Chapter 381: Soul contract and Matriarch Phoenix


Amidst the dense steam in the bathroom, a tall shadow slowly appeared. In a hoarse voice, the shadow laughed, “As expected, I still cannot escape your senses. Ha Lei admires you.”

Long Yi opened his eyes and got up from the bathtub. After wiping himself off and draping a bathrobe onto himself, he said indifferently, “This young master has never liked taking baths with other men. Neither does this young master like to discuss matters in the bathroom.”

Ha Lei shot a stealthy glance at Long Yi’s little brother… That was really big enough, and he couldn’t help but feel jealous. After hearing what Long Yi said, he laughed hollowly and walked out of the bathroom, following Long Yi.

“Boss, why is this guy here?” Barbarian Bull immediately became alert and asked Long Yi. He was sitting in the hall waiting for Long Yi to finish his bath, however, Long Yi suddenly walked out of the bathroom with Ha Lei following him. Barbarian Bull couldn’t help but stare at the both of them in shock.

“Well, about this, you have to ask him yourself. Anyway, Ha Lei, I don’t remember there was a dark magic spell similar to a thief’s concealing skill, what exactly did you use to come into the bathroom? I know you used a dark magic spell as I managed to sense dark magic fluctuations in the bathroom…” Long Yi placed his bottom on the soft sofa and then placing one leg over the other, he asked.

Ha Lei didn’t treat himself as a guest, he made himself at home as he sat on the sofa opposite Long Yi. He answered, “This is Dark Vanishing Magic. In the Blue Waves Continent, there is no knowledge of dark magic like this.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed and staring at Ha Lei, he said, “You actually have knowledge of magic spells that are not native to Blue Waves Continent. You are certainly resourceful. ”

Ha Lei laughed in his hoarse voice and he didn’t plan to explain himself anymore. He said, “Tonight, I am here to look for Young Master Ximen to discuss some matters. Does Young Master Ximen have the time to talk to me?”

“How could I not have time to talk to you, didn’t you already come and look for me uninvited?” Long Yi indifferently said. However, in his head, Long Yi was racking his brains to think of the reason for Ha Lei to look for him so urgently. The guy even had to sneak into his bathroom!

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Ignoring Long Yi’s sarcasm, Ha Lei said, “Today, there were many people in the city lord mansion. Naturally, there were people there who were not on friendly terms with me. As such, I have come to look for Young Master Ximen in private in order to discuss some matters with you.”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “Are you truly thinking of following me around?”

“If the conditions can be negotiated, it is not impossible for me to join you on your journey.” Ha Lei picked up the fruit wine from the table and drank it in a single gulp.

“You are too treacherous. There is no way I’m going to trust you and keep you by my side. You might even be an undercover agent sent by Long Zhan or the dark forces behind him to keep an eye on me.” Long Yi stared Ha Lei and sent his spirit power out to pressure him, hoping to force the truth out of him.

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Ha Lei slightly trembled. The wine bottle in his hand also shook and the pressure which Long Yi placed on him made his blood and qi churn.

“With a Dark Soul Contract, I wonder if it is possible for Young Master Ximen to trust me.” Ha Lei looked back at Long Yi and his voice became even hoarser.

Long Yi retracted the pressure he was exerting on Ha Lei. Rubbing his chin, Long Yi looked at Ha Lei for a long time without saying a word, Long Yi was deep in his thoughts as he thought about what Ha Lei said. After thinking about it, Long Yi opened his mouth and said with a smile, “Don’t tell me that you are subdued by the dominating kingly aura of mine, even the roadside dogs will not believe that. Tell me honestly, what is your goal?”

“For a better chance of survival, that’s all. The situation in the Blue Waves Continent is already clear. It is only the matter of time before the Proud Moon Empire is destroyed. After Proud Moon Empire is destroyed and the Violent Dragon Empire takes over the land, I believe that your Ximen Clan will become a huge power in the new Violent Dragon Empire. I, Ha Lei, can help your Ximen Clan seize the regime even faster because I am very familiar with the dark forces behind Long Zhan. If you have me as your undercover agent and you have an insider coordinating with you, the regime of the Violent Dragon Empire will fall into the hands of the Ximen Clan before long.” Ha Lei stated clearly.

“Putting it that way, wouldn’t you play an extraordinary role in our Ximen Clan? Not to mention the fact that your soul would be under my control. Are you so confident that I wouldn’t do anything to you after obtaining your soul?” Long Yi only believed half of what Ha Lei said as Ha Lei was the one who wanted to sign the soul contract with him. Although Ha Lei’s life would be in his hands, Long Yi was still wary of Ha Lei as he was the one who suggested signing the contract, who knew it Ha Lei had any tricks up his sleeve?

“I also have my conditions. After the Ximen Clan becomes the most powerful clan in the Violent Dragon Empire, I hope Young Master Ximen will terminate this soul contract. Also, I hope that Young Master Ximen would not meddle in the affairs of the Dark Church after that.” Ha Lei said.

Long Yi pondered for a while. The objective of Ha Lei was unexpectedly the Dark Church. Long Yi thought to himself that Ha Lei’s conditions were indeed rather interesting. With a smile, Long Yi replied, “I can agree to those conditions.”

Ha Lei immediately laid down a barrier and suddenly stood up, before kneeling in front of Long Yi. His mouth began to chant an obscure incantation and a wisp of thick dark qi emerged out from the space between his eyebrows. In the air, that thick dark qi changed into a strange black magic rune and floated in midair. That black magic rune suddenly broke into two halves, of which, one entered Long Yi’s body and the other entered Ha Lei’s body.

Dark Soul Contract was a kind of mysterious contract magic under the dark magic discipline. Even Long Yi didn’t know such magic spells. He had only briefly known some information about such magic spells from Bite Xiuge’s magic records. He hadn’t expected Ha Lei to actually know such magic spells. Now that the soul of Ha Lei was already under Long Yi’s control, Ha Lei would obey any command Long Yi gave without any objections. It could be said that Ha Lei’s life was in Long Yi’s hands currently. With a single thought, Long Yi controlled his life and death. If Long Yi wanted him to die, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Subordinate Ha Lei pays respect to master.” Ha Lei respectfully greeted Long Yi.

“Hereafter, call me Young Master. First things first, sit down and tell me all about the dark forces behind Long Zhan.” Long Yi indifferently said. He didn’t have joy on his face as his intuition told him that Ha Lei still had a number of hidden secrets on him. He also didn’t believe that Ha Lei had given him control over his soul for such a lousy reason. The only reason Long Yi accepted Ha Lei’s soul was because he was unable to understand Ha Lei’s intentions completely. Long Yi wanted to buy some time in order for him to dig out all of Ha Lei’s secrets.

After Ha Lei thanked him, he sat on the sofa and began to talk about the origin, as well as the objective of the dark forces behind Long Zhan.

This talk went on for one hour. Hearing what Ha Lei told him, Long Yi was extremely surprised as he never expected the waters of the Soaring Dragon City to be so deep and muddy.

“Putting it that way, Long Zhan is merely a pawn of that Military Adviser. His real objective is to support the puppet emperor, and Crown Prince Long Ying is his choice for the next phase of his plan.” Long Yi nodded his head and said. The situation was indeed extremely complicated.

“Yes, Military Adviser and Crown Prince thought to place a Puppet Imprecation Magic Curse on Young Master, but they don’t know that Young Master had a plot of his own to match theirs.” Ha Lei said with a smile in his hoarse voice.

The eyes of Long Yi shone as he asked slowly, “How did you know that I am not under the curse of the Puppet Imprecation Magic? Can it be that Military Adviser also knows about this?”

“Replying to Young Master, Military Adviser doesn’t know. The reason why I am able to sense that Young Master is not under the curse of the Puppet Imprecation Magic is due to the fact that my dark magic is different from the others.” Ha Lei respectfully answered.

Long Yi nodded his head and waved his hand, “Now I’m finally able to clear some doubts that I had… From now on, if you have any news to pass to me, you can pass it to Beautiful Fragrant Building.”

“Yes, Young Master. May I be excused.” Hearing Long Yi’s command, Ha Lei knew that he had achieved the objective of this trip. He stood up and quietly disappeared from the room.

“Barbarian Bull, go take the bath and rest, let me calm down a bit by myself.” Long Yi walked over to the side of Barbarian Bull and said.

Barbarian Bull agreed before turning back to his room.

Long Yi drank a mouthful of wine while frowning. First of all, regardless of whether Ha Lei was sincere or not, Ha Lei was indeed extremely useful to him at this moment. There was no such thing as eternal enemies in this world, only eternal benefits. However, Long Yi was confused, were Ha Lei’s demands that simple? Moreover, now Ha Lei was very mysterious, and he sensed something similar on Ha Lei’s body. As for the feeling he was getting from Ha Lei, Long Yi only managed to feel that it was similar to something. He wasn’t able to describe the feeling he had about Ha Lei in words…

“Survivors of the previous dynasty, Military Adviser, Liu Shi. Ha Lei, this is getting more and more interesting.” Long Yi muttered.

“Let’s not think too much. For the time being, I will accept this surrendered pawn and see how big storm can he create after the dust settles.” Long Yi stood up and stretched his body. Pulling open the curtains, he saw that the sky was still dark.

Long Yi grinned and left the room with his mind full of matters not suitable for children. Today, Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue, these two birdies, happened to be sleeping in the same room. If he could sleep together with both of them, then how wonderful that would be?

“It should be this room.” Long Yi walked to the front of a room and sensed water magic fluctuation from inside. He became happy and knew that this was the water magic barrier laid down by Wushuang.

When he looked at the strength of this barrier, Long Yi was immediately able to sense that it was a weak water barrier. Could it be that Wushuang knew that he would come to their room in the middle of the night and intentionally used a weak water magic barrier? He truly shouldn’t let down the kind intentions of this beauty. With his lips curling upwards to form a perverted smile as he thought about Wushuang’s perfect figure and her snowy white skin. Long Yi’s blood immediately began to boil as a fire was ignited in him.

Without spending much energy, Long Yi passed through this water magic barrier and entered the room on his tiptoes. Then, he heard a sound of water coming from inside the bathroom. As there were two beauties sleeping in this room together, he didn’t know if the one in the bathroom was Nalan Ruyue or Wushuang.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quietly reached out his hand towards the doorknob of the bathroom. With a slow and sneaky twist, he opened the door. A burst of steam suddenly gushed out from inside, and like an illusion, Long Yi saw a hazy back view in the midst of vapor.

“Very plump, very pert **, truly is fully ripe…… eh……” Long Yi immediately emitted an evil fire, but was shocked all of a sudden. Although the buttocks of Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang were full and round, they were definitely not mellow and full to this extent. This kind of ** clearly belongs to a superb mature woman, like the Elf Queen.

Long Yi suddenly woke up. Was it possible that he was actually in the wrong room? Cold sweat appeared on his forehead, and he began to slowly retreat towards the door.

“My husband, what are you doing?” The moment he tried to leave the room, a clear and melodious voice belonging to Nalan Ruyue came from behind Long Yi.

With a quick twist of his head, Long Yi saw both Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang staring at him from the entrance of their bedroom. They had a smile on their face as they managed to successfully prank Long Yi.

Bang, the door of the bathroom was opened wide and three flame blades whistled through the air as they sliced towards Long Yi.

Long Yi left behind afterimages in the air, as he dodged those three flame blades. However, the person in the bathroom seemed to be determined to punish Long Yi for peeping at her as she snorted and sent out several tens of flame blades towards Long Yi. A fragrant wind assaulted Long Yi’s nose, but he was in no mood to enjoy the smell as he had to stop the flame blades from hitting him.

How was the voice coming from the person in the bathroom so familiar? Long Yi froze a little as he thought of this. Due to the lapse in Long Yi’s concentration, the blazing flame blades sealed off all his routes of retreat and whizzed towards him with an intention to exterminate him.

A silverish-purple radiance flashed around Long Yi and those several dozens of flame blades instantly faded away. Long Yi’s gaze landed on a very angry woman draped in only a bathrobe in front of him.

“Matriarch Phoenix, this……” Long Yi exclaimed. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, fearing that Matriarch Phoenix in front of him was an illusion.

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