Chapter 367 – Fiancée

Cuppa: I found out the majority of the halls are named after the constellations of Ursae Majoris. Sky Pivot Hall will be Alpha Hall and Heaven Star Hall will be known as Beta Hall from now on.

Huan Meng Yue got panic-stricken.

“Teacher, you… you?”

The fat man caressed Huan Meng Yue’s face, “I am just joking, this one is greatly honored to be entrusted a task by the fairy, this one still hopes to enjoy some pointers from fairy on the Butterfly Culinary Technique as well hahaha! This teacher’s surname is Jin, you can call me master from now on.”

Huan Meng Yue knelt with fear and trepidation, and respectful kowtowed, “To my master, please receive this bow from Meng Yue.”

Jin Da Zhong released a bear-like laughter that was vulgar yet containing a trace of excitement.


The Front Hall of Beta Hall!

Lin Fei Fei was crying in the embrace of a young man, “Brother Bei Cheng, someone bullied Fei Fei, you must help Fei Fei!”

Surging Wave Academia has nine great academy halls, they were: Alpha Hall, Beta Hall, Delta Hall, Epsilon Hall, Zeta Hall, Eta Hall, and the two hidden halls – Zero Light Hall and Hidden Origin Hall.

The Alpha Hall was where all new students would stay, after two years, after they passed the test of Alpha Hall, they would be allowed to enter Beta Hall and become an official Student of Surging Wave.

All the other halls follow the same rule and have similar structures. Before entering a hall, there would be a ranking assessment, only excellent individuals who have achieved top rankings would have the right to move into the next hall.

This Young Man possessed very invasive looks; with eagle eyes, a hook nose, a figure that was skinny and tall, as well as a loose and unrestrainable attitude that only heirs of large clans would possess.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng stretched his hand and gently consoled her, “Be a good girl and don’t cry. Tell Brother Bei Cheng who is this person that bullied you? Brother Bei Cheng would settle this score for you.”

His voice was gentle, yet he wore a scornful expression.

Lin Fei Fei was his fiancée that his clan had arranged for him.

The Nan Gong Clan had often worked closely with the Lin Clan of the Xuan Chu Empire, so when the Nan Gong Clan made the decision to arrange this marriage, he felt that it was passable as well. Lin Fei Fei possessed both the looks and the cultivation, she was young and pretty while having the backing of the Lin Clan; these were all her assets, if there was no better options around, he have no plans to change her for another.

“It’s a woman from the Hanging Cloud Empire called Huan Qing Yan, she’s exceptionally disgusting! She was jealous of my looks and made things hard for me several times because she has someone to back her. She seemed to have some immoral relations with a prince of the Hanging Cloud Empire…”


Huan Qing Yan was ranked third in the rankings and was assigned the highest floor of the accommodations at the front hall.

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She was also very vexed, because this floor only has three rooms and they were meant for the top three rankers.

Therefore, Bai Chen Feng was also staying next door. In addition, if Bai Chen Feng did not harass her at least once every day, he would also not relent.

Even though she had always locked her door and refused to see him!

She was currently inspecting a blue colored charm on her hand, on it’s surface were various symbols that she did not understand being curved into it, however, these carvings were very neatly positioned in a row, with a total of ten of them.

This was the Water Repelling Talisman.

Other than having different accommodations, the number of uses of Huan Qing Yan’s Water Repelling Talisman was also different than the other new recruits.

The lousiest Water Repelling Talisman only has three times, while she could use hers for ten times, each time the effect would expect to last two hours.

As Surging Wave Academia was built underwater, once a person leaves the perimeters of the academy, they would be within deep sea. Due to having limited abilities, new students like her would need to rely on the Water Repelling Talisman to possess the ability to travel easily within the ocean.

If not, a new student would not be able to last long underwater. In addition, incidents of new students drowning due to having no charges within their Water Repelling Talisman have also occurred throughout the academia’s history.

The Water Repelling Talisman was also a consumable, if it was used up, one needs to use their accumulated credits to exchange for new ones.

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Spirit stones were also issued, the amount of spirit stones that each person receives was equivalent to the amount of Wave Goblins they have managed to kill.

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