Chapter 749 – Killing Attack

“We can’t, we must bring Yu’er and Yan Yan out with us as well…” Mu Rong Xin Nuo said.

Only Bai Li Zi Xi happily said, “Everyone doesn’t be flustered, this is the opening of the tunnels between the Wood Layer and other layers…”

Before she could finish her words, the entire mountain became a huge and powerful whirlpool.

The first to be sucked away was the small Killer Bees, every single one of them had been sucked away, reducing the pressure that everyone had been facing, instantly. Closely after, the people were also sucked away…

Starting from the ones with the lowest cultivation, Tuoba Xiang’er, Mu Rong Xin Nuo etc.…

Huan Qing Yan had already kept away the Phoenix Feather Bell and Nan Gong Bei Cheng who was beside her had already been sucked away.

He waved at her while a gentle light could be found within his eagle eyes, “No need to be worried, this is the tunnel leading to the other layers, come along as well…”

Instantly, his entire figure disappeared, only leaving behind his voice.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the two meatballs that were sucked away as well, it was unknown if they were still alive or dead as she could not detect their energy; they were not even struggling as well when they were sucked away.

The stones within the cave, as well as the water and beehives, had all been sucked away.

Until even Bai Li Zi Xi was also sucked away.

Huan Qing Yan gripped onto a huge stone within the cave, mustering all her strength to make sure that she would be the last to enter. The moment came when she was about to enter, she tossed three Ice Shatter Beads on herself and became an iceman with three layers of ice.

Only then did she enter the space.

It was pitch black; nothing could be seen, not even sounds could be heard.

Suddenly, a powerful killing aura appeared from nowhere and with a bang it struck Huan Qing Yan.

It collided with the layers of ice on her.

In the end, the ice layers absorbed the damage but two layers of the ice had been destroyed as well.

Only one layer remained! This showed that the strength behind the attack was quite powerful, this was a killing attack!

Huan Qing Yan’s cleverness earlier on had fortunately given her the foresight to apply three layers of ice to protect herself first; if not, the consequences could have been unimaginable.

Who was the one who ambushed her?

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Other than the two meatballs who seemed unconscious, there were Tuoba Yan, Tuoba Xiang’er, Mu Rong Xin Nuo, Bai Li Zi Xi, and even Nan Gong Bei Cheng…

All of them have the motive to act against her!

Fortunately, after that attack, either because the person had used up their energy or have learned that they had missed the best opportunity… there was no follow up attack.

Huan Qing Yan slowly relaxed frightened and edgy heart.


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People in every direction had sensed the suction power.

And came towards it one after the other.

Ji Mo Ya was the first to arrive, he brought only one person with him, the person that possessed the Bat Spirit Treasure. Arriving earlier than any other person at the location.

When he arrived, the place was all rubbles, and the tatters were no longer looking like a mountain. The trees as well, they have all disappeared.

Leaving behind a mysterious black hole that possessed a boundless suction force.

Ji Mo Ya asked, “You heard the words ‘Lady Huan’ here?”

“Yes, and not only once. There is also the Saintess and a name called Uncle Yan…” the youth replied.

Ji Mo Ya figured for a moment before stepping into the black hole…

Leaving behind a dazed youth who instantly started to panic, this big leg that he had only manage to hug after much difficulties have been lost. After panicking for a while, he gritted his teeth and followed.

Not long after the two of them disappeared, many more arrived.

Bai Cheng Feng was within this group of people, he was still alone as there were not many from Hanging Cloud Empire who managed to enter, and all of them were scattered. He looked at the whirlpool and after pondering for a moment, he also stepped into it.

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