Chapter 1509: Filled With Wisdom

Thinking of her past life and now, Ye Jian’s brain hadn’t stopped turning for a moment.

In this life, with Old Uncle Gen’s training, Principal Chen, and the military department’s care, Ye Jian was no longer as ignorant as she was in her previous life. Combined with the remarks she saw on a Western website in her previous life, she thought very profoundly and meticulously.

Her country just held a big celebration, which attracted the world’s attention, and all the major foreign news media reported this celebration. Until now, the hype had not disappeared yet; there were still foreign media in Beijing.

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If there was sudden breaking news in China that had something to do with the military and the police, foreign media would inevitably report it. The resulting public opinion would definitely become a worldwide focus.


The anthropologist David Cole once said, “Without rituals and symbols, there is no nation.” The purpose of the grand celebration held a few days ago was to remember history, cherish the memory of martyrs, cherish peace, and create a future. It would also strengthen the people’s respect for their country, a sense of identity and belonging, and a strong sense of honor, but at this moment, if it was reported that the military or police suddenly raised a gun at a small village, what would the citizens think?

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After much publicity and rumors, a crisis of trust between the country and the people was likely to emerge.

Precisely because of this, Ye Jian was shocked that she sat up from her bed.

That’s right, in her previous life, the Chen brothers appeared on a Western website just less than a week after the big celebration. Although she didn’t pay attention to the matter, she could feel how much fluctuation it had caused!

Ye Jian didn’t know if she had guessed wrong; she didn’t have the political acumen of a country leader, let alone the politics between countries.

However, Charlie’s identity was definitely not simple! Perhaps, he deliberately revealed something more about “Chairman” Chen Jiafu.


The provision of guns and ammunition abroad was false news. This was the first text message that Ye Jian sent to Xia Jinyuan.

Ye Jian, who quickly pressed the keys with her fingers, sent out her guess; the number of words was so long that a text message was divided into four times and sent to Xia Jinyuan’s mobile phone.


Her speculation and analysis made Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face suddenly sink; he had not considered this at all!

This is politics!

In the small county, the director had received a call from the top leader of the Great Hall. In Beijing, two sets of suspicious satellite signals intercepted. After a surprise reconnaissance, it was discovered that one of the sources was two major news media organizations and three locals, who were secretly exchanging news reports.

Now the three reporters had been watched secretly, but they had not been alarmed. They only intercepted their signal source and changed the content.

And another set of signal sources appeared near Xia Jinyuan’s destination of action tonight!

From discovery to interception, it only took less than two hours for the Great Hall to contact the director to explain the situation. Everything was under the control of the Great Hall.

“Okay, I will contact the action team immediately!” The pale-faced director responded with a cold voice as he nodded. Although he was thin, the state leadership’s majestic temperament in his body could not be ignored.

Next to him, the mobile phone carried by a confidential staff member rang. This was also the director’s official phone. The staff member immediately picked it up. Before he could speak, a line from the mobile phone was sent through like an electric wave; it was cold, causing the man’s voice to tremble.

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