Chapter 1430: Ye Jian On A Mission

Fortunately, Ye Jian changed clothes very quickly, so she kept her time within two minutes, changing in the narrow car.


Her sweaty uniforms were neatly folded, small army boots were replaced with sneakers. She wore a white short T, black slim-fit cotton sweatpants, and let down her short hair that just reached her chin. Her whole person was as refreshing as the cool summer breeze, making people feel refreshed seeing her.


Ye Jian’s facial features were exquisite, thick eyebrows like white enamel, bright eyes and white teeth, and short hair that didn’t make her ugly; instead, she make her facial features look sharp and delicate.


Such a beautiful girlfriend ran to a dying and declining military academy. To be honest, G3 was worried about Xia Jinyuan.


Ye Jian turned her head around. This was the first time she encountered this kind of thing. Although she had a strong psychological quality, she inevitably felt a little embarrassed at this moment, her ears were slightly red, and she was sitting, pretending to look calm while twitching her lips.


Xia Jinyuan locked his gaze at her, and then said lightly: “Male soldiers and female soldiers will always encounter some inconvenient things during cooperation, but special circumstances that require special handling will be taken care of properly, don’t take it by heart too much.”


Ye Jian, who still had a smirk on her face, raised her head and met his dark, dark eyes. There were no other emotions, only cold seriousness.


Ye Jian subconsciously tightened her lips, restrained her embarrassment, took a deep breath, looked back at him again with clear eyes, “Okay, I understand.”


Within a few seconds, she adjusted her mood and stopped being embarrassed about changing clothes in the car. It was nothing compared to the important task they had to perform.


She was a little anxious when she was changing her clothes, so her hair was a little messy. Xia Jinyuan pursed his thin lips and suddenly stretched out his hand, gently smoothing her messy hair.


“Autumn is here, hair dries easily, use a better conditioner.”


Ye Jian blinked; something seemed a bit wrong.


A moment before, he was so serious and treated her as a subordinate. At this moment, he was so gentle and regarded himself as her boyfriend… She suddenly couldn’t react.


Xia Jinyuan’s heart was softened by her shining gaze; he retracted his hand and cleared his throat before talking about the task, “We receive an urgent task. You need to protect a leader during the National Day ceremony. You must not leave his side at all.”


Tomorrow is the grand celebration of the founding of our country and the military parade of the century. While the whole country celebrates, it also attracts worldwide attention.


The ceremony was attended by not only the top leaders of our country but also international friends and ambassadors from various countries. At this time, all security forces will be at Red A level, all air force and army forces will be fully employed, and even the border was under tight security.

 The leader that Ye Jian had to protect has a very important political position in our country and often visits abroad on behalf of our country to promote exchanges between our country and other countries.


“You will be led by someone; you must focus on your surroundings.” Talking about this, Xia Jinyuan’s tone deliberately became serious a bit, letting Ye Jian know that her main task is to “focus on her surroundings.”


Hearing the unusual tone, Ye Jian’s body straightened, her expression became more solemn.


“There are a total of three people accompanying the leader in this mission, and you, at any time, must not be more than 30 centimeters away from the leader. When the ceremony is over, you must accompany the leader down the tower until the Central South China navy guard takes over.”


“You can’t communicate with anyone during the mission, let alone leave your room alone, and you must report any abnormalities immediately.”

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