Chapter 135 – Parrot

“No reaction.”

Mo Si rubbed his hands, “No reaction, then that means that little fat girl is definitely not related to the Greater Demon. Young Master, you are being prejudiced against her, how would a Greater Demon choose a little girl to possess. My guess is that the Greater Demon must be a male, so it would not be a pervert that would possess the body of a lass… This subordinate rarely got the chance to travel with the Young Master, is it because Young Master finds Mo Si’s words too much and wants to send me away? Mo Si will now promise that I will seal my mouth by using a secret technique and not speak again.”

Ji Mo Ya coolly looked at him, “Mo Si, you can stop ranking up from now on.”

Mo Si’s naggings were directly related to his spirit treasure, which was a parrot.

The more the spirit treasure ranks up, the more talkative Mo Si would become.

The reason why Mo Si joined Ji Mo Ya as his Dark Guard in the first place, was due to a secret…

When Mo Si heard him, his face collapsed. If he cannot rank up, he would not be able to keep up to his master’s cultivation pace, his position as his guard would also be in peril.

“Young Master, this subordinate will go now. Our last visit to the Huan Estate has led us to discover the residual demon energy of a Greater Demon. Lady Huan is definitely related to this matter, she might even be that cunning Greater Demon itself, its cultivation might even be higher than Young Master… Ah pui! Young Master is the one that is absolutely powerful, it must have been some sort of secret technique that’s hiding the demon energy within the blood. The Young Master is truly wise, to use your handsome looks to easily obtain the blood of this little fat girl…”

Ji Mo Ya only replied him with a word, “Scram.”


Huan Qing Yan returned to her accommodation and activated the spell formation before she entered the dimension.

She was utterly famished, so the first thing she did upon entering the dimension was to visit the back of the house to pluck a bunch of fruits to eat. Only then was she able to temporarily settle her stomach, ‘To be able to eat is bliss!’

Ji Mo Ya suddenly sent her away, spoiling her plans to sample the leftovers of those spirit dishes, what a shame.

However, she had her own personal glutton paradise and would not starve to death.

Huan Qing Yan began to cultivate, the spirit energy within the Level 2 dimension was thicker than outside, allowing her training speed to be slightly faster.

Once her mental energy recovered, she would start cooking up some spirit dishes. After all, there were many fresh ingredients within her dimension, those ripe ingredients would not spoil even if she harvested them and placed them on the ground. Especially, the fruit and melon types, they would bloom and bear fruit shortly after she harvests them.

How awesome!

Over that one night, which was equivalent to twelve days within the dimension, Huan Qing Yan repeated these simple tasks every day: Cook spirit dishes when she was hungry, converting them to spirit energy; when she was full, she would cultivate by absorbing the spirit energy in the atmosphere. These two acts interchanged as time went by.

Huan Qing Yan did not take note of how much spirit dishes she ate, all she noticed was the increasing amount of spirit energy accumulating within her body, it seems like it had slightly surpassed the halfway point.

On the second day, Huan Qing Yan once again started work, Ji Mo Ya no longer made things difficult for her as he brought along two serving girls to serve him.

These allowed Huan Qing Yan to notice the difference in their leagues.

The professional serving girls were ten times more efficient and professional than her at serving food.

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On top of that, they were exceptionally well-trained, not speaking a word throughout the whole duration of the meal.

Only then did Huan Qing Yan truly comprehend the ancient saying: When eating, do not converse; when in bed, do not speak.*
(Cuppa: It was from a type of Confucius teaching; Do not converse when eating, is so a person can properly chew their food and lessen the burden on their stomach. Do not speak when in bed, is to allow a person to clear all thoughts before sleeping and achieve a good rest.)

When she finished her task of making breakfast for Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan once again returned to her accommodations. Since it was her free time, she activated the spell formation and entered the dimension again to continue working hard…

The time spent in this manner was exceptionally comforting and it also provided her more personal time as compared to being in the Huan Estate.

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