Volume 2 Chapter 51: The Olsyvia Academy

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The Olsyvia Academy, the number one academy in all of the human empires, was situated in the largest city of the Manasville Empire, the city for which the academy was named after, Olsyvia. Going by overall strength, the Manasville Empire was 1st ranked amongst the five great human empires. Of the five great human empires, the Octavian Empire focused on their knights, the Aldrich Empire focused on magic, the Gabriel Empire focused on the way of the sword, and the Kristoff Empire focused on archery.

Different from the other four empires, the Manasville Empire did not focused towards any specific class, and instead accepted all classes as equal, perhaps this was the reason that the Manasville Empire was stronger than any one of the other four empires. Currently, it was near the time of the year that the Olsyvia academy began to accept students, and countless talented young people flooded the ancient city that had over ten thousand years of history.

There were still 10 days until the Olsyvia Academy began classes, but quite a few students had already gathered. The academy was split into 5 branches based on their location, North, East, South, West, and Central. The East branch was for those with extraordinarily talented, the West branch for royalty, South branch for those affiliated with the Church, North branch for nobility, and the Central branch for commoners.

Even though students would be initially split into the branch that they belonged to, changes could still be made after the school year began. First of all, no one could transfer into the Western royalty branch nor the Southern Church branch but people could still shift to the other 3 branches. For example, those without a noble lineage could pay a large sum to transfer to the Southern branch for nobles, and those with outstanding talent could ask to be moved to the Eastern branch.

Most of the students that had arrived at the academy early were here in hopes of changing the branch that they would attend. The streets leading up to the academy were filled with various luxurious carriages and pedestrians could only make way as they looked in awe as what seemed to be all of the wealthy people in the empire passed by them.

Compared to high-end sports cars of Earth, this world’s symbol of wealth were carriages, the more luxurious the better. There were several rules in place around carriages in the human empires, one was that the number of horses that could draw the vehicle was limited by the owner’s rank. No matter how rich a commoner was, as long as they didn’t spend money to purchase the honorary title of Knight, they would still be classified as a commoner and could only use one horse to draw their vehicle.

Even if one were to purchase the title of Knight, they could at most use 2 horses. The highest amount of horses useable were by the emperors, up to 8 horses. The remaining nobility’s number of horses were less than that of the emperors and greater than that of the knights, based on their peerage. The carriages of the Church was not limited to 8, as currently, the authority of the pope was higher than that of the emperors, so the pope was able to use 9 horses.

The scene in front of the Olsyvia Academy right now was the equivalent of one of Earth’s gathering of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and many other high-end vehicles, but with carriages instead. But even amongst all of the luxurious carriages, there was one that was much more eye-catching than any of the others present.

This carriage was different from those of the royalty and nobility that piled as much precious metals and gems as possible on their vehicles. This carriage was made from a rare wood that possessed an elegant and high-class fragrance, aptly named Fragrant Wood, no one knew where Fragrant Wood was produced and it was rare to find on the market. Fragrant Wood wasn’t something that just anyone with money could obtain.

The flower was decorated with various beautiful flowers, the carriage was evidently designed for princesses or the young ladies of noble families. Even though the decor was simple, many of the flowers were varieties that only grew in remote parts of the continent or under certain conditions, quite a few of them individually were worth over 1000 gold pieces.

The carriage was drawn by two groups of horses, one group at the front and one at the back. At the back were 3 rare winged unicorns with pelts white as snow, and at the front were 3 ‘Night Mares’, with pelts black as night and left behind fiery hoofprints with every step. Night Mares were basically ‘darkened’ unicorns and were even rarer than the winged unicorns behind them. The two groups of horses gave off a strong contrast of colours that attracted eyes of onlookers.

Even the strongest Manasville Empire’s royalty might not be able to gather such a number of these rare horses in a short amount of time. As noble etiquette only limited the number of horses that could draw a carriage, and not the type of horses, this carriage that seemed much more extravagant than even that of royalty wasn’t actually breaking etiquette. Quite a few carriages belonging to royalty could only watch jealousy as the lavish vehicle passed by them.

The carriage flew the flag of the Gabriel Empire, and on both sides of the vehicle were engraved a pair of white lotus flowers, heraldry was something representative of the nobles and only nobles at and above the peerage of duke were able to have their coat of arms engraved upon their vehicles.

The luxurious carriage ran at a constant speed, other carriages in front making way for it, even those belonging to royalty. The carriages belonging to nobility made way as etiquette was that nobles of lower peerage had to let the noble with higher peerage have the right of way. As for those carriages belonging to royalty, they made way because the luxurious carriage flew the flag of the Church of Light as well, one of the highest levels at that, one that was only used when the holy maidens, cardinals, or the pope himself was travelling.

“Young master Gren, why do you have to let that arrogant carriage pass? You’re from the family of a Duke too, there’s no reason for us to make way?”{1}

“That’s the carriage of the lord of Saniyah, Duchess Bellina, it’s best we do not anger her. That girl isn’t as useless as those other female nobles, if you don’t believe me, you can go and ask those nobles of the Gabriel Empire that are around her what happens when you get on her wrong side.”

Inside of the luxurious carriage, Bella was sitting on a comfortable chair and enjoying some tasty fruits. In the carriage with her were the three loli ‘attendants’ Mia, Angel and Noesha, as well as the four holy maidens Susan, Hayley, Sophia, and Daisy who had just held Bella’s recognition ceremony and had come along as they would be attending the academy as well.

As for the other beauties, they currently remained back in the Saniyah Duchy to help in the rebuilding of the land and further developments. The unholy maiden Liz also remained in the Saniyah Duchy to aid in the construction of a church, and may later join Bella at the Olsyvia Academy.

After the battle in the town of Sakerid, the defeated princess Aknes, after she had woken up decided to stay and help around in the dark sanctuary. Akne’s management ability was extraordinary and Bella welcomed her to the Dark Sanctuary with open arms. It was a shame that there wasn’t enough time, or else Bella would have developed Aknes to take the place of the fourth demon king, as someone that had been possessed by a demon king, there was no doubt that her body was suitable for the task, but it would have to be left for when Bella had enough time.

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Eleanor, Roland, and Annie were unable to come do to how well known they were in the human empires and would cause too many problems if they were to suddenly appear in public once more, as they were still ‘missing’ in the eyes of the public. As for Bella’s substitute, the 10th princess of the Octavian Empire, Felia wasn’t that well known and there wouldn’t be many people that would recognize her even if she were to appear in public like this.

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“Bella, isn’ this a little extra?”

“Don’t need to look so uptight, Hayley! Look around, you’re the only one without a smile on your face here, how about this, you can vent to us your problems~!”

“I’d rather not vent to you, you bad… nevermind.”

Hayley had originally not wanted to travel in the same carriage as Bella, she was probably the holy maiden that tried to keep the most distance between herself and Bella. The holy maiden who was closest to Bella was Daisy, who as the holy maiden of the Salo faction, had always been interested in dark magics and the like, becoming good friends with Bella almost immediately, possibly because the two of them had common interests to discuss.

Sophia didn’t show any visible dislike towards Bella, most of the time she would just quietly watch as the others talked, showing more curiosity towards Bella than any other emotion. What left Hayley speechless was the fact that Susan, the holy maiden also from the Alan faction and the one who had shared her beliefs, also didn’t seemed to show any dislike towards Bella. How the girl who had hated evil with a passion got along so well with a demon like Bella was something completely incomprehensible to Hayley.

Hayley had secretly asked Susan several times about her reason for doing so, but Susan had avoided the question each time, making Hayley all the more pissed. What pissed her off even more was that Sophia and Daisy would always cover up for Susan, stopping Hayley from asking further. Hayley was tempted several times to report the truth about Bella to the Church’s higher-ups, but evidently, the other three holy maidens were not willing to take her side on that and Hayley’s report would probably just be treated as false if the other three chose to testify for Bella.

Looking at the angry Hayley, Bella had wanted to ‘conquer’ this disobedient holy maiden and shut her up once and for all, but due to the opening of the Olsyvia Academy, there was no time to do so and Bella could only wait for a future opportunity to do so.

It wasn’t of Bella’s own decision to attend the Olsyvia Academy, she had her own duchy and large amounts of friends and supporters, there was no real reason for her to act like a light novel MC and attend the number 1 academy and flirt. This time, Bella had come at the request of Vianne and the other Creators.

According to what 【Light Creator】 Vianne had told Bella, while they were still fighting in the town of Sakerid, some male Creators took advantage of when Vianne and the other female Creators were fighting the betrayed and sent some of their representatives into this world.

The male Creator’s goal was evident, using the Saviours that they sent to save this world and then getting them to promote the male Creator that had sent them here to the public, that Creator would be able to obtain the worship of the masses, and after being worshipped to a certain extent they would gain the ability to ‘inherit’ this ownerless world.

Originally, the 12 demon kings who had been sealed away ten thousand years ago wouldn’t have awoken so soon, the only reason how they had done so was the fault of these male Creators, who had used their powers and easily revived a few of the 12 demon kings as well as weakening the seal a bit so that the revived demon kings could then revive their peers more easily than it otherwise would have been.

Only then did Bella realize how dark-hearted the male Creators were, making a bunch of problems just so they could save the world themselves, it sounded like a shitty drama. The male Creators and the female Creators had never gotten along, but due to some limitations the two sides were unable to fight large-scale wars and had mostly just been individual fights between the Creators themselves.

This time, the male Creators had openly disregarded the Creators faction’s rule of not interfering in the affairs of other dimensions, the female Creators under Vianne naturally couldn’t just stand by and watch. So, they had requested Bella, their ‘representative’ in this world to help them thwart the plans of the male Creators.

As this was a battle between the representatives of Creators, the enemy would definitely be other transmigrators. Bella had initially not wanted to accept this task, as the opponents this time were all male and wouldn’t be as easy to deal with as Kriss and the other girls. However, Bella had received a promise from Vianne that all five of the female Creators would give Bella their assistance in her mission, no matter how powerful the enemies were, they at most had the support of one Creator. Meaning that Bella would be placed at an absolute advantage when she came face-to-face with any of these invading transmigrators.

After receiving Vianne’s promise, Bella finally accepted the female Creators’ request and headed towards the Olsyvia Academy. As a reward, Bella’s fief, the Saniyah Duchy, received aid from the 5 Creators in construction and design. There would definitely be a big surprise waiting for Bella once she returned after the end of the semester.

Based on the knowledge that she had gained from the light novels on Earth, Bella predicted that the invading transmigrators would definitely attend the Olsyvia Academy. The first thing on Bella’s to-do list right now was to hunt down people that could become companions of those Saviours and bring them to her side, a competition for talent of sorts. Bella however, preferred to call it a ‘competition for beauties’ as the only ones that she wanted were the girls, the males could be given free to the other transmigrators for all she cared.

Even though Kriss, Lisha, and Ariel were all Saviours as well, but Vianne speculated that the one who summoned them definitely wasn’t this dimension’s original Creator as this dimension’s Creator had been a male Creator and the Saviours that he summoned would only be those the same gender as him.

Now that Bella thought back on it, could Kriss and these other transmigrators that evidently had a dark past, actually be considered as Saviours? Currently, Bella had temporarily classified them as Dark Saviours and would be top priority targets for her to bring to her side. As for who exactly had summoned Kriss and the others to this dimension, Vianne stated that she didn’t know and that Bella should look into it.

There was not a single obstacle in the way of Bella’s carriage, and they were quickly able to reach the carriage stop that was 1 kilometre away from the academy’s gates. All of the students who attended the Olsyvia Academy have to get off their carriage and walk into the academy, to show that everyone was equal once they had entered the academy. Bella, however, thought that it was just a bunch of BS.

The one who drove the carriage was the Troublemaker Betia, Bella had originally wanted for her to go play by herself in another dimension, as this loli was simply too dangerous, Bella didn’t want the Olsyvia Academy to suddenly become ‘Highschool of the Dead’ randomly because Betia wasn’t careful. However, Betia stuck to Noesha and begged Bella to let her stay as she was unable to enter another dimension. Due to the problems that she had caused earlier, she had been warned by the Troublemaker’s chieftain through long-range telepathy and Betia swore to Bella that she wouldn’t make any more unnecessary trouble.

“Greetings, you must be the honourable Duchess Bellina, we are members of the Olsyvia Academy’s northern branch, the Filomina Academy’s student council. We’ve been waiting here for our new students, please follow us!”

As soon as she got off her carriage, Bell was received by two girls in elegant school uniforms of the Filomina Academy that had a special insignia on the right sleeve that identified them as members of the Filomina Academy’s student council.

Bella was a little shocked to find a student council in the school of another world, it seemed that this trip wouldn’t be as boring as she had thought.

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