Chapter 187: Dangerous Experimentation (6)

The cold-hearted moon cheerfully glanced at the young girl and her supposed predator in the form of a drunken, pampered young master of the Bone Spirit Town.

A soft ray of moonlight glanced across the cobbled streets of the Peaceful Road, as though signifying the end of its graceful title.


An Fei’s fingers jerked at the hilts of the twins butterfly swords, her body releasing a swift half-moon sweep in the counterclockwise direction. The twin blades soared forth towards the drunken youngster’s unguarded chest.

The twin steel blades that had sung the death of numerous, numerous fierce creatures that could terrorize the entire Bone Spirit Town with a single breath, surged to pierce through the thin linen defenses and reap a disgraceful life from its habits of inflicting misery… but failed to do so.


Two surprised calls broke through the night sky as the twin blades simply bounced off the fabric, failing to snap even a single thread.

An Fei pivoted on her heels to disperse the majority of the force behind her attack as she gradually came to a stop, only to glance at the confused expression on the youngster’s countenance.

The young girl stared blankly in shock as she dumbly gazed at the failure of the weapons that she had witnessed their brutal carnage dozens of times, and the youngster patted his chest in elation.

The drunken youngster was the first to respond, a lust-suffused jeer ringing within An Fei’s eardrums.

“He…hehe,” the drunken youngster hiccupped before attempting to vividly imagine An Fei’s body.

“Young g-g-girl, did you think that you could h-harm ben xiaoyeBen xiaoyye is a Body… Body Tempering Realm cultivator – cultivator, and mortals will never be able to h-harm a cultivator, do you understand!”

The young girl remained silent as she tightly grasped onto the twin butterfly swords, a myriad of thoughts flooding her consciousness without end.

Numerous conjectures drowned out the incessant, drunken slurs emitted from the lascivious youngster’s lips, before one strikingly rose to her attention.

The <Steps of Underlying Shadow>, the first technique within the <Shadow Dance> tome – provided absolute evasion of physical attacks and surveillance.

The notion of absolute evasion permitted her body to completely remove her ability to resist force and retain the pure momentum of any incoming impulse, and redirect it towards the source without any dissipation whilst not incurring injury onto the practitioner.

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Thus, the young girl had managed to crawl through hundreds of bloody fights within the Wu Ji Forest without obtaining a single scratch on her skin, but…

She had never expected the notion of absolute evasion to cripple her ability to launch an offensive strike!


An Fei released a low curse as she glared at the youngster blocking her way.

The young girl’s fingers tightened their grip onto the hilts of the twin butterfly swords, her scarlet irises poking lethal holes into the fool’s body without mercy.

“Y-young g-girl, you…you shouldn’t look at me like that,” the youngster swayed, a lecherous glint in his eyes.

“Tempting ben xiaoye… ah?”

…and she had to hear him rant about making her his concubine!?


The twin butterfly swords morphed into two swift streams of silver light as they sliced through the fluctuating beam of moonlight, the young girl rushing forward with great speed.

The butterfly swords’ tips were aimed directly towards the base of the youth’s shoulders, intending to strike at the joint that permitted the arm to rotate freely.

“Y-young girl, that’s not going to work, ah!”

The youngster cried out loud, his robes billowing as he continued to sway from side to side.

After the twin swords had bounced off the linen coat for the second time, the young girl released a cold snort, as she completed a full moon sweep towards the clockwise direction.

“Like I said, that’s not going to wor -Argh!?”


The youngster’s guffaw abruptly concluded in a soft gurgle as two deep slashes rent his linen robes into tatters, and slicing deeply into his skin.

The sharp sear of agonizing pain rushed through the drunken youngster’s nerves, thoroughly arousing him from his drunken and euphoric stupor.

“Y-y-you… you hurt ben xiaoye!”

An Fei twitched her lips at the comical display of the youngster stuttering in shock and dismay, his countenance warped in absolute misery from the pain.

The young girl raised the twin swords to be level with her chest, the steel blades refining the austere moonlight into merciless swords.

If she couldn’t land a strike on the first attempt, she merely had to utilize the <Steps of Underlying Shadow>’s principle of absolute evasion to deliver a second strike.

Outside of sneak attacks and assassinations, the martial arts technique obtained from the Sanctum was still relatively powerful and useful, only the young girl was slightly dissatisfied with the inability to cleave through opponents on the first sweep.


With a faint chuckle, the young girl took a step forward, causing the youngster to fiercely backpedal for a few meters, landing onto his backside with a painful yell.

An Fei glared downwards towards the battered but now sober, pampered young master, wondering how to deal with such an insufferable scum of the earth.

…and indeed, the youngster’s words were solid evidence of his status as a wretched soul drowning in lust and infamy.

“I-I-I-I know! I know what you want!” the youngster screamed in terror as he glimpsed An Fei’s nearing figure.

The young girl paused, a knowing smile gracing her lips.

“You know what I want?”

Not realizing the peculiarity and the odd disparity between the charming and heart-throbbing voice and the completely average appearance of the young girl, the startled young master rapidly nodded his head, blood seeping into the stones of the Peaceful Road.

“I… I know what you want,” the youngster cried in agony.

“You aren’t satisfied with the position of a concubine, right? Then I’ll make you my wife! That way, my clan will give you the resources, power, and cultivation manuals you want!”


An Fei mind nearly short-circuited at the stupendously ignorant answer uttered from the scared-stiff youngster’s lips, and the urge to murder arose within her heart once again.

The young girl took a mighty step forward, the butterfly sword in her right hand flowing into a reverse grip, the point angled towards the rapidly beating heart suffused with fear.


The shriek rang throughout the streets of the Peaceful Road, rattling onto the doors of the stores nearby.

The youngster covered his face with both hands, his countenance paper-white with fear and despair.

A moment later, he did not feel the cold and callous sensation of his neck being severed by a steel blade, causing him to crack open an eyelid in hope.

Before his nefarious and lecherous heart could wake, a tremendous impact rushed through his body, prompting a slew of blood to escape his throat.

“W-w-what did you do to me!?” the youngster cried, his eyes bloodshot as bulging veins arched across his countenance and neck.

An Fei’s lips twitched as she took several steps backwards, her eyes locked onto the trembling figure of the sober and terrified youngster.

The young girl suppressed the urge to yawn as she sheathed the twin swords, before reaching up to play with the small fox and the little raven.

As for the youngster’s question – why should she answer?

Should she tell him that he was going to be a part of a rather interesting experiment, and ask for his informed consent?

It would be best to stay on the legal side of matters, no?

The young girl had upon a certain whim, decided to inject two streams of Yin attributed spiritual essence into the youngster’s body with the twin butterfly swords acting as the medium.

Similar to how she had conducted the experiments, An Fei increased the distance between her and the flailing youngster.

The amount of spiritual essence infused far exceeded that of her hand-clapping and diagram production, causing her expectation to arise.

And to satisfy An Fei’s slightly sadistic but purely inquisitive intentions, the results were fantastic.

As usual, no event occurred during the initial three breaths since the infusion of the spiritual essence.

However, the instant the third breath faded into nihility, the entire world for the youngster changed, and he plummeted to hell.


A heart wrenching, bloodcurdling scream that was only emitted when a masculine entity was pushed beyond the absolute limits of terror his ego could tolerate sundered the quiet and tranquil atmosphere of the Peaceful Road, shattering it forever and beyond hope of restoration.

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The youngster’s eyes rolled back into his head, and a sparkling lotus of scarlet brilliance graced its greetings into the Shattered Star Continent.

The lotus of scarlet radiance and impurity was the first, but definitely not the last.

- my thoughts: is it a dangerous experiment for her or the poor victims?
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