Chapter 94: A Little Golden Lotus and a Calling of Unrest (4)

“Many thanks to the emperor of Great Yong for his benevolence,” the messenger stepped forward to nod his head.

“This messenger must relay his gratitude.”

Many officials bristled at the youth’s undeterred and arrogant attitude, but none dared to comment for fear of suffering undue wrath. The entire Imperial Court lay in silence in anticipation of the youth’s words.

“Speak,” Lu Jing Yi commanded with a solemn gaze.

“What does the Taiyi Sect intend with this proclamation?”

“Answering Great Yong’s emperor,” the youth placed his hand before his chest in response.

As he spoke, his voice rang true within the Imperial Court, gathering everyone’s attention regardless of whether they wished to listen or not.

“The Taiyi Sect has recently adopted a leadership ceremony, of which a blessing from the heavens descended onto the sect grounds. Upon inspection, the elders have confirmed it to be a cultivation technique surpassing the Nascent Soul Realm, and a practitioner may take a step beyond and tread the path of legends!”

“Heavens! Beyond the Nascent Soul Realm of cultivation!?”

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The messenger’s words shook the officials of the Imperial Court, and they stared at each other in dismay and astonishment.

The sea of ministers and officials rapidly slowed to a tranquil silence, not a single soul daring to breathe loudly as they expectantly awaited the youth’s next words.

Breaking past the Nascent Soul Realm of cultivation? Who didn’t wish to obtain such an opportunity?

But… what did that have to do with females diagnosed with cold deficiency or those with a major Yin Physique?

“Messenger of the Taiyi Sect, is this information true?” the emperor inquired with a heavy voice. A scarlet light unwittingly emanated from his body and flickered alongside of the light reflected from the lamps, indicating his own anxiety and excitement.

“A technique that can break past the Nascent Soul Realm of cultivation is indeed worthy of worship as a legendary treasure. However, how can anyone verify the claims of your elders?”

The youth gave a light bow, his handsome countenance revealing a light smirk at the inquiry. Turning towards the officials who struck his body with pleading gazes, the messenger reached deep into the folds of his robe covering his chest, extracting a golden emblem from within.

The emblem was a circle plaque of pure, consecrated gold spanning no wider than a radius of seven centimeters. Though gripped within the messenger’s hand, the emblem’s surface radiated a splendor of light that covered the entire Imperial Court.

The plaque was devoid of any ornamental inscriptions, or any engravings of divine beasts or objects. Instead, only two words decorated its surface, glaring at the heavens with undisguised ambition and dominance.

Tai. Yi.

“Currently in my grasp is the Taiyi Sect’s writ of authority belonging to that of an elder,” the youth swept his gaze around, carefully inspecting the expressions of the officials as he spoke.

“As the officials of Great Yong are fully aware, this writ of authority represents the Taiyi Sect in the following statements I make, a responsibility that a mere messenger cannot ignore or disparage.”

“Three elders toiled for several months verifying the treasure imparted by the heavens. Youths who had never cultivated before were selected without distinction to partake in the cultivation of this technique, and after bestowing a series of medicines to forcefully elevate their abilities to the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, an interesting miracle occurred.”

“A series of medicines to forcefully elevate a person’s cultivation to the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm…” an official whispered to his companion, a dark expression plastered over his countenance.

“The Taiyi Sect’s resources are truly as vast as the sea! If they form an army via such a method, then they might as well trample the three empires to dust without breaking a sweat!”

His companion quickly shushed the official, motioning him to remain silent.

“A deafening sound erupted, and the heavens parted to reveal a massive shining star,” the messenger hardened his countenance, his voice gradually beginning to turn solemn.

“The light descended onto those candidates who had risen to the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, and they began to emit a spiritual fluctuation of greater intensity than any cultivator at the Nascent Soul Realm’s peak could produce.”

“…and the states of those cultivators nurtured by the Taiyi Sect?”

The emperor furrowed his brow, leaning forward on his throne as he stared down towards the messenger. The youth hesitated for several moments, a rare, awkward flush suddenly splattering across his countenance.

“Messenger of the Taiyi Sect, what’s the matter?” a senior official stepped forward to cup his hands in greeting.

“The result of such phenomenon, the information regarding the aftermath of that event… shouldn’t be made private, no?”

“That’s right.” The Left Imperial Censor joined the senior official in jostling the messenger.

With an extravagant bow to the emperor, the old man extended his right palm towards the youth, a beaming smile on his aged countenance.

“The messenger of Taiyi Sect cannot be conservative with his words! Otherwise, when we of Great Yong dispatch our younger generation to follow the missive of the Taiyi Sect, how can we guarantee their safety?”

“This… the candidates unfortunately could not withstand the strength of the light bestowed by the star,” the youth replied with an embarrassed expression.

“Because their cultivation was forcefully elevated via spiritual medicines and not proper tempering, their flesh could not tolerate the sudden increase in strength and thus, their status as Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators was rather unstable.”

“However! Taiyi Sect guarantees the veracity of the statements issued by this messenger regarding the cultivation technique bestowed by the heavens. If the practitioner gradually cultivates in the technique without forcefully elevating their cultivation via medicines or additional supplements, surpassing the Nascent Soul Realm and entering the legendary state is not a foregone conclusion.”

The youth dipped his head into a low bow towards the emperor, a stern expression on his handsome countenance. As the messenger withdrew the golden emblem, Lu Jing Yi took the initiative to speak, tapping his finger against the armrest of the throne.

“The messenger of Taiyi Sect speaks rather impressive volumes,” the emperor raised his left hand, an uncertain expression twitching at his lips.

“But what does this have to do with females diagnosed with cold deficiency or possessing a major Yin physique?”

“Answering the emperor of Great Yong, Taiyi Sect invested a total of three hundred disciples into cultivating this technique,” the youth clasped his hands in respect.

Though he could acutely feel three hundred pairs of eyes boring holes into his back with fierce, sharp needles, the messenger continued to respond in a slow, steady manner.

“Of this number, a hundred fifty disciples were female, and a hundred fifty disciples were male. They were distributed an equal share of spiritual medicines and dedication regardless of distinction, and ultimately, thirty females ascended into the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, and twenty-five males similarly ascended via this technique.”

“Three females amongst that final group possessed a major Yin physique, and two more were diagnosed with a case of cold deficiency prior to their affiliation with the Taiyi Sect. Surprisingly, those five female candidates survived the longest under the blessing of the star, and when the elders examined the aftermath with their perception, they discovered that those five candidates similarly suffered the least harm. Thus,” the youth swept his arms to his sides, lowering his head with a proud expression on his countenance.

“The elders decreed that those with a major Yin physique or diagnosed with cold deficiency possess the greatest chance of cultivating this technique, and enter the realm of legends!”

“…and this is verified by the Elders and Sect Master of Taiyi Sect?” the emperor raised an eyebrow, an uncanny light roiling within his gaze.

“That is correct!”

The messenger bowed to Lu Jing Yi, before turning towards the entrance of the Imperial Court. As he walked down the mahogany floor, the youth waved his hand towards the mixed waters of officials either trapped in their daydream of glory and success or frowning in consternation, a calling out in a lofty voice that was a start contrast to the solemn attitude he had displayed before the emperor.

“Then this messenger shall excuse himself, Great Yong doesn’t mind, am I right?”

Once the youth’s foot left the wooden floor and stepped onto the ground of the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Court exploded with outbursts of curses, aspirations, and dwindling hopes. At the sudden flood of angered officials, the eunuchs stared at each other with helplessness in their eyes.

“This brat has quite the gall to be this disrespectful in the Imperial Court! Your Imperial Majesty, capture this man and force him to show respect before Great Yong!”

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“He thinks that the Taiyi Sect is superior. Hmph, how audacious! Your Imperial Majesty, will you truly tolerate such affront to your honor!?”

“Your Imperial Majesty, Your Imperial Majesty, ah!”

“Screw Taiyi Sect! If they truly try finding fault with us, we can simply request help from the Heavenly Sword Sect or the Violet Jade Pavilion! Let’s see if they dare display such arrogant attitudes!”


Lu Jing Yi roared, slamming his hand against the armrest of the throne. However, he soon realized to his utter dismay that regardless of the excessive quantity of spiritual essence he expended in shouting or slamming his palm on the armrest in an effort to calm the whirlpool of incensed officials and ministers, it was all useless.

It seemed that in Great Yong, a solitary Early Nascent Soul Realm emperor couldn’t handle a swarm and bustle of three hundred officials howling their aggrievement to the heavens, ah.

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