Chapter 697: Captain Xia Tastes Like Strong Wine

”They will not be able to understand; it’s because it feels like I’ve been enlightened after offering my first kiss, instantly applying what I’ve learned, the other people will have no way of comprehending.”

After chatting for such a long time, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon, whose heartbeat had returned to normal, held her tightly in his embrace; his thin lips drew into a smile. His handsomeness under the moonlight had a certain charm to all beings, “Let not mention those, come, tell me, how does it taste? Do you feel a rush of excitement?”

How does it taste, Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine who was still stuck at ‘he comprehended of the code of conduct handbook into a handbook for love’ was shocked when she was distracted, after that, her face was blushing, she was not embarrassed when they kissed, but she was embarrassed when he asked how does it taste.

”Xia Jinyuan, you’re not allowed to say such words!” When the dangerous Xia Jinyuan returned, Ye Jian no longer felt relaxed; she began to wonder how to escape from his arm.

Under the faint moonlight, she saw his deep cold eyes narrow, Ye Jian who felt a thump in her heart immediately said: “Right now, the bet is over, can Captain Xia let go of his hand?”

”No, you still have not said how it tastes? Why don’t I say it first?” Xia Jinyuan right now had gained more experience; once a man had thick skin, he would gain more, it was too marvelous for words.

See, the little fox in his embrace was so embarrassed that she has watery eyes, her eyebrows had a beautiful appearance. When she glanced over, it was as if it contained hooks, hooking his heart, making it tremble.

Ye Jian had some slight regret of not leaving when he was talking; it would be hard for her to escape right now.

Based on her understanding of him, if she said she did not know the taste, this dangerous man would definitely suggest trying it once more. If she said it tasted good, he would also ask her to feel it again.

In other words, the initiative was all in his hands; she had to get out of his embrace if she wanted to leave. But if she really broke free and left, she felt not reconciled to it.

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He had offered his first kiss, but her first kiss was also gone! He had asked how it tasted right now and began teasing her once more.

When facing Xia Jinyuan’s advances, Ye Jian was really against it! 

She did not immediately reply, after moving her eyes slightly, she remained silent, Xia Jinyuan was unable to guess what she thought as she remained silent.

It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t sure, it’s fine as long as he’s confident that she’s not angry.

”A taste lingering in memory, I couldn’t extricate myself from it,” He said softly with a pure aftertaste of temptation, he who was filled with a noble air lowered his head, he bent his back, his bright forehead rested against her forehead. it gently lingered on, “Why don’t we give it another try?”

He was really telling the truth, after tasting it, he regretted why he did not adjust his breath, extending the time of their first kiss and becoming as lingering as possible.

He miscalculated, he was too anxious.

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Ye Jian lowered her head, and the corner of her mouth twitched, revealing a sly smile, after that, she lifted her hand and gently hooked on to the back of Xia Jinyuan’s neck, her breath was like a warm orchid as she said: “Captain Xia taste is also not bad, it’s like strong wine, drunk before drinking. I’m really drunk right now if it’s said to have any taste……”

As she spoke, he was on her toes, she then lifted her head, her delicate lips which were like the flower buds in March were getting closer and closer, it was so close that there were hidden undulations in Xia Jinyuan’s deep dark eyes.

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