Chapter 357 – Stop Thinking That Your Love Is Being Reciprocated!

“They are all women from the Huan Estate and are skilled at seducing man. Before, that Huan Meng Yue also climbed into Lord Ninth’s bed despite being engaged…”

Their voices were very soft; those who did not take note would not be able to hear them.

Huan Qing Yan was not an ordinary person. Upon hearing those words, she felt terrible. Bai Chen Feng knew that the situation could no longer continue, so he released her and walked towards those loose-tongued women. Everyone went silent.

Huan Qing Yan’s heart was burning!

She did not blame those loose-tongued woman. She only blamed that darn Bai Chen Feng, using the opportunity to take advantage of this elder sister and ruining the reputation of this elder sister. If Ji Mo Ya were to see them, she would surely be punished without a chance to defend herself.

What fueled her anger even more was the reincarnated girl. The reincarnated girl just forced her offline just like that, what was her intention for doing that?

Teacher Kang coughed, and said, “Did everyone see that vortex?”

In front of the flying ship was a vortex, it was spinning quickly while many large bubbles could be seen surrounding it, a very mysterious sight to behold.

“Saw it, teacher!” Everyone replied.

“Those large bubbles are Transmission Bubbles. Everyone will enter a large bubble individually, and the bubble will send you to the academia. So, who wants to go first…”

The group excitedly raised their hands excitedly, “Me!”

“Let me go first!”


As the attention of the new recruits were caught, they began to shout out in competition against each other.

Teacher Kang nodded, “You just have to swim into the bubble. Take note, try your best to choose those on the outer regions, if you are drawn into the vortex, you will disintegrate into pieces without exception!”

Everyone exclaimed in shock, so there was also danger in this place. Hence, everyone began to take things seriously.

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After some time, a daring male was the first to swim over.

They were mostly Six Star Spirit Masters, so movement within the water posed no problems.

However, whether their clothes would become wet or not, would be up to their individual capabilities.

That person easily swam over and entered the outermost bubble.

Without any resistance, that person entered the bubble. As though it possessed intelligence, the bubble sealed itself and turned a few times before it approached the vortex. With a gulp, it disappeared after reaching the center of the vortex.

Everyone secretly sighed in relief. Several individuals followed soon after; some chose to walk while some chose to swim, but all reached their destination.

Huan Qing Yan had also finally regained control of her body and warned, “Bai Chen Feng, get lost! From today onwards, stay away from me! I do not possess a trace of interest at all. If you ever approach me again, I will beat you up!”

Bai Chen Feng thought Huan Qing Yan was frustrated at being the center of attention, so he smiled and said, “Little Yan, I did not know that your face is so thin.”

“Thin your sister! Get lost! I do not love you, I also do not like you, so stop thinking that your love is being reciprocated!”

Bai Chen Feng continued to smile as he looked at her.

Huan Qing Yan noticed that he was not listening and rushed out in frustration. She went into a large bubble and disappeared into the vortex.

The air bubble was very mysterious. When within it, it twisted and turned within the currents, while various underwater sceneries passed by that would cause people to sigh in astonishment. Surging Wave Academia might have deliberately setup this air bubble formation to allow new recruits to enjoy more of the uniqueness of the academia conveniently.

Huan Qing Yan could not be bothered with the beautiful sceneries as she shouted at the reincarnated girl, “Speak, what are you trying to do? You are making things very difficult for me! You know that I like Young Master Ya!”

The reincarnated girl softly replied, “During my previous life, up until the moment I died, Bai Chen Feng had never treated me so gently, it was to the point that I have even dreamt of him treating me slightly better… Huan Qing Yan, I promise I will not do it again.”

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