Chapter 299: How Hard is it to Establish One’s Divinity?

After mucking around for half a day, I finally learnt that the Gem of Authority actually came packed with its own dimensional inventory…though that was only limited to the Fallen Angel statue… Because the statue itself had been inert for too long, it would probably require another 24 hours before it finally awakened.

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[How did you know that the Gem of Authority had such a feature?]


“Because…” Her voice deepened at that point: “Because every Devil King’s castle has such a castle and gem, it’s just a matter of what original sin it is.”


‘Oh…so that’s why.’


‘So every Devil King castle has such a statue placed inside it, that’s it right?’


“In order to absorb the power of faith, a medium is required. Each and every one of these statues possesses some sort of aura connection to a Devil God…just by placing such an artifact in the palace, they are able to siphon away a certain portion of the faith attributed to the Devil Kings…after all…”


[After all?]


“We’re all just toys of the Devil Gods at the end of the day.”


‘Devil God’s aura? Like that feather then? Also, what’s this about the Devil Kings being toys? What’s that supposed to mean?’


“At the level of a Devil King, the only way to advance is to create a Divine Core and establish our own divinity. While there might be a multitude of ways of doing so, the safest way has to be gathering faith…”


Having said all that, I could basically guess the enmity that existed between the Devil Kings and the Devil Gods.


Once a person or Devil reached Ten-stars, he or she had basically reached the pinnacle of what an ordinary life form could achieve. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that they had surpassed the boundaries of mortal men. That was why those of Ten-stars were known as Demigods while Devils at that level were known as Devil Kings.


For them to establish their own divinity, they had a number of options, one of them being related to the laws of this world. By comprehending such a law, one could surpass his limit but it had to be said that this was basically a trap… Other than the original few life forms who had existed since Genesis, there were basically no precedents of any Demigod achieving divinity like that.


As such, there was really no point in harping on that method.


The second method was a rather interesting one. It could be interpreted as establishing one’s way by force. Simply put, one would start by compressing his energy to the absolute limit and gradually transforming his own body into one of pure energy. Finally, one would become a god…because he himself had turned into a Divine Core…


However, this so-called second method was just as much of a trap as the first. By turning into energy, one would no longer have a physical body. In other words, he would lose his bodily desires as well. In short, a eunuch! Furthermore, the chances of success was barely a notch higher than the first…


The third method was to bind oneself to a Divine-grade tool or weapon. By doing so, the tool would become that person’s divine core. Whenever he used this weapon or tool, the item itself would receive a boost. All in all, this method had an extremely high rate of success. All it required was that the user had over 90% compatibility with the tool in question.


However, by using such a method to achieve divinity, one basically bound himself to the strength of that Lifebound tool or weapon. Advancing any further was difficult as one would have to first evolve the tool…in short, it was impossible.


As if that wasn’t enough, the rarity of said tools meant that the chances of some random Demigod stumbling upon a high compatibility weapon or tool was basically nothing…


The fourth method was a more stable and reliable method. Basically, one just had to absorb the power of faith. In order to employ this method, one would naturally have to have devotees first. Once the faithful had reached a certain degree of faith, they would start producing faith.


The more zealous the faithful was, the purer the energy he or she generated. As long as a Half-Divine continually absorbed such energy, it would only be a matter of time before he or she was able to construct his own Divine Core. This method was the safest method of the four, bearing no side-effects whatsoever. All it required was sufficient faith and any Half-Divine, whether Devil or human, could become a god.


Finally, that Half-Divine would just have to survive the Divine Tribulation that came with becoming a divinity…


Another unique selling point of the fourth method was that the power of faith generated by the faithful would automatically seek out its intended target. Normally, such power was impossible to steal.


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However, everything in this world had its exceptions. Take for example, the Fallen Angel statue that was awaiting activation…

If I had to make one of my famous analogies, I would compare the entire Western Human Realms to a giant marketplace. In that case, the so-called Goddess of Light and Lucifer would probably be the biggest companies in that marketplace. As for those Half-Divines, they would be the tiny Ma and Pa companies trying to survive. With only so much space in the marketplace, it was only naturally for these giant companies to try and monopolize the place. Was it even possible for a tiny company to survive then?


The power of faith could be used in a multitude of ways. However, just based on the fact that it could be used to construct a Divine Core, it was more than valuable enough.


In order to gain more faith, Devils had constantly endeavored to entrap humans. In response to that, the Church of Light had to employ their own countermeasures as well. Just like that, an all-out war between the gods erupted over this tiny marketplace. Everyday, a fight would erupt somewhere that had to end in bloodshed.


And that was where a certain issue started popping up. With only so much space to go around, and with so many juniors clamoring for a piece of the pie, how was this marketplace supposed to be divvied up? More importantly, whenever a fight erupted, people would die. These people were part of their flock as well so clearly their deaths hurt their pockets. This was especially so since a god could easily blow up an island with a wave of his hand…could the mortal world even endure such destruction? Clearly not. Even the Half-Divines would get wiped out instantly, let alone mortals.


Finally, an accord was reached since neither side was able to gain a decisive lead. The end result was that those of the Divine rank would stay out of this fight and the mortal realm entirely. Simply put, they had to work through an intermediary in order to affect the lower realms.


With that restriction in place, the gods had no choice but to appoint their own emissaries and representatives to carry out their divine work.

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