Chapter 582: Who Do You Think You Are

Her eyebrows became ever more relaxed as she spoke, and her breathing became much lighter. She had really fallen asleep.

”That can’t be, she slept just like that,” An Jiaxin was tongue-tied, she tried lying down but sat back up after less than a minute. That won’t do; she was unable to sleep on the ground, so she had copied her other classmates and rested on other people’s shoulders.

Among the fifty or sixty students in the class, only Ye Jian and a few boys could directly sleep soundly on the hot surface; the others were leaning on each other or had entered the forest to lean on the tree to rest.

It was indeed far from the dorm; they would only arrive at the barracks after passing two large fields; they really did not wish to head over there under the hot sun.

”I wonder if you’re really big-hearted, everyone is gathering together, but you can continue sleeping. One Liao Jian, one Xie Sifeng in addition to Ye Ying, the people against you in middle school had gathered. Right now, in addition to Yao Jing and Luo Ran in high school, do you naturally draw hatred?” An Jiaxin used her finger to poke Ye Jian’s face; she was unable to endure the heat of the ground and found another spot to have an afternoon nap.

Ye Jian slowly opened her eyes right before she left. The shade of the tree casted at her eyes; it was like a thin layer of mist; it was filled with invisible coldness.

Why? In her past life, she wanted to ask Ye Ying why. Why was she always going against her? Other than causing her to drop out of school, she became someone who was unable to prove her own identity; she did not have any identity card no matter where she went.


She would only end up like that if she gave in, and she was feeling unwilling.

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She no longer asked why after being reborn. It was because as long as she sprung up and grew up, she would not be restricted by others, she would not be oppressed in every aspect by Ye Ying! With one correct step, the following steps would end in victory.

As for why Ye Ying kept going against her this life, there was no need to ask. She had understood it in her heart, and it was just jealousy, all sources begin with jealousy.

Jealous because she had suddenly learned to resist when she was living in Ye Ying’s shadow, insecure because her results were not as good as her, and she had become the top student in the class. She was jealous because she could not be compared to her in any aspect; she had won her each and every day.

Imagine, someone who initially could not compare to her older sister had suddenly experienced a reversal of fortune, with Ye Ying’s narrow-minded character, how could she easily accept it!

Since she was unable to accept it, she could only try her best to suppress her. However, she wanted to maintain her excellent image, she had thought of making use of others, Xie Sifeng, Liao Jian, and Luo Ran were the people she used to brandish her fangs and claws.

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As for Yao Jing, she was not someone Ye Ying could ask around; it was the opposite, she was the one bossing Ye Ying around.

Ye Jian, who originally was able to sleep, no longer felt sleepy after An Jiaxin’s words. She suddenly recalled Yao Jing’s matter, as she thought about it, Ye Jian faintly discerned why the conflict between them had come about.

”Ye Jian, there’s a girl from Sixteenth High School looking for you,” a boy went to find Ye Jian, her eyes were coincidentally open, and she was not asleep, he said softly: “She says she’s a good classmate of yours in middle school, she’s waiting for you in front.”

They were resting at the Anti-Chemical Unit’s forest; there was a small forest further ahead, there was a sentry post after crossing the woods, it was considered a restricted area.

He pointed towards the field, Ye Jian, who had stood up, looked over, she saw a girl walking around impatiently under the shade.

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