Author’s Note + Character introduction

Hi, dear readers! *Waves cutely at you* ( ̄▽ ̄)/

I got a few responses and tips from some of you, so I decided to write a small introduction to this novel.

You might think this is going to be a typical transmigration story with a system.

Sorry, don’t try to use logic from other novels.

This novel is full of baits.

It’ll make you believe this, but it’ll do that.

I warned you. *Smiles devily.*

ARC 1.

I put a mysterious tag for ARC 1, because it has a mysterious feeling to it.

We know nothing about our protagonist and her boyfriend.

She seems to be laughing a lot, but is the laughter genuine or is she trying to cope up with her stress?

It’s a very short ARC.

ARC 2.

It’s different. (That’s my reader’s reaction, when they read through ARC 1). 

I put a psychological tag for ARC 2.

To understand character’s actions and decisions, we have to dive deep into their past. It’s about our protagonist’s previous life. How she met her boyfriend, and how she died. ARC 2 is like a separate story. There’s no transmigration, no reincarnation and mainly, no second chances. 

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Don’t get discouraged by the length of ARC 2 and give this novel a chance. 

But if you feel it’s too much, stop reading. Nobody should force you to anything!

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If you spot any spelling mistakes, please remind me. I’ll correct them as soon as I get your notification. Thank you. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Suggestions and improvement tips are highly appreciated.✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧ I like to listen to my reader’s opinions.


Character introduction


Bing Shi – Main Character

冰 ( bing / bīng ) – Ice

诗 – ( shī ) – poetry, poem, verse

Spiritual animal: Snake. They are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

Personality color: Blue. The color of trust. Blue the shade of the sea and the sky is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace. It instils confidence and inspires feelings of loyalty, integrity and responsibility. Cool blue is conservative and can also be perceived as aloof.

Emotion: Trust, Responsibility, Honesty, Loyalty, Inner security, Harmony

Used to: reduce stress, create calmness, relax, secure, create order

In public, she’d never wear such simple clothes. She likes fashion.

Her style: High class and sophisticated.

Used to: reduce stress, create calmness, relax, secure, create order

Mr. Jelly – Bing Shi’s boyfriend.

Only allowed on

Real name: 玄慕

玄 – black ,mysterious

to admire

Spiritual animal: Shark. It stands for fierceness, authority, determination, remorselessness, efficiency, perception, mystery, preparedness, superiority, competitiveness, innovation, grace, and style. Its ability to continually move symbolizes adaptability, activity, fluidity, and control over emotions.

Personality color: Black. The color of mystery. Black is actually the lack of color. It covers, hides and implies that there is a barrier. A strong and powerful color, black is formal and sophisticated, sexy and secretive. It connotes fear and evil and conveys pessimism and a lack of hope.

Emotion: Power, Control, Authority, Discipline, Elegance

Used to: Hide feelings, Intimidate, Radiate Authority, Create Fear, Associate with mystery

Different to his girlfriend he doesn’t want to waste his great mind thinking about what to wear the next day.

His style: Black pants and black shirts. Simple as that.

 Simple as that

(A/N.: For those who are interested: The picture above is a character from HunterxHunter – Chrollo Lucifer )

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