trouble. More than anything, I’ve been so worried for the past 24 hours that I might lose you.”

I hugged Claudia and stroked her hair with my hand. I could feel the relief wash over me as the warmth of Claudia’s body was transmitted to me.

“…I’m sorry.”

“I told you earlier, I was happy that you wanted to protect me. It will be enough if you just promise to never do anything like that again.”

When I told her how I really felt, Claudia pulled back from me a little and stared straight into my face.

“…Master, I thought that you were in danger at that time so my body moved on its own. I don’t want you to worry, but…I’d do the same thing if it were to happen again…so, would you save me again?”

She doesn’t want to worry me, but she’s also worried that I’ll be unhappy that she’d do the same thing again. Seeing her act uneasy is also really cute.

I guess it can’t be helped.

“If you’re in the same situation, I’ll definitely help you again.”


“Yes, but please avoid doing that if possible. Anyway, there’s something else –”

I looked a little further down and then turned to look away from her.

“Could you cover your chest? I’m having a difficult time deciding where I should look.”


In the corner of my vision, I could see Claudia looking down. I wonder if her large twin mounds were also being reflected in her eyes.

“W-W-W-W-W-Why am I naked!?”

She quickly covered her chest with her arms. I confirmed that she was covered up and turned to face her again. Her fair skin was dyed scarlet.

By the way, Claudia may have said she was naked, but that’s not entirely true. Her top was removed when she needed to be treated but she’s still wearing her skirt.

…well, it’s not like that made it any better for her.

“To undress me in a place like this, what were you planning on doing to me!? At least the first time wasn’t so bad in the inn, but Master is definitely a pervert! A massive pervert!”

“It’s just a terrible misunderstanding…I was really just trying to do my best.”

I felt a bit lonesome for a moment.

However, this really is a Claudia-like reaction.

It’s completely different from Rose or any other Yandere. They’d be more likely to say, “Etch~i. But, if Yuzuki onii-san wants to….” They’d choose to ignore me even if I told them it was a misunderstanding.

The reaction of a girl that isn’t Yandere is cute — while I was thinking this, I noticed Claudia looked annoyed.

“Umm, what is it?”

“Master…just now, were you thinking about other girls?”

“Yeah —- Wait, why would you think that!?”

I tried to cover up my mistake but her question really caught me off guard. And I’m sure Claudia didn’t miss my mistake. I could feel her cold stare piercing into me.

No way, am I going to turn Claudia into a Yandere right after I managed to resurrect her? After she died, her curse of weakness should’ve disappeared, and that means her Yandere resistance should’ve also increased.

…wait, that’s right.

“Claudia, show me your status window.”

“Eh, what are you saying!? So you really did bring me here to play with me! Are you planning on messing up my status window again!? Did the sexual beast inside of you finally wake up!?”

She crossed her arms over her chest in order to hide them, but that just pushed them up more. Her attempt to hide her rich breasts has had the opposite effect she hoped for.


Wait, why am I gulping? I wonder if I’m still a little amped up after fighting the boss and resurrecting Claudia. I need to calm down.

I should really help Claudia out. I think I had something she can use for clothing in the item box.

I began looking through my item box and found…an off the shoulder top.

Why is something like this in my item box? Not to mention, the quality of it is far superior to anything that would exist in this world. I’d expect to see something like this being sold in modern day Japan…when I looked at it closer, I saw a tag on it.

As a reward for all of your hard work, Yuzuki-kun, please accept this gift. Put it on Claudia and admire it to your heart’s content.

— Your favourite onee-chan

That was written on the tag.

I don’t know how it got here…well, it’s still clothing. I removed the tag and gave it to Claudia.

“…this is?”

“As you can see…well, I’m not actually sure, to be honest, but you can cover yourself with it. I’ll turn around so please put it on.”

We’re still in the boss room, but we should be fine for now. As long as there are people here, the boss shouldn’t appear again for at least 5 minutes.

After saying this to Claudia, I turned away from her.

Then, I could hear the sound of clothes rustling behind me. It sounds like she’s struggling to get it on. I’m actually feeling a little anxious about seeing her in an off-shoulder top that’s too small for her.

Well, all I can do is wait now.

“…Ma-Master does this…look okay?”

“Oh, let me look –”

When I turned to look at her I could see Claudia shyly wearing the tight off-shoulder top that was clearly emphasizing her chest.

…it’s right in my strike zone. Rather, I’m a little scared because it’s too perfect. Medea-nee, why do you understand my tastes so perfectly?

“…I-It’s embarrassing if you stare so much.”

“Ah, sorry….”

Even though I said that I can’t stop staring at her.

Every time Claudia bashfully moves around, her chest spills out a little more.

Wait…until a moment ago, Claudia was completely naked. That means that underneath her top there’s…no bra.

My right hand began to move on its own–


Claudia curiosity tilted her head.

Her words managed to bring me back to my senses.

“No, sorry. It’s nothing.

That was dangerous. For a moment there, I lost myself. Certainly, Claudia is beautiful. This is even truer now that her burns have been healed, but if I were to ignore her own desires and just do what I want, I’d be no better than a Yandere.

I took a deep breath — I need to keep calm.

“Sorry. Could you show me your status window now?”

“…sure. Just, be gentle, okay?”

“Y-Y-You’re just misunderstanding! I just want to look at it that’s all!”

“…really? Then, status open…eh? Master, what’s this….”

“It’s just as I said before. You died earlier. And, as you said, your curse will only leave your body when you die. The curse of weakness is no longer on you.”

Even if she’s burned again, she can be healed. If she’s poisoned again, she can be cured.

I thought she’d be happy, but…Claudia looked lonely.


“Eh? What did you say?”

“My slave contract with you has disappeared, Master.”

“The contract has? Ah…I guess it did.”

Is this just about the slave contract? Well, it was similar to the curse in that it would disappear on her death, but…why does she look so disappointed to see it gone?



She suddenly called out to me.

“Please, form the slave contract with me again!”

“Eh, isn’t it fine if we leave that as it is?”

“Absolutely not!”

“…why? It’s not like you’re a slave anymore and I don’t expect you to try to run away, so it really doesn’t matter to me if we still have the contract formed.”


She still doesn’t seem satisfied. Claudia should still have the bad status that makes her easily pressured, so I thought that would be enough to convince her.

Really, I’ve only just noticed that Claudia makes a lot of facial expressions. I probably never noticed before because her burns were so terrible, but her expressions are very cute.

“If you don’t want me to be your slave then you should be my slave, Master!”

“– Why!?”

What is she saying?

“I want something that bonds us together. So, if I’m your slave or you’re my slave, I’m fine with either. Please, choose one.”

“…what’s with those two options?”

I don’t know why she wants this so badly, but…would anyone actually choose to become a slave? Well, what’s most important is making Claudia happy.

So —

“I understand. If you want to be a slave we can form another slave contract later.”

“Even though I gave you two choices, you chose to make me your slave, Master! Do you plan on making me your slave then making me do dirty things!?”

“That’s, well…it’s not like you’re against that idea, Claudia.”

“So that is what you’re planning. Master, you’re so perverted~”

I expected Claudia to refuse that idea, but what was with that reaction?

…of course, I didn’t say anything to her about it. Now that I think about it, ever since I resurrected Claudia she’s been acting a little odd.. and so have I…is it possible her Bad Status increased?

Thinking about this, I checked Claudia’s status window. Her Yandere rank hadn’t increased and neither had any of her Bad Status skills.

However —

— Euphoria: 57%

…this is clearly the culprit. No matter how I look at it, this has to be the cause. When I checked my own status I saw the same effect on me.

Is this due to…and I checked the details of Goddess Medea’s Blessing. It says that the spirit of me and my allies will be raised. I took that to mean we’d be revitalized but it seems it had a different meaning.

All I could do was let out a sigh. I’m the one that took this ability despite it being a clear trap….

No, I shouldn’t regret taking it. Without this ability, I wouldn’t have been able to defeat the boss Garum. Even if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have had enough time to resurrect Claudia.

But why is it +57%? If it’s just due to the effect of that skill it should be increased by 30%…but I didn’t factor in the increases from my own titles. In total, my other titles would offer an additional 27% increase.

In other words…30 + 27 = 57.

— ha!? N-No way. Those titles also apply their buffs to every skill and ability I have…which would mean it also affects [To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes]

…it seems pretty likely. Rather, I’m sure that’s the case.

The Yanderelization caused by Yandere time is increased by 20%. My own title increases the chance of someone becoming Yandere by a base 10%. This would explain why I was able to turn Sylphy into a Yandere so suddenly.

…because my titles were increasing that chance by 27%.

“Umm… Master, are you okay? Do you want to rub my boobs?”

“You want me to rub them!?”

“…do you not want to?”

“Why do you look so disappointed?”

“That’s because…the clothes that you lent me are so amazing…and I’m starting to feel really good…is my status okay?”


A usually gentle girl wearing those clothes and talking about how good she feels creates an overwhelmingly destructive image.

I need to push her down — no! I can’t do that. This is seriously bad, though. Claudia is acting strange but I’m not doing any better.

Before I lose all self-control we need to leave this dungeon!

I quickly collected the manastones in the boss room — incidentally, the summoned Garum also dropped manastones. There was another benefit to defeating them besides the SP they provided.

In a game, summoned enemies usually wouldn’t drop items or even provide experience…but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this world.

Anyway, I collected everything from the boss room and headed to the stairs leading to the sixth-floor.

And —

I found the collapsed body of Gray sitting halfway down the staircase connecting the fifth and sixth-floor. He seems to have lost consciousness, but when I spoke he responded.

“You’re still alive?”

“…huh, Yuzuki? You managed to live?”

“Yes, and I managed to succeed.”

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Gray’s eyes widened when he saw Claudia.

“…ah, you…you actually did it…you did something I couldn’t do….”

After saying this, Gray fell unconscious.

— But he seemed to have a satisfied expression on his face.

He was expecting me to fall into despair like him, but he truly wanted someone to succeed where he had failed.

…or at least that’s how I think he felt.

Anyway — I activated Healing on Gray. He didn’t regain consciousness, but the cuts covering his body disappeared and his breathing stabilized.

He should be okay.

“…Master, who is he?”

“Him? This guy is…well, he really helped me out….”

It’s true that if Gray didn’t attack me I would’ve had an easier time saving Claudia, but without Gray’s help, I would never have even had a chance of saving her.

He tried to kill me when he thought I was abandoning Claudia, but…I shouldn’t abandon him here. Of course, I’ll inform the Guild of what he did and they can punish him however they see fit.

— I picked up the unconscious body of Gray and teleported to the entrance of the dungeon.

So, Claudia, Gray, and I were able to escape the dungeon.

After that, I turned Gray over to the Guild and informed them of his actions. Even after hearing about him becoming Yandere, they really didn’t blame me.

I thought this earlier, but the people of this world act like being a Yandere is similar to having some type of disease. Maybe that has something to do with Yandere time affecting everyone in the world.

The power of Goddess Medea increases during Yandere time. During that time, any given person is more likely to become a Yandere and those that possess the Yandere attribute will have its rank increased.

However, even if a Yandere was to hurt or even kill someone it’s not like the people of this world can complain to the Goddess. Therefore, they really just learn new ways of dealing with people that become Yandere.

Anyway, Claudia and I were selling off all of the manastones and items we had gathered in the dungeon to the Guild receptionist, Sylphy.

…even if I say that, almost all of the drops were manastones. There aren’t really any rare drops…well, by ‘rare drops’ I really just mean any item at all besides manastones. The items we found were really just trash.

So we sold off anything that had value and cashed in our manastones.

“Thank you for waiting. This is Yuzuki-kun’s portion of the money.”

Sylphy-san finished cashing out our items and handed me the money.

It was about seven silver coins in total. Well… considering I went deeper into the dungeon, this amount of money isn’t that bad.

“And, if you could lend me your adventurer’s plate.”


“You told me you wanted to raise your rank by bringing in manastones. Well, this time you also brought in five boss manastones, so your rank will go up considerably.”

“Ah…I did say that, didn’t I.”

I handed Sylphy-san my plate and she put it into some sort of magical device.

“…congratulations. You’ve gone up two levels to rank D.”


I ranked up twice. I was still thinking about how to escape Rose, but now I could get on the ship and leave her territory altogether.

“It’s amazing that you were able to gain two ranks in two days…and, also….” Sylphy looked towards Claudia.

She was there when I told the Guild Master what happened in the dungeon, so she knows that I resurrected Claudia.

“I’d expect nothing less from you, Yuzuki-kun.”

“…thank you.”

“Yuzuki-kun, your onee-chan has a request for you.”

“…a request?”

“You don’t need to be worried. Even if I say a request for you, it’s really something I’m asking of all D ranked adventurers.”

“Okay. What kind of request is it?”

If she’s asking other adventurers, it can’t be something strange.

“Well, over the last few years, there have been many cases of carriages being attacked on the road or women and children being kidnapped.”

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“Well…that sounds rather serious.”

I recalled my first meeting with Rose.

I asked Sylphy-san for more details.

“Though we have managed to capture or kill a few of the grunts, we believe there is a larger organization at work here. There must be someone pulling the strings from behind the scenes.”

“A mastermind…?”

So, she’s saying Rose’s attackers weren’t just regular thieves.

“Obviously, we can’t send escorts with every carriage leaving and entering the city…this is a very serious situation. That’s why we’re asking all rank D adventurers to gather any information they can.”

“I understand, I’ll tell you about anything I learn. Though I am planning on leaving to a port city soon, so I’m really not sure if I’ll be able to find out anything.”

The moment I said this — I felt like I could hear something snap.

And the light seemed to leave Sylphy-san’s eyes.

“…Yuzuki-kun…you’re planning on…leaving this island?”

“Ah, no…it’s nothing like that….”

“Then the reason is…?”

“I-It really isn’t what you’re thinking. I-I just really wanted to see the ocean!”


It’s a lie. I want to escape this island as soon as possible. When I almost revealed my true intentions, I immediately felt a foreboding feeling. That’s why I did my best to hide the truth and just laugh it off.

She seemed to buy it and the light returned to her eyes.

“I see. You just want to see the ocean.”

“Of course!”

I felt a little guilty lying to her…but I really don’t have any choice. If I tell her the truth I’ll just trigger her Yandere side.

— Because of this guilt I felt, I couldn’t tell that something was very wrong.

If I had just been paying a little more attention I would’ve been able to notice it. But I wasn’t…I didn’t notice that something felt out of place — and now it was too late.

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