Chapter 463 – Lin Clan

He felt travel worn and this journey had already seen many a good horse killed from over exhaustion.

Although he possessed a flying magic equipment, his body condition prevented him from prolonged use as it required mental power to use and manipulate flying equipments.

After the many hardships he had to suffer, Bai Chen Feng finally entered the Desolate Great Forest.

And had already stayed inside it for three days.

Bai Chen Feng no longer looked human now, he had been trapped within a poisonous swamp twice and also stung by a swarm of poisonous bees; only with great effort each time did he managed to escape each incident, but it had also left him completely exhausted. The reputation of the dangers lurking within the Desolate Great Forest was well deserved.

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He had once again felt an utter sense of defeat at his low cultivation level.

A sign was placed at the entrance of the Desolate Great Forest to warn that only True Spirit Masters and above could enter…

Yet he was only a pitiful Seven Star Spirit Master!

What he possessed was a do or die attitude, either he find the Soul Essence Stone, or he shall perish here.

He had once felt that the position of crown prince was absolutely important and to obtain it, he had spent most of his life scheming and plotting. Now, all he wanted was to reach the peak of cultivation and spend his remaining days with Little Yan as a celestial couple.

He was unable to obtain Little Yan now because he felt that his cultivation was too low and has no right to her. However, he was very confident that he still has a chance.

After curing Little Yan, he could immerse himself in cultivation.

Bai Chen Feng leaned against a huge tree panted heavily; the prince with devilish charms who looked down at everyone currently looked like a pitiful stray dog. Only that firm stubborn glint in his eyes made him look human.

As the saying goes, when a person was down on luck, even cold water would be stuck in their teeth.

When Bai Chen Feng was leaning against the tree and resting, the huge tree moved and circled a branch around his waist and he was lifted up…

Greatly startled, Bai Chen Feng was unable to react immediately and his entire person was pulled back by the branch and was viciously thrown away.

It was a tall huge tree, and very thick, the branch that wrapped around him was not small at all; the throwing power from such branch resulted in him flying for a few kilometers.

The speed was also extremely fast, Bai Chen Feng started to feel nauseous and giddy.

However, all he could do was to pray sincerely in his heart and he hoped to land in a patch of thick vegetation…

After several seconds and with a whoosh, Bai Chen Feng fell into a dark place and he noticed that he was still falling…

It was a cave in a mountain!

Bai Chen Feng had thoughts of death upon this realization but fortunately, the cave was extremely deep and at the very last moments, he managed to focus all his strength and summoned his flying magic equipment to cushion the fall.

Preventing the outcome of being smashing into meat paste.

His entire person was completely exhausted and caused him to fell unconscious on the spot.


Xuan Chu Empire.

It was located at the south western position of humanity’s Holy Court, the Purple Cloud Mountain Range also pierced through its territory. It held a wide territory that was rich in resources and amongst the five great empires, it was the empire that possessed the best territory and environment.

The Xuan Chu Empire adopts a feudal system where the royalties were merely a symbolic existence, the real people in power were the feudal lords of the empires, the Ten Marquises.

They were in control of ten different territories, with each territory possessing its own unique resources and traits.

To put it bluntly, it was a shattered empire that was unable to control its vassal lords and large clans; the royal family members were few and did not possess the ability to manage them even if they wanted to. All the feudal lords have to do, was to offer some tribute to the royal family every year.

Due to that, the Xuan Chu Empire was also called the land of barbarians.

However, the lands within the Xuan Chu Capital was still managed well, with it came a very prosperous and flourishing image.

The Lin Clan of the capital was decorated in festive and celebratory colors.

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It was the birthday of the Lin Clan Patriarch’s wife, the madam was from the Nan Gong Clan and the celebrations held this time was better than the previous years.

The great hall of the Lin Clan was currently filled with guests.

On the right were the members of the Lin Clan while on the left were members of the Nan Gong Clan, the two families had gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was also seated amongst them to enjoy the food and drinks.

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