Chapter 1130 – Preparing To Live In Seclusion

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“Your state of mind has been dispirited as well, child. It is not a bad idea to have some peace and quiet. Just that this Old Man will miss Little Treasure, he is such a good little grandson. You must bring Little Treasure to visit this Old Man often. Or after you found a place to settle, inform me of the place and this Old Man will pay a visit…”

Huan Qing Yan quickly returned several bows to Sage Snow in gratitude, “Thank you for your understanding, Master.”

Sage Snow sighed, “This Old Man has only been in seclusion to heal my injuries ever since I took you in as my disciple and have not taught you much. By the time I was out of isolation, you had already become the God Chosen of the Chef Sage. This Old Man is ashamed that I am not as good as the Chef Sage, I had not taught you anything, yet I held the title of your Master. Just when I think that I can give Little Treasure some pointers and teachings, all of you are now planning to leave…”

“Please don’t say that, Master. Little Yan will crave the grace of Master inside my heart.” It felt like everyone had betrayed her, only Snow Sage treated her as the same. No matter if she became Huan Qing Yan or Bai Li Qing Ya, his attitude was always the same.

Such a rare and precious quality was more than enough to garner Huan Qing Yan a debt of gratitude. Also, it was not true that Snow Sage did not teach her anything, he had stolen several low-rank spells from Surging Wave Academia for her to learn. Cough, borrowed…

There was also the Ice Shatter Beads, enough for her to use whenever she wanted.

The Ice Shatter Beads only can be manufactured by Elder Snow with a unique method. The item was handy against cultivators lower than Mystic Spirit Masters and have saved her life several times.

It was also the advantages of having a master.

Huan Qing Yan would certainly display her respect to her master when there’s an opportunity in the future.

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Elder Snow advised Ji Mo Ya some more, asking him to take care of Little Yan and Little Treasure, etc. He also gave some pointers on what things to note when in the King Spirit Master realm.

Ji Mo Ya acknowledged all of them.

Little Treasure was still a toddler and only felt overjoyed when he learnt that he could go out and play with his parents.

Elder Snow gave the child a hundred Ice Shatter Beads, “The Ice Shatter Beads has an effective period of one year. After that, its prowess would reduce significantly. Once you finish this batch, come and look for Grandpa Snow, I will make more for you.”

Little Treasure happily accepted the gift.

The couple brought Little Treasure and left Snow Sage’s adobe, returning to Yun Ya Estate.

They did not have many material things to gather, it was only Ji Mo Ya who had slightly more matters to deal with. Since he was sincerely planning to live in seclusion, the Feather Guards should be returned to the clan. The Ink Guards also needed to be disbanded.

As Ji Mo Ya was managing those affairs, Huan Qing Yan brought Little Treasure to gather his favourite clothes and toys.

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Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan lost focus; she captured the situation of Ma Tian Yin, who was located in the Hanging Cloud Empire.

Being a Mystic Spirit Master now, she could also use Divine Sense.

Plus she has a connection with Ma Tian Yin through the Servant Contract, that was why she placed a strand of her divine sense on him on the day of her wedding.

This would allow her to find out the situation of Ma Tian Yin any time she wanted.

Ma Tian Yin and Plant Sage have rescued Huan Xing Han. Xing Han did not know anything while Madam Huan was crying her lungs out, Luo Qiao seems to have lost her soul as well…

Amongst the trio, Madam Huan was slightly more shameless, while the characters of the other two were considered pretty good.

For Xing Han to be kidnapped, Huan Qing Yan knows that it was due to her as well.

If she really went into seclusion and ignored them, it would be hard to know what might happen in the future…

Huan Qing Yan started to hesitate.

At that time, Ji Mo Ya finished his matters and walked in.

“What happened? Why are you blanking out? Are you missing your husband already?” The last question was sent using divine sense as Little Treasure was present.

Little Treasure might only be over a year old, but the kid was very intelligent too. No matter how thick-skinned Ji Mo Ya was, he would still feel embarrassed to speak those words in front of Little Treasure.

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