Chapter 999 – At Last!

The observers noticed that the figure was trembling, looking very excited. The condensed form seemed on the verge of dispersing for a moment.

The Chef Sage’s stature suddenly glowed brightly, a deep voice that felt like a mix of sigh and delight was heard: “Child, at last, you finally appeared!”

His words riled up everyone!

What is this? Did the Chef Sage meant that he has been waiting for the lost bloodline of the Bai Li Clan to return?

His tone and words caused everyone to start guessing.

Bai Li Feng was first shocked before delight flashed through his eyes.

From Chef Sage’s words, he seems to value Yan Lass very much and has been waiting for her. Who on the Spirit Treasure Continent could make a Sage wait for them?

This was self-evident what this meant to Yan Lass and to the Bai Li Clan.

The Bai Li Clan Patriarch beside Crazy Sage had also caught the meaning behind those words quickly.

He exchanged looks with Bai Li Feng, they were so excited that they were at a loss of words.

Only now did Huan Qing Yan come back to her senses, shocked at this sudden turn of events as well.

The Chef Sage was waiting for her?

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This is very frightening okay?

Did they have an enmity? But it did not seem like it from the tone, as the Chef Sage’s tone was very gentle.

They had a past? What a joke, the Chef Sage had ascended for a thousand years, a thousand years! Her grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather was likely only a tiny tadpole at that time!

Yet she could sense the joy in the Chef Sage’s emotions, while a hint of sorrow within the joy and a trace of yearning within that sorrow; and what was with that sigh mixed within the yearning as well?

Huan Qing Yan uncontrollably started thinking of various creative possibilities. 

At that moment, the Flood Dragon Hairpin on her head glowed, Floody’s voice rang in her ears: “Little Yan! Little Yan! I heard the voice of my Man God! It’s him! I never thought that I could still hear his voice in this life, following you, Little Yan, is truly the right choice! This elder sister will follow you from now on!”

Huan Qing Yan nearly shed tears: So that Man God of your dreams is the Chef Sage!

She secretly exchanged thoughts with Floody: “Floody, your Man God knows me?”

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Floody happily replied: “I don’t know!”

Then she continued to immerse in her delighted fangirl mode and ignored Huan Qing Yan.

Fine, since no one could answer her questions, Huan Qing Yan looked at that figure.

The statue of the Chef Sage was enveloped in light, the lofty statue looked at the masses that were kneeling in front of him before he focused on Huan Qing Yan, seemingly inspecting something.

After a short moment, he sighed: “Child, you have suffered!”

His voice was filled with compassion and anguish.

Huan Qing Yan only felt the words striking the core of her heart, the countless suffering and grievances she had experienced started welling up. A tear landed on the ground in front of her.

The statue was silent for a moment after that sentence, waiting for Huan Qing Yan’s emotions to stabilize before it continued: “This Sage has been waiting for you, my inheritor, for several years. I am glad to see that you have awakened our Bai Li Clan’s bloodline. This Sage shall bestow you with a gift, keep it well!”

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