Chapter 8: Goblins Vs Devils

Species Name: Greater Flame Demon

Original Sin: Wrath

Surname: Samuel

Tier Level: Seventh

Racial Characteristics: Born with the Flames, Destructive Power increases with anger

Evolution Tree : Small Imp, Large Imp, Head Imp, Demon Child, Flame Demon Child, Infant Flame Demon, Flame Demon, Greater Flame Demon

Interests: Flame. Destruction.

Attitude towards Humans: Likes to burn the bodies and souls of humans.

——From <<Devils and Men>>


As time passed, more and more devils threw themselves at the goblin encirclement, tilting the battle further in the loli’s favor. The goblins knew instinctively that they couldn’t drag this on any further and split the horde into two. One detachment to block the incoming devils while the other attacks the loli and her devils.

This was my very first encounter with a large scale battle. While it was just a low level battle between one-stars, it was still amazing. Even with my vast experience with large (movie) battles, the sheer scale of this battle still shocked me.

From a high vantage point, it looked like a tidal wave of red ants had crashed into an ocean of green ants. The ants furiously tore into each other, littering the battlefield with corpse from both sides.

In spite of the grand melee happening around her, the purple loli still maintained her passive condition sitting atop her rock. Even the horrific injuries of her bodyguard devils failed to move her into action.

Based on my vast (movie) battlefield experience, this loli should be a novice on the battlefield. If she had ordered her bodyguards to charge at the same time as the devils on the outside charged the perimeter, the goblin encirclement would have collapsed. However, she did not do this. Which only meant that she was either inexperienced or was stalling for time.

Soon, the number of reinforcing devils started decreasing; all the surrounding devils must have already arrived. The strength of the devils were plain for all to see, and while the goblins vastly outnumbered them; their numbers were still manageable to the devils. This resulted in the battle reaching a precarious stalemate.

Both sides continued their bloody battle with no victor in sight. The goblins who had lost their weapons used their claws, teeth and whatever they could find to fight. Periodically, one could see some devils picking up the goblin weapons as well. The battle had truly reached a feverish point with no sign of abatement. The devil’s superior abilities were countered by the goblin’s cooperation as the devils only relied on their personal valor and prowess instead of coordination.

This stalemate raged on for another two more hours. By this time, the number of participants had dwindled significantly. The battlefield was a field corpses and mutilated parts, with a river of blood running through this red and green mess. With the goblin boss just having been bitten to death by a large imp, the battlefield was reduced to a group of 7 goblins with varying injuries facing off against a half-dead large imp and the mysterious loli.

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The remaining goblins were on the verge of fleeing, the vicious death of their boss still fresh in their stupid minds. Their fear had made them ignorant of the large imp’s numerous injuries.

They were creatures who only dared to attack when they had sufficient numerical advantage. The large imp was aware of this point so he made a show of strength by fiercely bellowing at them. However, even within a stupid race like the goblins, there were bound to be one or two geniuses. Or perhaps goblins who were just too consumed by the urging of their lower half.

A goblin dropped the wooden club in his hand and slowly picked up the curved blade of the goblin boss as if doing so granted him the strength and the status of a goblin boss.

Apparently, it really did. The newly crowned goblin boss barked a few commands at his comrades and the other goblins merely hesitated for a while before charging at the large imp. This sudden display of courage stunned the large imp. He did not expect them to continue fighting back. However, this surprise only lasted a while as it soon turned into rage. He grabbed the front most goblin and while ignoring the attacks of the other goblins, savagely bit the goblin to death as he bear-hugged the poor thing in place.

However, this was the last of the large imp’s strength. While their comrade was being bitten to death, the remaining goblins wildly attacked the imp. Finally, one of their wild strikes got lucky and hit the deepest wound on the imp’s back. The wound was deep to the point where one could probably hear its heart beating while standing nearby. As the lucky goblin drove his wooden spear into the imp, it penetrated its back piercing into the heart, dealing a fatal blow.

If that imp fell, wouldn’t there be nothing standing between the goblins and their future slave loli?

Suddenly, that mysterious voice rang out once more in my head. Perhaps it was due to the proximity, but this time it was a much clearer voice: [Please save me…]

No! I mustn’t allow such a thing to happen! Forcing a girl was something I absolutely abhorred!

Even though I was a damned otaku in my previous life, who sporadically read some strange books. Those were merely books! In the end, I’m part of the pure love faction…Wait, why did I bring in my babies?

“Hey, you damned bunch of green shorties. Look over here!” I shouted as I jumped off my tree perch and rushed towards the loli. It was at this moment that the large imp finally collapsed to the ground. Ignoring the countless corpses in front of me, I charged headlong into the goblins, clanking against my shield with my sword while screaming at the top of lungs: “Hey scrubs, look over here.”

My taunt skill seemed to have worked as they all turned their attention towards me. They definitely did not understand human language, but I guess some gestures and words transcended the racial barrier. By this time, I was a mere 10 meters away from the closest goblin.

One of the benefits of dying and reincarnating into a new body was my improved eyesight. I was no longer that nerd using a pair of magnifying glasses as spectacles. At this distance, I was able to see the unusual behavior of that loli. She sat atop her rock with her eyes shut and her body shivering as if she was under great pain. From the looks of it, she was severely injured. While it wasn’t serious enough to kill her, if she was captured by the goblins…perhaps death would have been better. Either way, I’m already here and I fully intend to save her.

Hmm…with only 6 more goblins to go, I should be able to handle them.

This reminds me of that hunting trip a year ago…

Roscar brought me into the forest to train and my opponent then was a goblin. I was hesitant to strike at first, but its horrific stench and deformed looks left me disgusted and soon I was going toe to toe with that goblin. In order activate my Aura Perception, I imagined him as those damnable colleagues from my past life and charged. After an epic fight with the goblin, I finally won. The result? I gained a large amount of XP and even gained a level.

Unfortunately, my Aura Perception didn’t awaken…

As I thought about this, my mood darkened. I guess a useless guy like me could only bully a bunch of goblins.

The goblin boss pointed his curved blade at me and muttered a few garbled sentences. Upon hearing this, the goblin who stabbed the imp to death hesitated a while before he began slowly approaching me. Was he trying to test my strength? No wait, he’s trying to capture that loli at the same time.

As the spear goblin faced off against me, a pair of deformed goblins reached out to the purple loli, their aim clear; to secure the reproductive tool.

Despicable lifeforms…I won’t show you any mercy.

With my buckler raised, I charged the spear goblin. My fierce charge seemed to have had an effect on this goblin. He hastily stabbed out at me with his spear, the anxiety apparent in his eyes. I easily deflected that light stab with my buckler and continued my charge. By now, I was a mere two steps away from his unguarded body. With a swift stab of my short sword, I pierced his chest!

With that, I only had 5 more goblins to contend with. My body was shivering at this moment but not from fear. It was excitement! It had been a full year from my last encounter with a goblin and yet my body still had such a visceral reaction to this kill.

I wonder where did this violent side of me come from? Perhaps it was from being repressed so much in my previous… Well, it doesn’t matter. Five more to go.

With a kick to the corpse, I withdrew my short sword from the goblin’s body, a stream of blood spraying onto my face. Damn, this sucks. But with the battlefield so saturated with blood and gore, I was already accustomed to the stench of blood.

Seeing me kill that goblin with ease, the goblin boss barked a few more commands. The pair of goblins who were about to capture the loli fell back. To them, the loli was as good as theirs. They only had to take care of their new obstacle, me.

*awo arooo!!*

The howling goblin boss led the newly reunited goblin team in a charge towards me. He took the head of this charge in a show of bravery to the four survivors behind him. The remaining goblins were covered in wounds from the previous battle. In a solo battle, they wouldn’t pose any threat at all. It was merely a matter of numbers. This was the first time that I’ve faced five opponents at once.

As we met face to face for the first time, the goblin boss swung his curved blade out at me. However, I was already prepared. My buckler in hand, I blocked that swing.


The curved blade bit into the buckler with slight thud before coming loose once more while leaving shallow cut mark in its wake.

Based on this initial clash, it was obvious who came out on top. It was ‘the me’ who had practiced tirelessly for seven years. I made use of this opportunity to lunge at the goblin with my buckler.


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The buckler crashed into the goblin’s head and knocked him onto the floor. It seemed to have knocked him out. I immediately to tried to follow this with a killing blow, but the trailing goblins counterattacked and stopped me. A pair of steel barbed wooden spears stabbed out at my feet and head. I hastily dodged the spear to my feet and blocked the other with a raise of my buckler and swing of my sword.

The short sword sliced through the air in a metallic flash, cleaving through the necks of these two goblins. A spurt of blood filled the air as their lifeless bodies crumpled to the ground.

Only three left.

Just when I thought my victory was firmly secured, I received a harsh slap to the face.

Just as I prepared to face the two incoming goblins, a burning pain shot through my left leg. It was if the world collapsed at that moment as my body suddenly lost its balance and toppled. I barely had time to register this shocking change before I had to roll away to dodge an incoming attack. I tried to stand up but my left leg didn’t listen to me…No, that’s not right. It wasn’t that it didn’t respond, it was simply not there!

My leg is gone!? I’m crippled!?

A sinking feeling filled me as I lowered my head. It’s gone! Half of my left calf was gone.

The goblin jumped to his feet at this moment with an evil grin on his face and his bloodied blade waving in the air. So he wasn’t knocked out. He was faking it!

This despicable fellow faked his unconsciousness in order to avoid my attention! Taking advantage of my distraction, he quietly crawled up to me and sliced off part of my left leg. It must’ve been a truly sharp blade for it to slice through flesh and bone so easily.

Losing my balance in the midst of battle had serious consequences for me. The other two goblins immediately took advantage of this and lunged at me; fully intending to finish this wounded dog off.

Metal clashed against wood as my buckler deflected the goblin’s wooden club. However, I wasn’t able to counterattack due to my crippling injuries. The other goblin followed his partner’s attack up with a stab of his rusty short sword. Its target, my lower abdomen. I mustered whatever energy I could and kicked my body off the ground with my remaining leg, dodging a fatal stab. However, this did not mean that I dodged it completely. The short sword penetrated my right thigh as it stabbed into the ground.

“Die!” My sword shot forward in a hate-filled stab. The goblin who had just nailed me to the ground wasn’t able to react in time as he got skewered through the heart, the deformed smile on his face forever frozen in time.

There was barely any time to celebrate this kill as I felt a rush of air near me. Soon, I felt a dull pain in my head as the breath was knocked out of me. A goblin had struck my head with a wooden club. Thankfully, it wasn’t a heavy hit and I managed to resist the urge to faint.

With a swing of my left arm, I smashed my trusty buckler into that goblin’s nose, bloodying his face. I wanted to continue my attack but couldn’t do so. The loss of my left calf and being nailed to the ground on my right thigh, severely restricted my movement. In a decisive move, I flung my short sword at the club wielding goblin, piercing his chest…


The last remaining goblin stared at me with its green eyes, a myriad of emotions apparent within them. Hatred, anger, reluctance and fear… He did not dare to approach the me who was currently shieldless and swordless. Instead of the word cautiousness, cowardice and weakness suited him more at this moment.

He turned to the expressionless loli once more. Shortly after, he bent down and picked up a rock and tossed it at me. In the end, he was unable to resist the lure of this reproductive tool and chose not to flee.

Goblins were a intellectually impaired demi-human race. This meant that their choice of weapons were usually restricted to the level of a caveman from earth. To a caveman, the rock was a commonly found weapon of mass destruction.

As such, every goblin was a natural rock-tossing champion.

While it was merely a simple rock toss by the goblin, it was a fast and accurate one. It flew unerringly towards my head, never once veering off course. Without my mobility, I was essentially a practice dummy for the goblin. I immediately blocked that rock with my arms but it was soon followed up by another rock…

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