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Title: Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul | Tags: Fighting, Xuanhuan, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm and determined protagonist
Synopsis: A mediocre, low-born beggar, he relied on only his firm and indomitable spirit to desperately cultivate but still could not exceed the masses. Then by fortune’s favor, he awakened a long-extinct ancient martial soul. Since that day, he soared like a comet on the path of cultivation. From his humble beginnings as an outsider in the Ling Clan, his name, Ling Xiao, would ring throughout the world.

Chapter 138: The Terrifying Humanoid Monster Force Hidden in the Underground World of the Needham Plains (part 1)

Clyde returned to the underground sewers beneath Kelifu Prison with his younger sister Lucifer to explore this mysterious area.

When the beauties around Clyde had heard about the underground sewer, this kind of dirty place, their faces had shown hesitation. Clearly, they were somewhat sensitive towards this type of area. Lucifer, however, didn’t mind although Clyde suspected that it was only because she had thoughts towards those white lambs trapped in the underground prison. When she saw those spoils of war, her face unintentionally turned a peculiar hue and couldn’t conceal her greed. Only after Clyde flicked her forehead, did she cover her head and finally terminate those various wicked delusions deep in her heart.

“Ouch… Big Brother Clyde, how many times do I need to say it? Don’t flick my forehead! If I become stupid, can you take responsibility? If you really want to flick something, feel free to do that somewhere else.”

“Younger sister Lucifer, don’t have any more bad ideas again. The arrangements for these trophies have already been made. If you truly wish to have some, wait for next time!”

“Fine, I was just thinking about it, nothing more. You don’t need to be nervous.”

Clyde and Lucifer frequently chatted along the path. Although the concerned party didn’t notice, those white lambs were relieved after hearing Lucifer had given up and secretly looked at Clyde with grateful gazes. Their instincts said that Lolita wearing her black gothic dress was more terrifying than Clyde. Her gaze was wicked when she examined them. If they fell into her hands, they couldn’t imagine the consequences. Clyde had inadvertently saved them again.

The stench of the underground sewer was very strong, but Clyde and Lucifer had come prepared. They each took out a purification crystal that they had borrowed from Witch Ista that could purify any strange smell. Like that, they didn’t need to experience this disgusting odor. Afterward, Clyde carried Lucifer in a princess-style carry because this Bloodkin Lolita complained that this underground sewer was too filthy and feared dirtying her pretty black boots.

Neither commented that Lucifer could use magic to levitate, moving without touching the ground. IShe just wanted to be princess-carried, nothing more. Clyde was well aware of this, but they had a tacit agreement and pretended to not know this. Walking forward, Clyde’s feelings toward Lucifer were completely different from his toward the other ladies. After crossing to this different world, the first person he had held in his arms was Lucifer. That feeling was unforgettable.

Because of the purification crystal, Clyde and Lucifer smoothly explored the underground sewers. In order to not cause a ruckus, Clyde and Lucifer hadn’t brought their subordinates for this operation. It was just the two of them. Therefore, those low-level monsters present became bolder. Even after seeing them, they didn’t flee. After all, Clyde and Lucifer had intentionally concealed their auras, making others feel like they were ordinary human adventurers and not terrifying peak existences of darkness.

A few giant rat monsters even rushed over and attempted to attack Clyde and Lucifer while relying on their superior numbers. However, the combat powers of these rat monsters was too low; Clyde didn’t even want to personally make a move. In addition, he was wearing a full set of armor and carrying Lucifer, so he didn’t have the free hands to deal with these fellows. However, Lucifer in his bosom just stretched out her little hand and flicked the void several times with a slender finger. Then, those few giant rat monsters stopped in place as if time had frozen for them before blood vessels burst throughout their bodies. Clyde didn’t know what Lucifer had done. However, the after effect was horrific. After those giant rat monsters died, their corpses were mangled as if they had been dismembered.

Low-ranked monsters like rat monsters didn’t have any materials to harvest from their bodies. In addition, they didn’t have essential magic items like mana cores. Therefore, Clyde ignored these corpses and continued on with their journey. After this deterrent, the other giant rat monsters scattered in all directions and didn’t dare to challenge these two adventurers whose strengths seemed average but actually had unfathomable combat power.

On the other side, after observing the dead rat monsters, the multiple-legged insect monsters, those giant cockroaches, also fled. Their combat power was even lower than those giant rat monsters. Naturally, they didn’t dare to seek trouble with Clyde and Lucifer. In the blink of an eye, the sewer area became quiet. After the monsters dispersed, only Clyde and Lucifer remained in this large underground tunnel.

After passing through the peripheries of the dirty underground sewer, Clyde, carrying Lucifer, arrived at that tunnel with obvious artificial traces. Here, the ground was relatively clean, so Lucifer reluctantly left Clyde’s bosom. She stood in front of this mysterious tunnel and closed her eyes to ponder as if she were sensing deeper within. Since Clyde didn’t understand the Bloodkins’ abilities, he could only stand at one side while guarding her. After a short while, she opened her eyes that gleamed as if she had found some valuable information.

“What? Younger Sister Lucifer, did you find something?”

“Mmm, this place has a dense smell of blood. Moreover, the monsters that built this place… We have seen them before.”

“Seen them before? Are you talking about those rubbish giant rat monsters and multiple-legged insect monsters? Did you detect it wrong? Such rubbish monsters. Did they truly successfully evolve?”

“Of course, I am sure. No matter how the monster evolves, their blood cannot. The taste of their blood will never lie. Furthermore, that smell… There are a lot of them!”

Through the smell of blood, Lucifer determined the approximate numbers of the other side. By moving along the underground sewer ahead, they would arrive at the area below the Needham Plains, which had roughly 400,000 humanoid monsters. These humanoid monsters had built this large-scale underground construction. Although it was inferior to the underground constructions of Gnome and Dwarf Race in terms of artistry, practicability, and exquisiteness, it was still a huge underground construction project.

These over 400,000 monsters weren’t from the same race. Because both the numbers of giant rat monsters advancing to become underground ratmen and multiple-legged insect monsters to Insect Men Monsters (Humanoid Cockroaches) was almost the same, both sides had around 200,000 each. In order to become the major ruler of this underground region, the two sides had fiercely battled for a long period of time. They had neither the extra energy nor time to go above ground and perform evil. This was the reason that  they had not been discovered even though they had occupied the underground world for a long time.

Although the underground world had a path leading to the Needham Plains above, Clyde felt that those roughly 400,000 monsters here would be extremely troublesome. The most troublesome part was that they were fearless. It was very unlikely for them to shrink back even if the other party was a higher level monster. As long as they encountered another existence not from their own race, no matter whether the others were high-leveled monsters or adventurers, they would rush up and fight until death. They were more troublesome than those 120,000 soldiers under Marquis Charles who had forcibly occupied the Needham Plains.

Underground Rat Men and Insect Men were very disgusting monsters. Although they had relatively high wisdom, they were extremely conceited. They wouldn’t accept the rule of others and would never surrender. Underground ratmen didn’t care about the face of high-level demons. As for insect men, they could be commanded by a high-level monster of the insect class. However, Clyde didn’t have any insect class monsters under him. Considering the feeling of the beautiful female companions around him, he had never summoned high-level insect class demons. After all, their attractiveness indexes were too frightening; it was very likely that the beauties around him wouldn’t be able to accept them.

Even though the giant rat and multiple-legged insect monsters had evolved into underground ratmen and insect men respectively, their threat level towards other monsters was still very low. Their combat power was similar to that of goblins and slimes, nothing more. In addition, their scope of activities was limited to the underground world and didn’t coincide with mainstream monsters’ spheres of influence. Therefore, the other high-leveled monsters were too lazy to waste time dealing with these humanoid monsters that had arrogant attitudes and adopted a policy of non-interference.

The only ones threatened by these two humanoid monsters were the Human Race. In the monster rankings of Adventure Guild, there were no entries for underground ratmen and insect men because most had never seen these humanoid monsters. Humanoid evolved monsters only existed in legends for them.

Clyde advanced with Lucifer. After walking for a segment, they saw a pile of gnawed-on,m broken bones. The attacker had crunched through the armor of the victim. On the walls of both sides of the passage were dark-red bloodstains, evidence of the brutal encounter that had occurred here.

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Fortunately, underground ratmen and insect men were not interested in the articles of Human Race. Sifting through the bones, Clyde found a proof of identity for this victim, the seal of Benson Town’s Mayor. The mayor who had fled before had died a tragic death here in the hands of the humanoid monsters. Unfortunately, Clyde couldn’t find the mayor’s right hand bones. It seemed to have been bitten off and carried away. All the money and valuables the mayor had carried with him had been stored inside the storage ring on his finger. If his hand bone were not found, those treasures were destined to become a lost fortune.

“This fellow didn’t need to run away. Just obediently paying up would have been fine. Now, he truly has nothing to his name. However, I will settle his family members.”

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“Big Brother Clyde, come here! I found an old map. It should be a rough map of this underground passage.”


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