Chapter 177 – Water Of Cleansing

Huan Qing Yan had expected this outcome, therefore she was not discouraged. If one Dantian amount of spirit energy was not enough, she can fill up a second time. If two times was not enough, she would fill it up the third time…

Huan Qing Yan spent nearly eight days within the dimension, even though she ate spirit energy dishes and cultivated without rest over this period, the amount of spirit energy within her Dantian was still accumulating at an extremely slow rate.

Very soon, night arrived outside the dimension.

Huan Qing Yan did not hurry herself and decided to properly make some meals as well as some spirit energy buns and egg tarts for Little Xing Han to snack on. From now on, she could just bring the food out without putting up an act.

She went to the vegetable patch, and saw rows and rows of healthy and delicious vegetables.

At the fruits section, were rows of trees bearing heavy fruits that caused their branches to bend downwards. The fruits glowed with freshness and were covered in dew.

There were also many other agricultural plants, all of them were in a mature state…

Huan Qing Yan first harvested the ingredients for the fillings of the buns such as chives, garlic, scallions, ginger etc. As she passed by the rare plants section, she saw two things.

One was the Ink Jade Lingzhi, it was still the size of a potato and had not changed much.

The second was the Flower of Scavenging, beside it, one could see multiple tiny stalks growing out of it, as though they were germinating.

‘It’s reproducing already?’

The dimension was indeed awesome, it would automatically look after the plant and let it grow without requiring her to pay attention to it.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the flower longingly, it was the size of a palm with a rainbow-colored stamen, it also possessed tens of thousands of spirit energy…

“If only I could consume the flower. It is unfortunate that it’s highly venomous. Sigh!”

Huan Qing Yan wiped her saliva as she sighed and walked away.

In front of the gates of the front yard was a small stream, within the clear stream were many fishes. Huan Qing Yan went into the stream to catch some crucian carp, Ji Mo Ya had personally requested for it so she must at least catch a couple.

After she caught the fishes, Huan Qing Yan passed by the well beside the stream.

The well was filled to the brim with water, she looked at it curiously before cupping both her hands to drink some of the well water.

“Ding! Discovered Water of Cleansing. It can clear the vision, calm one’s soul and has the ability to perform a certain level of cleansing. Nil Spirit Energy.”

Huan Qing Yan was stunned for a moment, eh?

It could do cleansing? Then, could it cleanse poison?

Huan Qing Yan was a person who acted on her thoughts immediately, she placed the items she has on the ground. By using a wooden scoop, she filled it with well water and ran to the Flower of Scavenging, pouring the contents of the scoop onto the flower…

The seedlings beside the Flower of Scavenging seemed to have been bestowed by an unknown power as they grew legs and swiftly moved to another empty patch before planting themselves.

‘Is this… an automatic mechanism of the dimension to protect the seedlings of the Flower of Scavenging?’

She estimated that the dimension might be leveling up soon and will require these spirit plants. Since the seedlings were smaller than a toothpick, Huan Qing Yan decided to ignore them and continued pouring the well water onto the mature Flower of Scavenging…

The Flower of Scavenging did not move and received the well water as it stood. The color of the rainbow-colored stamen began to slowly fade.

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Huan Qing Yan was in joy when she saw the change!

The well water really had the ability to cleanse poison!

Huan Qing Yan pulled the Flower of Scavenging from the ground and brought it to the well, soaking it directly in the well itself.

This time, the effects were very distinct, the rainbow-colored stamen slowly turned into a pure white one…

“Ding! Discovered Cleansed Flower of Scavenging. Plant Type. 60,000 Spirit Energy Points.”

Huan Qing Yan was unable to contain her joy at this discovery!

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A cleansed Flower of Scavenging contained even more energy.

But 60,000 Spirit Energy was still too much for her to ingest directly, she would not be able to absorb all the energy at one go. If she tried, she might fall unconscious for a few years…

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