Chapter 45: The Pagoda of Sun and Moon (2)


The shriek rang throughout the entire study, startling Wei Xuan who had just begun to lapse into a doze. Unable to control his control over the isolating barrier, the minister pitched forwards, nearly falling towards the ground.

A rather large hole burst open on the surface of the isolation barrier, causing much of the snow to torrent downwards at a frightening velocity.


Balancing on a single knee and springing back into a standing position, he looked towards the sky to discover a large slab of solidified snow cascading down towards his head.

“Damn!” Wei Xuan swore.

Jolting the spiritual essence within his dantian into a frenzied motion, he spread the fingers of his right palm, sweeping the hand forward. The outstretched palm collided with the descending slab of snow, the swift shockwave of spiritual essence disintegrating the accumulated snow on the isolation barrier without a sound.

Stomping his left foot onto the ground and grinding his heel counterclockwise, Wei Xuan swept his hands to his sides, the right palm facing the ground, the left facing the sky.

Manipulating the remaining strands of spiritual essence to coalesce at the center of his palms, the minister abruptly brought both hands towards his hands, slapping them together and forcing the spheres of spiritual essence to merge.

“Convert, restore!”

As he slapped his right palm onto the wooden floor, the sphere of spiritual essence exploded into numerous fragments of silver light. Soaring towards the isolation barrier above the study, the silver fragments assimilated into the fluctuating barrier, repelling the snow once more.

Seeing such a sight, Wei Xuan could only reveal a bitter smile.

“So this is what it feels like to be sealed in strength…” he murmured to himself, reclining against the wooden walls of the study.

“No wonder Yun Zhi was that eager to leave…”

Closing his eyes, the minister prepared to take a light nap for an hour, or until Xiao Ying had stepped outside to notify him elsewise. However, not much time had passed before another piercing scream rang out.

“Stop! Xiao Ying, stop!” a girl’s pained cry pierced through the solid walls. “It hurts, it hurts-AH! SSSTOPNO MORE!

What was going on?

Completely bewildered, it took several moments before Wei Xuan could properly react. With a sense of panic arising within his heart as another wave of screams burst from within the study, the minister immediately expanded his perception.

Focusing towards the inner depths of the study, more particularly where An Fei and Xiao Ying where located, Wei Xuan’s perception rushed in, only to quickly flee as if running for his life.

“Shuyan, Miaolan, even you little brat Chang Luo, someone come and fetch me, ah?”

Wei Xuan groaned to himself, plugging his ears and shutting his eyes as tightly as possible.

“Lass! This method of tormenting your father is far too effective and terrifying, little girl!”


Too immoral!

He didn’t want to see another sight like that one ever again!

“Xiao Ying, ah, can’t we finish here today?” An Fei pleaded, breathless as she gazed at the maidservant with a pitiful, teary gaze.

“I can’t, I can’t take any more-ah!”

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“No can do,” the maidservant responded with a cheerful tone. Waving her fingers towards the exasperated and suffering maiden, Xiao Ying reached out to stroke the fair skin before her, displaying a gentle leer towards the frightened girl.

“Master said that within six weeks, the Fourth Young Miss had to get some exercise!”

“Like I keep on telling you, this isn’t exerci-AH! Stop, stop, stop, it hurts, it hurts, IT HURTS!

An Fei screamed, her fingers curled into tight fists as countless rivulets of sweat streamed down all over her body.

All she got in response was a gentle stroke on her shoulder and upper back, before a pair of hands pushed on her exposed shoulder blades with a pressure that was soft yet harsh.

“Master said that the Fourth Young Miss had to extensively prepare for a significant event that is supposed to occur at mid-winter,” Xiao Ying explained while massaging the girl’s twitching muscles with her fingers.

Kneading, pinching, and rubbing the skin and underlying tissue with spiritual essence infused within her fingers, the maidservant engendered waves of comfort that wreaked havoc on An Fei’s consciousness.

Quivering at each touch that brought forth a wave of comfort, the girl truly wanted to sink into a light sleep and indulge in the indescribable pleasure, but couldn’t even dare follow through on that idea.

Because in between each bout of comfort, was an excruciating pain!

“Then, Fourth Young Miss, we can set a cup of tea’s team as the limit for this round!” Xiao Ying consoled the pitiful Fourth Young Miss.

“Only three sessions will remain for today after this one, the Fourth Young Miss can rest at ease!”

“That’s not comforting at all!”

Gritting her teeth as she leaned forward following the gentle guidance of the maidservant, An Fei stretched her trembling arms forward.

Before the center of her vision were a pair of pristine, delicately carved legs and feet, but the girl could hardly care less about her appearance.

Suppressing the violent trembling of her muscles as she could, An Fei hooked her fingers around the soles of her feet, latching on with a death grip.

The pain had only begun.

“Fourth Young Miss, this servant shall begin counting.”

Spreading her fingers over the girl’s shoulder blades, Xiao Ying couldn’t help but marvel at the ungodly appearance and texture of the Fourth Young Miss’s skin. That fair complexion as white and pure as snow, with a touch as soft and warm as an exquisite piece of suet jade, Xiao Ying now fully understood Xiao Wen’s reluctance to be assigned to a different station.

This sensation and experience was far too addictive!

“Fourth Young Miss, this servant is going to begin,” the maidservant shook herself out of her daze, wiping the drool on the corner of her sleeve. Applying force onto the base of An Fei’s shoulders, Xiao Ying began to push the young girl towards the ground, giving rise to a series of yelps of pain.

“Xiao Ying, this hurts too much!” An Fei groaned, feeling as if her entire waist, shoulders, and tendons were on fire.

“Can’t you be a little lighter?”

“Fourth Young Miss, this servant is only applying four jin of strength. As of the Fourth Young Miss’ current development, four jin of strength is well within the tolerable limit.”

Hearing the maidservant’s helpful reply, An Fei couldn’t help but roll her eyes, only to be interrupted by a sudden burst of pain.

Releasing a yelp, she felt Xiao Ying increase the force of which she pressed onto her shoulders, causing her stomach to be pressed flat against the base of her thigh.

The burning sensation only grew worse with the passing of each second, eventually transforming into a numbed sensation that began at the base of her collar, eventually spreading to her entire body.

Just as she began to wonder when she would fall unconscious from the exertion, the maidservant released her pressure, beginning the next massage.

Even though she knew full well another round of torture was well incoming, An Fei decided to enjoy the blissful waves of pleasure cascading throughout her body.

At least it eased her current pains, even if it made the future ones appear even more terrifying.

“Was there even any need of stripping me to my undergarment?”

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An Fei interrogated Xiao Ying who had finished wiping and scenting her body, and was reaching for a stack of neatly folded clothes.

“Of course!” the maidservant replied with an energetic tone, a sincere expression displayed on her adorable countenance. However, An Fei could clearly perceive a tinge of lust circling within the depths of Xiao Ying’s gaze.

“This servant needed contact with bare skin for the massage to take proper effect! Otherwise, the Fourth Young Miss would be suffering from much more pain, ah!”

Xiao Ying replied as she covered An Fei’s body with a white gown, before dressing the girl with a thick violet cotton robe. Wrapping the girl with an outer coat of silver fox fur, the maidservant stepped back before snugly securing the sash around An Fei’s waist, a naughty and proud smile on her countenance.

“Enough,” An Fei snapped, her right index finger soaring to poke the maidservant on the center of her forehead.

“I know exactly what’s going on in that head of yours, don’t you dare pull any tricks.”


“…Xiao Ying, Fei’er, are you two done?” Wei Xuan’s voice was awkward, the minister’s head peeping from behind the edge of a curtain, inclined at an odd angle.

“If so, let’s have lunch! Xiao Wen just sent over lunch; there seems to be quite a feast!”


“Master, the Fourth Young Miss’ exercise for this session has been completed! The afternoon session can start a sichen after lunchtime, and it should be finished by the evening. This time… should be to train the muscles of the arm? Ah! The Fourth Young Miss should train her legs tonight as well!”

An Fei’s tender, highly bewitching voice tugged at Wei Xuan’s heart, causing a gentle and warm smile to blossom across the minister’s countenance.

Just as he took the girl’s arm to lead her towards the large table piled with food, Xiao Ying’s words caused An Fei’s countenance to darken, and the minister’s to flush with a deep shade of scarlet…

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