Chapter 14: Let’s See How You Shall End It

While chasing back home, Ye Ying ran into Sun Dongqing and the village head who was leaving to attend to some government business. The two were talking about something, and Ye Ying could vaguely hear her mother asking about the town’s school teacher.

Of course, Ye Jian who was in front of her heard it as well. With a smile on her face, she looked back without a word and Ye Ying could not help but feel goosebumps on her skin.

“Isn’t there a new mathematics teacher who came from the city? I heard that…”

Just hearing that was enough to make Ye Ying forget all about crying. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, she shrieked with a voice as loud as she could, “Mom, what have you been trying to find out all day long!”

With something lurking deep in her heart, Ye Ying was now most frightened at the mention of a teacher…

From the sudden shriek, Sun Dongqing’s heart jumped in fright, “For crying out loud! You, all you know is play and play and play! Really, you think you live like a goddess with me serving you from behind? If you really wish for the life of a goddess, then you shouldn’t be living here.”

It sounded as if she was scolding Ye Ying, but in fact, she was actually directing it at Ye Jian.

All Ye Jian did was give a smile and acted as if she had not heard her. Ye Zhifan was not back yet; with a guilty Ye Ying around, the matter about seducing the teacher… would temporarily not have a storm in the village.

Sun Dongqing looked at Ye Jian’s calm and gentle expression that seemed as if she did not take her aunt seriously. Sun Dongqing, who finally became relieved for a moment after venting her anger at Ye Jian, was once again bursting with rage. Rolling her eyes, she sneered coldly, “Oh, you’re back to pack up your things and leave. I see, a small temple like mine would never be able to fit the honorable Buddha.”

Her intention was clearly to force Ye Jian out of the house!

Damn lass, let’s see if you’ll still dare to talk back and misbehave! Without this house, where else can you go!

The village head, Zhang Defu, was already seen frowning and had a few questions in mind which he wished to ask. However, he saw Ye Jian burst into tears as she cried in front of her aunt, “Until when will Aunt stop accusing me of seducing my teacher? If I were to admit to something that I haven’t done, will there be a way for me to continue living?”

“Aunt, I beg of you, please give me a route to continue on living.”

Once done, Ye Jian covered her face and ran off.

She still had to go to the neighboring village to find the student, Zhang Bin, from yesterday who handed in his assessment papers at the same time as her.

In her previous life after she woke up, the judgment about her seducing her teacher had already been passed around which ultimately scared her out of her wits. When she came back to her senses, it was already too late.

The only student who stood up for her was the one who had handed in his papers at the same time as her.

Ye Jian’s pitiful look, together with her running away tearily… The scene instantly stunned the mother and daughter!

Displeased with such a scene, Village Head Zhang Defu shook his head, “Zhifan’s wife, Zhifan only has one niece, and as her aunt, do you think your words are something an adult should say?” With that, he left with a toss of his sleeve.

Frustrated from top to bottom, Sun Dongqing slapped her thigh and cursed to herself for having such poor luck before trying to explain how good she was towards Ye Jian… but in short, with Ye Jian already not present, there was nothing she could say to take back her actions.

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In any case, Ye Jian would not be able to hear her even if she could since she was not around anymore. And even if she was, she would definitely not put those words to heart.

Ye Jian did not take the long route to the neighboring village that would waste the bulk of her time. Instead, she took the small path which traversed the mountains.

Because it was spring, the small animals which were hibernating all throughout winter had come out. Even the snakes had begun to slither out of their holes.

Ye Jian readily picked up a branch that was two fingers thick. However, it was not to defend herself against the snakes. She had never been afraid of snakes; the branch in her hands was just a form of habit that she had.

Being all alone, having a self-defense weapon was always good.

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