Chapter 97 – Warm

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However, he was still a prince that had faced many different situations before, although he was reprimanded by these old scholars and officials, his face was only slightly red, “Greetings, Teachers and Lords!”

These old men were well known for being proper and just officials and were disgusted at Bai Cheng Feng’s thick-skinned reaction, causing them to ignore his greetings.

Bai Cheng Feng did not let their reactions affect him and shifted his gaze to the wall screen instead.

Madam Huan’s hands were shaking with frustration and said, “My Lord, please conduct yourself with dignity! Except for Meng Yue, you can choose any other serving girl within our Huan Estate. Meng Yue is already engaged, please do not tarnish her reputation anymore, else how can she face people in the future?”

“She is engaged?” Bai Cheng Feng did not consider this possibility, he assumed she was simply just another ordinary servant.

With his status of prince, being interested in a servant was her blessing and also the blessing of the estate she was serving. There were many who would gift him women in hope to obtain his favor.

“Indeed. Ninth, this girl is engaged to the son of Lord Hou, a Third-Grade High Official. Your actions this time has crossed the line.” Marquis Ping Qiu said.

Marquis Ping Qiu was of royal blood and related to Bai Cheng Feng. As Bai Cheng Feng’s elder, only he dared to refer Bai Cheng Feng as Ninth.

Bai Cheng Feng frowned, the Hou Family? They are truly not easy to handle. His mind instantly became frustrated.

He unhappily replied, “So be it. This prince had not done anything also. When this lady fell into the pond, I heard the servants screaming and decided to save her, after that, I merely sent her back to her room, why are all of you making a fuss? Anyhow, nothing happened in between, let’s return to the Wang Estate if you have more to say.”

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He was trying to reduce the severity of the situation as much as possible.

Huan Qing Yan suddenly pop out from the back of the crowd and said, “My Lord, Meng Yue is my study companion servant, in addition, she is still a Huan and can be considered a long-distance relative of the Huan Family. Aren’t you being irresponsible and too casual about this?”

Bai Cheng Feng was stunned for a moment before he recognized that she was Huan Qing Yan.

He received a report earlier that the Young Mistress of the Huan Family had greatly changed, little did he expect that she had turned so beautiful.

She was totally different from that 150 kilos fatty of the past! No one could have guessed who she was without knowing in advance!

Bai Cheng Feng’s gaze turned warm and asked, “What do you want?”

“I hope my lord would avoid meeting Meng Yue from now on and let her peacefully get married. From what was seen today, I hope all the lords present would keep the matter in their hearts and do not speak of it, lest it would destroy the reputation of a girl.” Huan Qing Yan acted and displayed a sincere expression.

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However, within her mind she knew that Huan Meng Yue’s Rouge Spirit Bird had the psychic ability to charm spirit treasures.

If Huan Meng Yue was determined, she could easily charm and hookup with Bai Cheng Feng and prevent him from running away from her control forever.

In the previous life, didn’t that b*tch also use this method to grab hold of Bai Cheng Feng?

In addition, she had spiked their tea with Happy Union Grass, they should be feeling an uncontrollable attraction towards each other, the feeling would not disappear until they bedded each other.

At this moment, even if the emperor himself came, it would not be enough to change Bai Cheng Feng’s intention.

Her words were simply just to make the rest feel that she was exceptionally magnanimous.

It was also fine if that trash and that b*tch wished to be together, after all, she would never fall for a trash like Bai Cheng Feng. Pushing the b*tch to him was good too!

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