Chapter 196 – Protect

The request was logical, plus it was also backed by an imperial order.

Huan Qing Yan could only give up; the person is dead while the reincarnated girl had also obtained a release, why not let this end now?

So she returned with Madam Huan and Huan Jiu Li.


Mo Si reported the details of the blood test conducted by the Holy Court.

“An ancient sealed bloodline?” Ji Mo Ya began to ponder.

“That’s right! The person who did the test was a King Spirit Master of the Holy Court; he even asked who is the owner of the blood. He seems to have the intention of keeping the person as his disciple. This subordinate had followed your instruction of keeping the matter a secret; I told him to seek Young Master if he wishes to know.” Mo Si proudly said.

“Ancient bloodlines were normally under a sealed state; however, if it could be unlocked, their potential can be said to be limitless. Young Master, that fat lady is truly a blessed person. To think that she possessed a bloodline of such potential, she could become a person of great standing in the future.”

“She might not be able to unlock it. The founders of the Eight Great Clans were all individuals who possessed and unlocked their ancient bloodlines, and that was the reason they were able to rise their clans to glory. However, not many descendants of these clans were able to unlock their bloodlines; in some cases, a few generations worth of descendants were unable to unlock, thereby resulting in the decline of their clan. Our Ji Mo Clan is lucky to possess a few individuals that can unlock our potential, that is why we are able to reach our current standing today.” Ji Mo Ya said.

Mo Si replied, “But it is still strange, the number of individuals that inherited the bloodline of the Eight Clans were getting lesser and lesser. This young lady is an ordinary person, and her father is only an ordinary spirit chef; how did she awake the best star talent as well as possess an ancient bloodline?”

Ji Mo Ya was also finding it strange, “When you have time, go investigate the history of the Huan Family. They might be related to one of the Eight Great Clans a few generations ago.”

However, that was not important, what’s important was that the Greater Demon was without a doubt hiding within the Huan Estate, but who was it hiding in?

The Demon Revealing Mirror had strongly reacted the last time, and the amount of demonic aura gathered indicated that the cultivation of that Greater Demon was not weak.

Within the Huan Estate, other than Huan Qing Yan that stood out, the others were too weak to be considered.

None of them seemed to be possessed by the Greater Demon.

“The Huan Estate still needs to be followed closely; when Huan Qing Yan returns to the Huan Estate, send some Feather Guards to protect her.”

“Yes. This subordinate understands.” Mo Si suddenly felt talkative and added, “Young Master, this subordinate has a question and is wondering if it could be asked?”

Ji Mo Ya’s instincts were telling him that nothing good would come out from Mo Si’s mouth. “Go ahead!”

“You have been eating spirit dishes everyday recently but in fact, they do not help your cultivation much, right? In the past, you were just trying to get close to that fat chick to investigate her; that is why you hired her as your spirit chef, but you eventually found out that there’s no demon aura on her. However, this subordinate noticed that you continued eating two meals of low grade spirit dishes daily; is it because the dishes were exceptionally delicious?”

Ji Mo Ya stay silent for a moment, “Scram! No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat…”

Mo Si nearly had internal injuries from trying to hold back his laughter…

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At that moment, sounds of an argument came from the outside.

“Huan Qing Yan, return that ring you are wearing to this princess!”

“…Your highness, please have some self-respect. Aren’t you ashamed of trying to rob the item of a commoner?”


Huan Qing Yan could be said to be really unlucky; after she parted with Huan Jiu Li, she headed back to the Aged Consulate. Upon taking the first step through the door, she encountered Princess Cang Xia.

Princess Cang Xia was overlooking and instructing men who were carrying large chests into the consulate, acting as though she was the mistress of this place.

Huan Qing Yan was already in a bad mood, and she kept the feeling that Huan Meng Yue had died too easily!

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She had just established the momentum and was about to fight a heaven-changing battle of wits and courage with Huan Meng Yue, yet in the end, she died just like that.

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