Chapter 379: Refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit


In terms of area covered, Proud Moon Empire was definitely the empire with the greatest territory. However, due to the repeated attacks by the allied forces of the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire, Proud Moon Empire had to retreat over and over, leading to the loss of almost half of its territory. Now, all of the Proud Moon Empire’s army was garrisoned in the fortress, Yatesianna (亚特斯安娜). This was the fortress which gained its reputation for being the first defensive fortress in the entire Blue Waves Continent. This defensive fortress was famed for its fighting prowess as the power behind it was extremely impressive. However, no one knew when the fortress was built, for most of the people living in the Blue Waves Continent now, the fortress had been there since they were born.

Yatesianna spanned 800 kilometers and was subdivided into three lines of defense. The entrance was made using huge stone stops that were more than 10,000 jin heavy. Not to mention that each step was 60 meters tall with countless traps hidden in it. If someone wanted to capture this fortress, they would have to send at least ten times the military strength of the defenders. However, even if they sent ten times the defending party’s military strength, it was still going to be a difficult task for them to take down the fortress.

Despite the difficulty in attacking the Fortress, both empires would definitely send their armies to attack it. As once the fortress falls, the Proud Moon Empire would be completely exposed to the attacks of both the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire. In such a situation, it was only a matter of time before the Proud Moon Empire was completely destroyed.

Now, the allied forces attacking the Proud Moon Empire from two different directions had merged, and were battling against the main forces of the Proud Moon Empire who were behind the Yatesianna defensive fortress.

At this moment, Long Yi’s group had entered the eastern part of the Proud Moon Empire after a ten days trek along the border of the Violent Dragon Empire. Naturally, this place had already fallen to the hands of the Violent Dragon Empire as it was the outskirts of the Proud Moon Empire’s territory. One was able to smell the smoke of destruction in the air as war had already swept through the entire continent.

In order to prevent Proud Moon Empire’s small squads from entering the Violent Dragon Empire in disguise, the armies from the Violent Dragon Empire had burned, slaughtered, and plundered. They killed everyone in the Proud Moon Empire’s territory as they advanced deeper. Moreover, they had mobilized massive forces to guard the border and the inspections were very strict. Of course, Long Yi’s group didn’t have any trouble when they crossed the border.

Along the way, Long Yi managed to obtain a clearer picture on the current situation on the Blue Waves Continent. He realized that the time he spent in the Lightning God Forbidden Area was unexpectedly more than six months!

“It’s so bleak and desolate. I remember there was a trade frontier in this place and there was always a busy flow of people. Why would anyone instigate a war?” Si Bi looked around at this small town which laid in ruins at her feet as she said. Her voice contained sadness. More than half of the houses in this place had collapsed, and many had traces of burn marks on them. The road paved with limestone had dried up bloodstains, and some residents wearing ragged clothing were hopelessly searching the ruins for something.

“My husband, should we help them?” Nalan Ruyue pleaded when she saw the state of the people in the ruins. She also had sadness in her heart when she saw the state of the people in the ruins.

Long Yi shook his head and faintly said, “Warfare is always cruel. There are millions of common people who would become destitute and homeless when a war breaks out. At least, they are lucky to be still alive, and as for how long they can survive, that will depend on themselves.”

“But… How will they survive in their current situation? The weather is terrible, it’s so cold……” Nalan Ruyue was about to plead with Long Yi to help the people when she saw the serious look on Long Yi’s face. Her voice became smaller and smaller to the point where she didn’t even dare to say another word.

“Give them some food and money. Let them go to the big city ahead of them and seek a livelihood.” Long Yi sighed and said. Nalan Ruyue was too kind-hearted. Although being kind-hearted was devoid of any merit in these troubled times, compared to being a dark and compassionless power hungry shark, being kind-hearted was much more adorable.

Nalan Ruyue cheered happily and her soft eyes exuded tenderness and love when she gazed at Long Yi’s face. Hearing that Long Yi gave her permission to help those people, she instantly ran towards them. Barbarian Bull looked at Long Yi for a second before joining her, as he got instructions from Long Yi to look out for her.

“My husband, do you think this war will end in the near future? Half of the territory of the Proud Moon Empire has already been captured, I’m afraid they are not far from their complete destruction.” Feng Ling softly said.

“It seems like the Proud Moon Empire is on the verge of destruction on the surface, however, nothing is as it seems. The affairs of the world are changeable. Until the moment everything is decided, no one would know about the outcome of the war.” Long Yi answered as he looked at Feng Ling and Leng Youyou in the eye. Now, the doubts in his mind were getting deeper and deeper. What exactly was the relation between the Dark Church and Proud Moon Empire’s Murong Imperial Clan? Why was there no movement from Dark Church until now? Could it be that the Dark Pope was intending to abandon the Murong Imperial Clan?

Long Yi began to analyze the situation of the entire Blue Waves Continent and he felt somewhat uneasy in his heart. He subconsciously took out a huge sword and began to draw a simple map of Blue Waves Continent on the ground, before marking out the route taken by the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire against the Proud Moon Empire.

Suddenly, the expression of Long Yi changed, and his huge sword focused on the Hengduan Mountains in the west.

“My husband, are you perhaps worried about the beast-man clans?” Leng Youyou looked at the map drawn by Long Yi and asked.

“Yes, beast-man clans. After they were banished to the Hengduan Mountains, they had never ceased to harass our human world. These beast-man clans were unwilling to be banished into the barren Hengduan Mountains. The chaos in the Blue Waves Continent currently happened to be an extremely good chance for the beast-man clans to stir up more trouble. If Bimeng Clan isn’t stupid, then they absolutely won’t let this chance slip by.” Long Yi frowned and said. His gaze was fixed on the map he had drawn on the ground. In the north, the Hengduan Mountains shared a border with the Proud Moon Empire. In the south, it shared a border with the Nalan Empire in the south. Now, all the elite troops of the Nalan Empire were on the frontlines and the frontier towards the beast-man clans had lesser troops guarding it.

“If the Proud Moon Empire and beast-man clans are colluding with each other, then wouldn’t that……” Long Yi muttered and his complexion suddenly changed. The likelihood of this happening was very high.

Just when Long Yi had reached a conclusion, Nalan Ruyue happily returned with Barbarian Bull. She was satisfied with herself as she was able to help those people out.

Long Yi didn’t raise the matter of the beast-man clans or the Proud Moon Empire again. The most important matter at hand was to find a big city. There, he thought to find a member of Skynet and send this possibility to both Ximen Nu and Nalan Wuji. Currently, larger cities were already embroiled in the flames of war, but the basic facilities were still able to function.

In order to not cause any trouble, Long Yi and the rest of them had changed their appearance. Wushuang and others wore hoods, and Long Yi affixed a fake beard onto his face. As for Barbarian Bull, he didn’t need to change his look.

After passing through the barren land at the start of their journey, gradually, the number of pedestrians increased. There were refugees and also companies of traveling merchants.  Although traveling to the war zones posed many dangers, some merchants were always willing to take a risk as they could gain several times more profit compared to usual.

As the group continued their journey to find a big city, they finally arrived at a first tier city which belonged to the Proud Moon Empire. However, that was a thing of the past. Looking at the flags which were fluttering about on the city walls, Long Yi immediately knew that the Fierce Tiger Legion of the Violent Dragon Empire was garrisoned here. Fierce Tiger Legion was one of the four major legions which belonged to the Violent Dragon Empire, which meant that this city had already fallen to the Violent Dragon Empire. Fierce Tiger Legion, along with the Condor Legion, were both under the direct command of Long Zhan.

In order to enter the city, Long Yi’s group followed behind a large caravan. When the caravan reached the city gates, a person who looked like the manager of the caravan dismounted and went up to the soldier guarding the gates. Along with words of flattery, the manager stuffed a few gold coins into the hands of the soldier. This soldier immediately beamed with joy and gave orders to let him pass, even a routine search was exempted.

“Fierce Tiger Legion? It’s more like Sick Cat Legion.” Long Yi sneered. As one of the four major legions, their military disciple was unexpectedly so loose, Long Zhan was truly dim-sighted from old age.

When Long Yi’s group was about to cross the city gates, the two soldiers who were defending the city gates blocked their way with their long spear. They were obviously waiting for Long Yi to cough up some gold coins or other tributes before letting him in.

Long Yi smiled and gave some gold coins to these two soldiers. These two soldiers were about to let them pass, but their gaze fell on the women who were wearing hoods behind Long Yi. Although Wushuang and the others were wearing hoods, their depositions and exquisite figures were nonetheless standing out from the crowd.

“They are?” One of the soldiers asked.

“They are my wives.” Long Yi’s pupils shrunk but he still had a smile on his face.

“Are all of them your wives? You are truly blessed with good fortune, but why are they wearing a hood? Let us brothers see how good they are.” One soldier with ** gaze stepped forward and was about to life Wushuang’s hood.


Ah…, the hand of this soldier drooped as Long Yi shot a stare at him.

“You should know how to behave and quit while you are still ahead. I gave you a toast but you refuse, only to drink a forfeit. Who else can you blame for this other than yourself?” Long Yi said with a smile, but his eyes were emitting killing intent. No matter who it was, if someone dares to touch his woman, they will die no matter what.

Seeing as the situation was getting out of hand, the other soldier immediately blew the whistle which he was carrying. After the whistle sounded, a squad of 20 men instantly rushed out of the city, fully armed. Seeing as Long Yi’s group was about to get into trouble, the caravans and pedestrians started to retreat. Forming a semi-circle around Long Yi and the armed squad, they wanted to watch the ‘good show’ that was about to happen.

“These people are the spies of the Proud Moon Empire, capture all of them! If they resist, kill them on the spot.” A person wearing the Fierce Tiger Legion’s captain symbol disregarded everything and ordered for them to be captured as spies. Hearing the captain’s shout, Long Yi and the others were stunned as they finally saw someone more shameless than Long Yi.

“Barbarian Bull, I leave these trash to you. If you use more than one attack to take care of all of them, then you don’t need to call me ‘Boss’ anymore.” Long Yi smiled and said to Barbarian Bull who was standing beside him.

“Even one move is unnecessary to deal with these bunch of trash, half a move is enough. However, Boss, should I cripple them or do you want them dead?” Barbarian Bull looked towards Long Yi with expectation. Recalling the scene when he completely exterminated the Windstorm Mercenary Group, Barbarian Bull felt excited to go on a rampage again.

“Do as you please.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and replied. He believed that Long Zhan would be grateful to Long Yi for helping him to get rid of some scums in his army.

The captain was actually a person with good judgment. However, as Long Yi had broken the hand of his brother-in-law, rage clouded his judgment and he hastily ordered the capture of Long Yi’s group. He finally came back to his senses when he heard Long Yi’s command to Barbarian Bull. Looking at Long Yi’s expression, he realized that Long Yi was a man who wouldn’t care if they were the Fierce Tiger Legion or whatever Sick Cat Legion, he wouldn’t be afraid of them in the slightest. Moreover, when he looked at Barbarian Bull’s bloodthirsty eyes, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. The captain wanted to look for another way to solve this but to his surprise, Barbarian Bull laughed and took two steps forward. With a single wave from his fist, the small squad of 20 men was sent flying instantly. Their screams could be heard from a mile away as they were sent flying by Barbarian Bull. However, these screams didn’t last for long as their heads were smashed into pieces soon after and red and white brain matter splattered all around.

Barbarian Bull clapped his hand in disdain. If he had to use Greenstone Rule to deal with these bunch of trash, it would truly be tarnishing the mighty name of the divine weapon.

Looking at Barbarian Bull’s merciless methods, the on-looking crowd were stunned silly and started screaming incessantly. Hearing the screams of their comrades and the travelers outside the wall, the soldiers stationed in the city actually rang the alarm which was only to be used in the event of an attack on the city. A large contingent of troops stationed in the city wall hastily rushed out and took their positions.

“F*ck, such a big battle formation.” Long Yi sneered. He was completely ignoring the bow and arrows pointed towards them. As for those several Advance Magicians on the city wall, they were more useless than a fart.

At this moment, a team wearing a suit of armor appeared on the city wall. They were led by a huge man wearing the Fierce Tiger Legion’s suit of armor. His entire body was completely covered with a suit of armor, and only his eyes were visible from the outside.

“What is going on here?” This General asked the soldiers stationed on the wall in his hoarse voice.

Someone immediately gave him the detailed report on the incident which just happened outside the walls.

The General was stunned for a moment before looking around. He had a crack in his voice as he murmured, “It’s actually him.”

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