Chapter 96: Midnight Chaotic Warfare in Atad City (Part 3)

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The sky beneath the curtain of night was filled with dark clouds along with strange dull-blue lightning. This was a sign of those from the Demon Race making a big move, and evil spirits descended from the sky. Huge distorted faces hauntingly raining terror below were one of the best early warnings.

It was unfortunate that the human nations in the inner parts of Ximengsi Continent didn’t much understand the Demon Race, so they didn’t attach sufficient importance to the matters of Demon Race and weren’t sufficiently vigilant. They knew nothing about this strange sight. In Earl Harrison’s residence, only Eldest Miss Sophie could have truly sensed this unusualness from aura alone. Sophie was a Light Church intermediate priestess, so she had a certain level of understanding towards evil spirits descending from the sky and Undead calamities.

At this moment, Sophie was busy picking out treasures to buy in Clyde’s room; thus, she didn’t notice this abnormality since her focus was elsewhere. If she had, then the ending of Atad’s battle might have been rewritten. The evil spirits descending from the sky were different from an Undead calamity. Generally, Demon Race didn’t use undead calamities. This different world had two major dark camps, Demon Realm and Ghost Realm. Demon Race obviously belonged to Demon Realm, so they disdained using Undead calamities, which belonged to the armies of Ghost Realm.

Usually, only those extreme ones of the Human Race wished to turn into Undead Shamans in order to attempt to trigger an Undead calamity. Demon Kings were also similarly divided into two camps. The first, Ghost Realm’s Demon Kings, usually wouldn’t appear on the human continent. Instead, all would stay behind the scenes and manipulate the Human Race to degenerate. Demon Realm’s Demon Kings, however, didn’t like to play like this nor to employ schemes schemes. Looking down on these cunning Ghost Realm Demon Kings, those Demon Kings of Demon Realm would directly appear and wreck havoc. In all these last few years, those Demon Kings who had personally attacked Ximengsi Continent were all from Demon Realm, practically no seen Demon King came from Ghost Realm.

As for ** Demon King Asmode who had signed a demonic contract with Young Master Hal, she was a legend ranked Demon King and not one of the Demon Kings of this plane’s Demon or Ghost Realm. However, her style of handling affairs was similar to Ghost Realm’s Demon Kings. All of these types liked to secretly manipulate affairs from behind the scenes; basically, they wouldn’t walk in the light.

In the sky above, Sacred Moon Knight Verly had already summoned her mount, a beautiful silver dragon. In the middle of the night, it was especially eye-catching. Its entire body emitted a silver-white radiance as if it innately had a sacred luster. This silver dragon was very big and especially conspicuous in the sky. The knight armor Verly wore had already transformed into platinum dragon knight holy armor, which also emitted the same platinum metallic luster as her mount.

At this moment, this silver-haired beauty, Dragon Knight Verly, had the temperament of a goddess as if a Valkyrie had possessed her body. Her combat power was the highest among all of the Human Race in Atad. Insurmountable, she alone could destroy the entire Atad defending army without suffering any injuries. At that moment, that demon who was preparing to trigger evil spirits to descend from the sky also appeared, shattering the stillness of the night.

A demonic dragon with a stature greater than Verly’s silver dragon’s hovered in the sky. In front of Verly, that dark demonic dragon looked incredibly large. A rare three-headed demonic dragon, it was a being only a Demon Realm Princess-level personage could use as a mount; moreover, princesses who could control a three-headed demonic dragon, this kind of rare dark mount,  required very big previous military achievements. Demon Realm’s ordinary princesses were unqualified.

Demon Race was different from the Human Race. As long as one had sufficient strength, even a princess could inherit the throne. On the Human Race’s side, however, princesses were severely restricted. Even the iron-willed Princess Ophelia who had many battle achievements was also restricted. In this lifetime, it was impossible for her to inherit the throne. She could only assist her elder royal brother or younger royal brother. After they inherited the throne, even princesses with real power had to hand over the reigns. Before a new emperor succeeded the throne, most princesses who held real power were arranged to marry out, and they wouldn’t have any real power in the arrangements of their marriages. Only a small part could remain until the new emperor succeeded the throne.

The entire body of this three-headed demonic dragon was covered with black scales, and its dark red eyes were filled with bloody intent, provocatively glaring at the silver dragon in front of it. These two dragons were opponents who had fought many times, and the mistresses riding on their backs were in the same situation; they were destined arch-rivals. The silver dragon mainly used magic attacks while the three-headed demonic dragon was a demonic creature with dual cultivation and proficient in various kinds of dark magic but had weak magic attacks.

However, in terms of attributes, the silver dragon restrained the three-headed demonic dragon, so they stood toe to toe. In accordance with rank alone, this three-headed demonic dragon was one or two grades higher than the silver dragon, but because of the attribute suppression, they were relatively balanced in mortal combat.

On the back of the three-headed demonic dragon, a silverish grey-haired demoness rode. She gazed at Verly with an ambiguous smile as if she were meeting a close girlfriend who she had known for many years. Not considering their camps and races, these two people were indeed peculiar close girlfriends who, to a certain extent, had become acquainted over many years.

That silverish grey-haired beautiful demoness wore dark-red demonic dragon knight armor that differed from sacred dragon knight armor. The style of Human Race’s sacred dragon knight armor inclined towards the conservative, but the style of Demon Race’s demonic dragon knight armor was liberal with many exposed areas. Below it was just a skirt armor, and above, it was simply a chestplate to protect her prodigious breasts, nothing more. Her navel and snowy white thighs, these shining white beneficial sceneries, could be seen.

The attractiveness index of this Demon Race Princess didn’t lose to Verly’s. In stark contrast to Verly’s goddess-like bearing, she had a demoness’s bearing. Her entire body from top to bottom emitted a bewitching aura that tempted other people to commit a crime; however, it was a fatal temptation. The attractiveness indexes and figures of these two women were not at all inferior to one other. They were tall, almost of the same height, both had golden proportion figures, but their temperaments were totally different, in two extreme directions. That Demon Princess had a sole obvious superiority since her cup size was a bit bigger than Verly’s. Nevertheless, in all other aspects, neither had any obvious advantages.

“Andrea, what are you thinking? Actually chasing me to the interior of Ximengsi Continent… This is the inner part of the Human Race!”

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“Verly, are you concerned for me? It’s nothing. For us, your human nations are simply our back garden. We can enter and leave as we please. Those people of Light Church have already forgotten their original aspirations. They definitely won’t intrude into our affairs.”

“Leave this place. Let’s change the location!”

“That, however, is not up to you, Verly. Considering our friendship of so many years, I will speak frankly with you. Someone in this place wants to play with Ghost Realm. Even if I didn’t trigger evil spirits to descend from the sky, this place would be destroyed by an Undead calamity. Everything has been predetermined by fate; humanity is not worth redeeming!”

After Demon Princess Andrea had followed Sacred Moon Knight Verly to here, shehad  immediately detected the rough position of Young Mater Hal’s wicked basement and guessed that someone wanted to trigger an Undead calamity here. However, this was the Human Race’s affairs, so she didn’t feel like intervening. The main target of this trip was teaching Sacred Moon Knight Verly a lesson. Everything else was beyond her consideration.

At that moment, Sacred Moon Knight Verly wavered and was almost affected by Andrea’s words; however, she quickly adjusted herself, and her expression returned to its usual calm appearance. Verly firmly believed that everything was Andrea’s crafty plot, and this demoness wanted to use psychological warfare to break her fighting spirit and obtain advantages in the following battle. Thinking this, Verly’s gaze gradually firmened. Upon seeing this expression, Demon Princess Andrea lightly sighed; no one knew whether it was a sigh of regret or nostalgia.

“Andrea, your flowery talk is useless. I will not believe in you. Make a move!”

“Ai, Verly, we’ve been good friends for so long. When have I ever deceived you? You still don’t understand the Human Race. It seems that I understand the Human Race better than you do!”

“Shut up! You demoness, your lies end here!”

Sacred Moon Knight Verly and Demon Princess Andrea directly clashed above Atad under the curtain of night. Because they were fighting at quite a high altitude, almost no one was lucky enough to witness this battle of “celestial beings,” but Clyde could clearly discern everything. His night vision ability was abnormal. In addition, he had a special ability that replicated a telescope.

Perhaps, a sound insulation barrier had been set up in advance, but the battle between Verly and Andrea didn’t make any noise. It was like a silent movie. While magnificent, the battle was muted. As for the evil spirits descending from the sky, they didn’t arrive. Because Verly was currently hindering her, Andrea had temporarily found no chance to trigger it.

However, due to the evil spirits descending from the sky, the weather of Atad experienced huge changes. The fierce wind suddenly blew, and soon, a heavy downpour began. The combination of heavy rain and fierce winds covered up the magnificent magic collisions erupting during their battle, making it even harder for other people to notice. Under the baptism of the rainstorm, most of the defending troops manning Atad’s city wall left to seek shelter from the rain. In such a storm, they would rather hide inside the city walls and warm themselves by fire.

“Will the city gate area be alright? We have only placed the bar on the general door. The other gate reinforcements aren’t in place.”

“In such heavy rain, who will invade the city? Quickly nurse the fire. If you wish to get wet, then you can go out and take a look. Johan, bring that wine. Under such heavy rain, the inspector will not come to check us for sure.”

The defending troops loosened their vigilance and retreated from the rain, beginning to warm themselves by small fires and drink wine. Those magic cannons on Atad City’s city wall had become wet in the rainstorm. Even if they were now ignited, they wouldn’t activate. Many defending troops in the arrow towers also followed them and returned to the city walls to warm themselves and drink wine. Basically, no one was on duty.

Steinbeck Fief’s army took advantage of this night to advance towards Atad’s city wall. They endured the heavy rainstorm, preparing to lay siege. Upon seeing their leaders, Miss Jenny and Princess Natalie, not minding getting wet in the rain, those soldiers under them were too embarrassed to retreat and followed their commanders to fight together.

Jenny exchanged a glance with Natalie before taking a dozen or so assassins and using flying claw hooks to grapple onto the city wall’s guardrails. Once there, they used attached ropes to scale the tall, formidable city walls in dead silence to slip past the few remaining alert guards. The first step of Clyde’s sneak attack plan was simple. These stealthy troops were to open the city gates from the inside and create a passage for Steinbeck Fief’s army to attack.


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