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Chapter 553: Console Your Little Fox

Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine, pass me your camouflage suit afterward, we’ll dispose of it,” Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon smiled and said to Ye Jian: “Don’t leave too many things with blood in the room.”

It was best not to leave her camouflage suit filled with blood in her room, and she definitely could not bring her suit back to the country. It must be directly disposed of in the hotel.

The battle this time was dominated by gun battles, there was little blood on her.


Upon entering the elevator, a few large hands were stacked together with a slender girl’s hand. Ye Jian looked at the large hands stained with blood, her hand was just like theirs, stained with the enemy’s blood. She was the same as them, a group of soldiers battling in the front lines, Ye Jian curled her mouth and smiled along with their smiles.

Stacking their hands together, releasing their hands, celebrating the safe return of the whole team.

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The leader and Major General did not allow the few of them to immediately make their reports. Xia Jinyuan had reported earlier when they were still in the Margalla Hills, he had also said they would have a good bath upon returning to relieve their fatigue before reporting.

Ye Jian looked at the elevator mirror which could reflect everyone’s figure, she then looked at her camouflage suit filled with the smell of battle, she then looked at the sniper rifle she was carrying, she couldn’t help but to gently touch the barrel.

It was really a pity she was unable to bring it back.

Her action did not escape the gazes of the Elite Platoon members, seeing her small face with smudged painting, they few of them hurriedly cast a glance at each other, they then placed their sights at Xia Jinyuan.

Comrade, your little fox, is a little reluctant to return the gun, hurry up and console her!

Xia Jinyuan lowered his head, he looked at Ye Jian who was reluctant to part with her gun, he said softly: “The rifle belongs to the Pakistani Military Forces. According to the rules, we need to hand it in. We’ll bring you to the unit to touch more guns when we return.”


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”I want to carry it for another dozen hours, just by firing two shots, I can kill out a bloody path……” Ye Jian lifted her head, she looked at him with her shining eyes, she said word by word with a resolution, she said: “I’ve walked out of it.”

Firing two shots and killing out a bloody path for her comrade’s safe return, even if her hands were stained with blood, she had no regrets!

Xia Jinyuan and the group laughed, she heard them say: “Our lives, as well as your life, we are one. Little A, we are a group, a group that would open a bloody path for our comrade’s safe return. It is because we are comrades-in-arms, we are comrades-in-arms who would face the battlefield together towards victory.”

The friendship between comrades in arms is established by blood and flames. It’s closer than real brothers, it’s an utterly sincere friendship, friendship through life and death, there was neither fame nor fortune, nor were there any prejudice from the secular world.

At the same time, the friendship between comrades on the battlefield was entrusting their lives to each other, disregarding life and death, leaving safety to their comrades as they face the dangers themselves, using bullets to clear everything up, returning shoulder safely to shoulder.

In the earlier stacking of hands to celebrate their safe return, Ye Jian had overcome it in an instant.


She had first passed her helmet and gun to Xia Jinyuan, she then returned to her room for a comfortable hot bath. Washing away the smell of smoke until she was only filled with the fragrance of the soap, while standing in front of the mirror, Ye Jian made sure her body and hair were clean before putting on her clothes and walking out.


There were slight wounds on her face caused by the thorns, the scorch wounds on her back were more serious, she felt some tingling pain when she took a shower, everything else was excellent, just some trivial matters.


Ye Jian, who had used eight minutes before coming out, heard knocking on her room door, it was Xia Jinyuan, who had finished tidying up, came to collect her stained camouflage suit.


He was stunned upon seeing Ye Jian opening the room door, she was wearing short sleeves, as for him, he was wearing a military uniform filled with military might, with a handsome and noble face displaying the military might, he had a straight posture like the stalwart mountains, as for her…… she needed to change!

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