Chapter 225 – Luo Shuang

“My child, are you alright?” Madam Huan cried out as she looked at her from top to bottom.

She also glanced at Ji Mo Ya a couple of times.

Huan Qing Yan had already gotten used to her crying. Madam Huan’s character would likely never change; she would always hesitate when she needs to decide and would cry when she flusters. In the future, she could only rely on Qing Yan and Huan Xing Han to protect her.

“I am fine Mama, what happened tonight? How did those two enter our Huan Estate?”

Madam Huan shifted her body to reveal the fake ‘Madam Huan’ behind her.

“Mama also does not know who she is. She looked exactly like me but when we asked, she did not say anything…”

Huan Qing Yan really hated this damn fake ‘Madam Huan’. She would never believe that there exists two people who would look so alike, “Luo Qiao, tear off the mask on her face, let me see who this person is.”

Luo Qiao replied, “Young Mistress, we had tried but she did not seem to be wearing any mask, we cannot tear it down.”

The silent Ji Mo Ya, who was enjoying tea, suddenly spoke, “I have some Appearance Revealing Liquid, try dabbing some on her face.”

A fingernail size little bottle appeared on the table.

Luo Qiao looked at Huan Qing Yan; Huan Qing Yan gave her a nod.

Only then did she dare to retrieve the little bottle and apply its contents on the face of the fake ‘Madam Huan’. When it was applied, an effect was shown.

The face of ‘Madam Huan’ began to peel.

Luo Qiao applied strength and tore it off, displaying another face!

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Madam Huan and everyone was surprised.

“Luo Shuang, its you? Didn’t you stay behind to look after the Young Master and the Old Ancestor?” Luo Qiao said in shock.

Huan Qing Yan heaved a long sigh; in the previous life, of the four serving girls closest to her, Luo Qiao was the most loyal, Luo Xiang maintained a neutral stance sitting on the fence, Luo Zhu chose to leave the Huan Estate, while Luo Shuang chose to betray… She thought that it would be different in her current life.

But the current situation proved that it was never too far off!

If she had known, she would not have given trust to luck, she would have sold off Luo Shuang immediately and this would have allowed them to avoid today’s incident, where she had nearly fallen for their scheme.

In the past life, after Huan Bei Ming’s death, the Huan Estate was in a state of mess. The clan relatives all pounced on the Huan Estate, splitting it up for themselves. While she, being engaged with Bai Cheng Feng, went to stay with him, there was no incident of someone trying to drug and r*pe her…

In this life, she thought that she had managed the Huan Estate properly, but her engagement with Bai Cheng Feng did not happen and they had no relations. Therefore, this despicable incident was born.  

The reincarnated girl suddenly said in her mind, “Come to think of it, Bai Cheng Feng had always been protecting me…”while sounding deeply moved.

Huan Qing Yan was unable to agree with her words. Bai Cheng Feng was a true scum; she would readily kick him aside even if he gifted himself to her, what’s there to feel touched about!

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On the other side, Madam Huan spoke with a trembling voice, “Luo Shuang, tell me why? Our Huan Estate had always treated you well while your Young Mistress had always been kind to you, why did you do this? Why conspire with outsiders to drug her, are you still human?”

With her disguised removed, Luo Shuang replied remorsefully, “Young Mistress, you know I cannot say anything. Luo Shuang is truly sorry. Initially, Luo Shuang did this for money but I never expected that things would reach such a terrible state, I was left with no other choice… Please forgive me Young Mistress!”

Huan Qing Yan coldly reply, “Luo Shuang, I will not ask who was the person behind you. I know you were together with Huan Dong Hai and was cursed also; if you were to reveal anything, you would die. However, looking at our bond built from the long years that you have served me, if you were willing to reveal the clan relatives who were also cursed and controlled like you, I will let you off…”

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