Chapter 195: Praise my Military Might (3)

“Red Scorpion, where do you think you’re running off to?” After everything had been cleared, someone appeared before Red Scorpion who was hiding behind the cabinet and had one hand tightly gripping on his student. His low, cold voice was as calm as a pool of stagnant water. “Come out, Red Scorpion.”

There was no movement, as if no one was hiding behind it.

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There were no hints of emotions in the chilly gaze of the person speaking. He also did not give Red Scorpion a chance to contemplate and directly shot at the top of the cabinet twice. “My patience is limited, Red Scorpion. Don’t challenge my patience.”

This was K7’s voice. His face was thin, and his skin was sickly pale as if he had never seen the sun. Only his eyes staring at the metal cabinet glimmered darkly and sharply; they contained an indifferent murderous look.

There was movement behind the iron cabinet. Red Scorpion walked out with his student in tow. When he looked closely at the person who stood in front of him, his pupils started to constrict, “It’s you!”

It was Nick’s weapon specialist!

After recognizing who the person was, he pointed the gun at student’s head with more force. He stared gloomily at K7, “Who are you!”

“You would not survive even if you use more hostages.” K7 completely ignored his questions. He lightly pulled on the trigger, and his chiseled lips moved lightly. In his eyes, Red Scorpion was already a cold corpse. “Don’t drag others down when you’re about to die.”

Surprisingly, he spoke standard American English. Compared to when he was speaking Chinese, K7 spoke faster and more elegantly in English, “Give me the student. You decide on the rest.”

What he got in exchange was Red Scorpion’s mocking laughter. He directly drove the gun hard onto the Vietnamese student’s head, and the barrel hole left a green half-crescent mark on the boy’s temple. “Do you know who he is? He is the son of a big shot, hahaha! You can go have a call with him now and see if he would rather have his son back alive or be shipped back as a corpse.”

His words made K7 furrow his brows subtly, and the cold aura of his thin yet chiseled face sank further. “Red Scorpion claims the hostage is the son of someone influential. They’ve buried the Vietnamese student’s identity.”

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“F*ckers, I knew these bastards were unreliable,” G3 chuckled coldly and told K7, “He has a hostage, so stall for time. We’re on the way.”

The black pupils of K7 stared at Red Scorpion without blinking, and the gun in his hands aimed stably at the forehead of the target. “No need. Clear the weapons outside and leave this to me.”

This room was the initial room where Nick and Red Scorpion traded. In the boy’s terrified eyes, the stand down between them caused the atmosphere to become tenser by the moment. Time was gradually slipping away. After around 5 minutes had passed, K7 received knowledge of the boy’s identity.

His brows locked together, and he looked like he was troubled, but in reality, his tensed gaze had relaxed a lot.

The vents in every room were connected. Ye Jian, who did not jump out of the vent, gently shifted her body under Xia Jinyuan’s instructions and entered a narrow space that only a small girl like her could enter. It led towards the central air conditioning.

“Keep moving forward, Ye Jian. Don’t turn back, I will be waiting for you at the front.” His low voice spoke word by word heavily and slowly, coming out with penetrative power through the earmic as Ye Jian listened to Xia Jinyuan’s voice. Her eyelids were then filled with chilliness.

His voice was akin to light; it was able to penetrate the darkness and pierce through coldness, and it brought with it warming powers which supported her all the way.

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