Chapter 314: Summoning Stick Figures

“Bark bark!~~~” Cinderel galloped up to Mo Na as she stood beside that Winged Abyssal Golem. From the way she barked, it was almost as if she wasn’t just trying to show off her existence this time, but was also declaring her intention to enter battle.


Mo Na, however, shook her head at the excited little puppy: “Cinderel doesn’t have to help out.”


“Bark bark bark!” She continued woofing as if she was asking, why couldn’t she participate?


“Because Cinderel is still too little.” Mo Na explained after a brief moment of serious thought, the kind where you cupped your chin with your fingers.


“…woof woof…”


“Mo Na isn’t a child, Mo Na is a already an adult, a little while more and Mo Na can make babies with Mama!”


“Bark bark…woof…:


“That won’t do, Mama belongs to Mo Na. Cinderel can’t have her!”


‘Oh my potatoes…what did I just hear? Can I even consider that an innocent conversation between children anymore?’


If we weren’t in a heated battle right now, I would’ve went right over to give her a piece of my mind. Then I would tell her explicitly that there were some things that mustn’t be said lightly.


Throughout all that, the Demonic Fire Sprite, who had just rushed up to the side of the lava lake not too long ago, was in still stuck in a battle against my Winged Abyssal Golem, and the combination of Sinmosa and Sasani. No matter how much he swerved left or dodged right, his attempts at breaking through their blockade were all unsuccessful. Finally, after multiple failures, he realized that all three of them were actually flightless creatures so he immediately tried to take to the air.


With a swift bend of his back, the sprite narrowly avoided a swipe from Sinmosa, at which point he took this opportunity to soar into the air while avoiding another punch from the Abyssal Golem with a timely swerve. Finally, there was nothing standing in his way. But just as he thought that he had succeeded, his vision went black as a mass of eerie black mist suddenly enveloped the sky above him. Not caring in the least bit, the Demonic Fire Sprite even increased his speed so as to better ram through that barrier of mist.


However, things weren’t as simple as he had first assumed. It was only when his head collided with the mist that he realized that something was amiss.


There was actually a ghastly face sticking right out of it! The face had holes for eyes and two smaller holes that were probably his nose. As for its mouth, it was naturally a hole as well, albeit a jagged one. Like those common movie ghosts, the face would constantly contort itself in pain while making a viscerally disturbing expression.


*BOOM!* The mist exploded the instant the ghost impacted it.


Because all these happened so suddenly, the Demonic Fire Sprite had nowhere to hide at all, and could only raise both of his hands to guard its core from being shattered. For the most part, the explosion wasn’t as fatal as the sprite had worried but it was more than enough to force him back to the ground. Not only that, the moment that sprite landed on the floor, he found that both his arms, his right shoulder and the right half of his face were all coated in a strange black substance. Said matter was even giving a strange sizzling sound right this very second.


As the sizzling got even more pronounced, the areas smothered in black started to flicker, indicating the sprite’s worsening condition.


It was actually able to dissolve the sprite’s body!


Very quickly, the sprite was made painfully aware of how terrifying this unknown substance actually was. He immediately focused all of his mana into the affected areas and wiped them clean in a few seconds.


Having just finished that, Sasani’s claw came flying towards him and the sprite had no choice but to take to the skies once more. Yet just as he was about to do so, he was confronted by another frightening fact: unbeknownst to him, the black mist was now merely ten meters away from the top of his head…


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“YAAY, it succeeded!”


Cheered Mo Na who was beside herself for having forced the sprite down to the ground. As she sat on top of that Winged Abyssal Golem, she happily clapped her little hands together. In all likelihood, she was probably the one who created that black mist.


Likely as a result of our growing success, the other sprite, who was still floating atop the lava lake, suddenly turned around and gave us what had to be the most arrogant and condescending thumbs down ever…by the way, when did thumbs down become a thing even in a foreign world?


‘Hmph, what a naive little sprite, did you really think I have no way to attack you?’


It was true that my fire resistance had experienced a noticeable drop since I evolved into a Fallen Angel, to the point where I couldn’t even take a bath in the lava lake anymore. As for flying…I would have to apologize in advance because my wings were temporarily in a state of being more aesthetic rather than functional. It was also true that by merely throwing long ranged spells at him, I wasn’t going to threaten him all that much. Given all that, was I going to just sit by and let the other party attack Nola so blatantly? Of course not. In truth, I had a way of threatening that sprite even from this distance. Lest one forgot, I gained a certain spell upon evolving into a Fallen Angel, one that was similar to a clone: Shadow Demon Guardian!


Since I had gained the ability to impart consciousness onto another, my magicks had their mobility significantly improved. For example, those swerving Darkness Arrows. It could be said that my spells had all levelled up, of which my Shadow Guardian probably changed the most. It was now able to act independently of my body after all!


The moment the last bit of mana required was spent, my shadow immediately left my side in what had to be an extremely odd sight for those who witnessed it firsthand.


With how featureless it actually was, the shadow truly resembled a stick figure, except that it had a pair of shadow wings sprouting from its back. What was worth mentioning however, was that it didn’t just leave my side, it was now a clone of me. To be exact, it could probably be counted as a type of elemental lifeform!


That’s right, if one really wanted to go by the books, my Shadow Demon Guardian was actually a Shadow Darkness Elemental.


Even though there were only six basic elements when the Creator created the world –namely, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness — those six elements had in fact birthed several other branching elements. For example, the Water element gave birth to the Ice element. Wind birthed Thunder, Earth birthed Metal, Darkness birthed Shadow and etc.


That was why even though there were so many elements now, they were all still basically part of the six basic elements. It was just a matter of ancient humans creating more categories.


“Stickman…ahem, that’s not right, Shadow Demon, teach that moron a lesson for me!”


With figurative wind blowing at hair and my chest puffed out, I gave that order to my Shadow Demon Guardian. Even though this was my first time actually using it, I was confident that it would definitely give that sprite the thrashing of his life.

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