Chapter 273 – Little Yan? WHAT?

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Little Yan? WHAT?* Are they in such a close relationship?
(Cuppa: In the raws, HQY was saying ‘what?’ in English)

Huan Qing Yan coughed, “Lord Ninth, hello.”

Bai Chen Feng’s charming face revealed a smile. It was totally different from his cold-hearted demeanour just a moment ago; it was as though he had changed into a completely different person.

“Little Yan, what did you come to the Imperial Medical Building for? To look for me?”

Huan Qing Yan looked at him strangely, was Bai Chen Feng possessed by some ghost?

Why was he smiling at her so kindly and treating her so friendly?

“My lord is mistaken, I am here to visit my Brother Jiu Li and happened to pass by here. I see that my lord has recovered well, I congratulate my lord on your recovery.”

Bai Chen Feng took another step closer, “Little Yan, before the Greater Demon came, you told me to go but I failed to listen to you. I am truly sorry about that, I must have caused you to worry.”

His voice was gentle and filled with a shred of romantic intent.

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck, wasn’t this misunderstanding getting too far? She was worried about him? Hai…

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She has been hoping for the day that he would die!

“Bai Chen Feng, I remember only your chest and stomach had received lethal injuries, not your brain. What are you trying to do? Do you need me to call the doctor to give you a check?”

Bai Chen Feng immediately went up to her and raised his hand, placing it on the tree trunk behind Huan Qing Yan, causing Huan Qing Yan to be surrounded with no way to escape, “Little Yan, I know that you like me. I was too much of an idiot in the past and had disappointed you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a small stone came out of nowhere and striked his stomach, causing Bai Chen Feng to muffle a groan and lower his body…

Huan Qing Yan was in a state of blankness.

A celestial-like figure wearing a white robe appeared within her vision.

Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt a sense of guilty conscience welling within her heart, ‘I’m so dead, why is Ji Mo Ya here in the Imperial Medical Building?’

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I’m dead, I’m dead, her heart was in a great fluster!

Ji Mo Ya’s expression of a faint smile caused her heart to jump frantically, ‘Did he misunderstand! Ahhhhh!’

“Young… Young Master Ya, why are you here?”

Ji Mo Ya was walking with hands behind his back, as though he was strolling in his home garden, “I happened to be strolling and enjoying the weather, yet I witnessed a coarse behavior that spoilt this nice scenery, so I came to have a look and noticed that its Lord Ninth. Lord Ninth, are you okay?”

When Huan Qing Yan heard him, beads of cold sweat appeared on her forehead, ‘Young Master Ya is angry!’

Without a doubt, he is angry!

Bai Chen Feng wordlessly clutched his stomach and was unable to stand. He was hit at the spot where his injuries were the most serious…

Ji Mo Ya must have deliberately thrown the rock to hit where it would hurt the most, at a place that was even enough to kill him!

Although Bai Chen Feng was unable to stand up, he did not want to lose any further, so he gritted and replied in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “I am fine, I thank Young Master Ya for your concern. I am just chatting with Little Yan and did not do anything out of hand.”

“Little Yan? Chatting? This young master’s eyes must be playing tricks; I shall not disturb you any longer, please continue.”

Ji Mo Ya maintained his graceful and faint smile, without even looking at Huan Qing Yan, he turned and walked away.

“Eh! Young Master Ya, wait for me.” Huan Qing Yan did not want to die, so she quickly chased after him.

Her intuition was telling her, that if she failed to chase after him now and continued to stand still on the spot, she can forget about entering the Aged Consulate ever again.

Bai Chen Feng shouted while clutching his stomach, “Little Yan, I still have things to talk to you about.”

“Sorry, but I have nothing to talk to you about. Bai Chen Feng, no matter what schemes you are trying to plot, I will never fall for it.”

After Huan Qing Yan spoke that sentence, she discovered that Ji Mo Ya who was walking quickly ahead had quietly slowed down his steps.

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