Chapter 1408 – The Gnomes

Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: 

Everything must have been carefully maintained by Snow Girl.

It was unknown where Snow Girl had gone after she entered the palace. Snow Sage felt slightly disappointed but immediately summoned his courage back. As long as his daughter can accept him, he will always have time to warm her heart and to make up for his mistakes.

Just as Snow Sage was encouraging himself, he looked up and saw a bowl of crystal clear soup handed to him. He raised his head and saw the uneasy gaze of Snow Girl: “Drink this!”

From the medicinal smell, this was the best healing medicine of Frost Ice Academy. Snow Sage tearfully gulped the bowl of medicine down in one shot. Although the medicine was bitter, a faint sweetness was surfacing in his heart…

Snow Sage was about to speak after putting down the bowl when two Spirit Cranes sliced through the horizon and landed in Snow Girl’s and his arms separately.

It was a special Spirit Crane made by the Holy Court for use only during a serious crisis.

The expressions of the two changed their faces and they exchanged a look. Their expressions turned solemn after they opened the Spirit Crane.

After a moment, Snow Sage spoke with difficulty: “Snow, I…”

Snow Girl threw him a faint glance: “Spirit Treasure Continent is currently in danger. We are both duty-bound. Let me pack some things and we will set off!”

Snow Sage nodded before looking up into the sky. There were tears in his eyes: “My dear wife, are you watching? Snow has forgiven me…”

Underground World.

Within the Gnome Kingdom.

Dorna was sitting on his throne with a solemn expression as he held the Spirit Crane in his hand.

He had entered closed-door seclusion ever since Little Yan got married. Only after he detected the natural powers emitted from the birth of a new Half-Sage, did he obtain enlightenment and exit seclusion. That was when he received this urgent Spirit Crane from Holy Court.

It has only been a few years; the matters of humans and relations aside, the Spirit Treasure Continent was also facing such great danger.

Dorna’s heart was heavy.

It became even more shocking especially when his people projected the recordings of what happened to humans that came into contact with the black energy; of how they lost their minds and of how they were turned into monsters.

It was also because of this that the Gnomes sealed the passage connecting to the humans and had hidden in the Underground World. They did not dare to leave as they were fearful of encountering that black energy.

The elders were having mixed feelings when they saw the message that their king received from Holy Court, it was a request to work together to fight the Devil Energy. Amongst the Gnomes, King Dorna was the one who possessed the highest cultivation realm.

Devil Energy was wreaking havoc on the Spirit Treasure Continent. If the Devil Energy drilled underground and their king was not present to hold the fort, the Gnome Race with limited space will have nowhere to escape!

Seeing how the king was entrusting the elders to handle internal affairs, it was likely that he would leave to face the Sky Devil.

The elders exchanged looks before someone spoke: “Your Majesty, the Sky Devil’s Devil Energy is menacing. If even the Half-Sages are unable to resolve it, even if Your Majesty heads down, it won’t help. The survival of our race depends on Your Majesty and if Your Majesty leaves and the Devil Energy invades our territory, what are we going to do? I plead Your Majesty to have mercy on our people!”

Such weak minds and shortsightedness! Dorna has lost all patience.

Even Humanity’s Half-Sages was unable to resist the Sky Devil Empress. If everyone refuses to work together and wait till Sky Devil Empress destroys the humans and demons, would there still be hope for the Gnomes?

Dorna’s cold gaze swept through the hall. Now that he has accumulated great prestige, these elders all bowed their heads under his eyes.

Dorna spoke after a moment: “Fools! If my Gnome Race is to hide here and wait till Sky Devil Empress annihilates the humans and demons, would there still be hope for survival for our race? Can’t all of you think with your old brains?” 

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