Chapter 901 – Pregnant

Huan Qing Yan drank a few gulps of Spirit Spring Water to wet her mouth and stopped eating the grapes; she took out a fresh pear with dew on it and started chomping on it.

As continue to speak, Ji Mo Ya finally went into the main topic.

“Senior Elder Snow, Little Yan and I plan to get married, can we ask you to perform the Heart Union Knot Ceremony?”

Elder Snow hugged his Honey Fruit Wine and laughed out loud, “I finally managed to wait for this good news from the two of you. Of course, I am willing. With these Honey Fruit Wine, I plan to enter closed-door cultivation for three months, this old is confident of regaining my Half-Sage cultivation by that time. Using a Half-Sage’s power to form your Heart Union Knot would certainly make it much stronger than doing it now, it will also benefit you two greatly in the future…”

Three months was not a long time as well; for long term planning, Ji Mo Ya pondered for a moment and was about to reply.

When suddenly, Elder Snow said, “Is it because you can’t wait? Little Yan is now pregnant, her enlarged belly might not look nice during the marriage?”

This sentence struck Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan like lightning!

Huan Qing Yan even forgot to feed things into her mouth, she is pregnant?

That can’t be!

When did she get pregnant?

Isn’t there a saying that it is difficult for cultivators to get pregnant? Especially more so the higher one’s cultivation gets. Getting pregnant was like striking the lottery, that was why she and Ji Mo Ya never thought to use any preventive measures.

Did she get pregnant just like that?

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So the reason she started eating and stuffing herself was not that she was a glutton, but due to the pregnancy?

Huan Qing Yan was simply delighted.

She looked at Ji Mo Ya and noticed that within his starry eyes was a patch of darkness…

Huan Qing Yan was startled, why is Ji Mo Ya not happy?

Ji Mo Ya greeted Elder Snow, “This junior shall not disturb senior. Senior, please proceed to closed-door cultivation, we will return in three months.”

After he spoke, he pulled Huan Qing Yan with him and started walking out.

When Huan Qing Yan turned her head and said, “Master, please go ahead, we will not disturb you.”

Elder Snow was a bit confused about had just happened; just a couple of sentences and Ji Mo Ya pulled Huan Qing Yan away just like that.

These two children really!

What causes them to leave just like that.

He was unable to come up with a reason and decided to stop thinking about it. He must quickly complete his closed-door cultivation and host the wedding ceremony for his precious disciple. He set up a layer of spell formations around Spirit Spring Holy Grounds and started on his closed-door cultivation.


Ji Mo Ya was walking very quickly, Huan Qing Yan nearly tripped several times while trying to keep up with him.

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In the end, Ji Mo Ya carried her and leaped several times, ignoring the glances of the students in the Academia and reached Hidden Fragrance Pavillion.

After closing the door and pulling down all the windows, Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan had an absolute personal space.

Huan Qing Yan was covering her mouth and she wanted to puke from those fast movements.

Ji Mo Ya was using a cold gaze when looking at her, something which he had never used before on her.

Causing Huan Qing Yan to unconsciously shudder.

After that, Ji Mo Ya grabbed Huan Qing Yan’s hand and felt her pulse…

The darkness within Ji Mo Ya slowly darkens, as though all light had been extinguished. He released Huan Qing Yan’s hand and strike a stone table made from a sturdy rock crystal.

The exquisite stone table turned into dust from that strike.

Ji Mo Ya spoke with an icy cold tone, “Abort the child!”

Huan Qing Yan was greatly shocked when she heard him and she took several steps back unconsciously.

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