Chapter 561 – Yet Unexpectedly…

Huan Qing Yan had highlighted how pitiful the gnomes were, how the children were starving to the point of nearly digging up earth to eat

Thus, he gave in to her.

If the gnomes dared to play any tricks, and with his current knowledge about them, he could easily deal with them; that was why he did not object any further.

Dornas expression froze for a moment, Young Master Ya, please be rest assured.

He would never do anything wrong to her, he only hoped for her to live a good life

Fate has brought them together and allowed them to establish a bond, when he was about to starve to death, it was a glutton who bought him in an auction because he was being treated as a watermelon.

After that, she occasionally dropped food nearby for him to eat, even though he had hidden himself really well, she had often spoken to him as though they were engaged in a conversation

When he was in the ball, he often wondered how come such a silly and foolish human girl existed!

She had often hugged him against her chest, and despite an equipment separating them, he would still display a red face of embarrassment, this human girl was thoroughly a fool till the end.

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Though her act of conversing with a ball half the time was exceptionally foolish, that had unexpectectedly displayed her kindness.

Yet unexpectedly it was something that he liked.

Yet unexpectedly, he was unable to do anything for her.

Yet unexpectedly

The trio reached the pond within the palace and Huan Qing Yan started to fill it up with clear stream water

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She was still feeling fatigue as a result of Ji Mo Yas actions over the past few days, therefore her mental power was not in top condition. A large amount of mental power was used to bring out the ingredients earlier, but she continued to fill up an entire pond with pond, this had caused quite a strain on her.

Bally, everythings done.

Dorna was startled beyond startled.

Huan Qing Yan must be in possession of a legendary dimensional treasure, and this secret, was something he would never reveal to anyone as well.

He acted as though nothing interesting happened, Thank you.

Ji Mo Ya put a hand around Huan Qing Yans waist and said his goodbyes to Dorna, At least three months and up to a year. Wait for our news.

The food was enough for the gnomes to survive for up to two years.

Next, Ji Mo Ya brought Huan Qing Yan out and left with his guards.

The race of gnomes had gathered to send them off.

When Ji Mo Ya and his group left, Dorna returned to the palace and went to the place where he had locked up the livestock and butchered all of them.

Skinned them and cured their meat.

After the meat jerkies were properly dried, he made plans to slowly distribute it out to the gnome community.

Compared to living livestock, meat jerkies would be much easier to explain as these were things that could be stored in storage rings in the first place. Everyone witnessed Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yans emptyhanded palace visit, yet so many livestock were left behind after their visit; if anyone with a decent mind saw it, they would be able to easily guess many things from this.

There were still people supporting Herbus faction in the community, although these remnants appeared obedient on the surface, no one knew whether these individuals were truly loyal or not.

There was a need to be prudent to avoid any unforeseen incidents.


The Nan Gong Clan.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was currently kneeling within the ancestral hall where the Longevity Lamps were kept.

The Nan Gong Clan has been weakening over the generations as talented descendants being born to the Clan were getting lesser and lesser. Their only King Spirit Master had also disappeared for more than a century by now, and this time, more than half of their elites have perished during the gnome mission!

Only a handful of the people who left have returned.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng participated as an observer who did not knew the details of the mission, only when he returned to the clan, did he understood everything that happened.

His father, Nan Gong Liang, has died, his uncles and cousins many of them were felled there too.

Ji Mo Ya seemed to bear a great hatred for them, even though the survivors were running away, he still used a powerful move; he had summoned several tens of thousands of brushes that fell like rain onto the escapees.

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