Volume 2 Chapter 65: Boring First Lesson in the Other World’s Academy

Bella didn’t know who made it a universal law that all of the other world’s principals had to be strange old men. Bella was a little speechless as she looked at the row of old men on the platform at the center of the square. The Olsyvia Academy’s five branch academy principals, were ALL OLD MEN? All six of these principals were previous graduates of the Olsyvia Academy and some of the students jokingly referred to them as the ‘six artifacts’ behind their backs.

The academy’s high-ups had probably long realized the awkwardness of lacking anything worthy of attention on the main platform, so the magic lights around the central platform were tilted ever so slightly towards the VIP platform where the 6 beautiful student council presidents, as well as the Disciplinary Committee’s head chair Natasha, were seated.

Of the 5 branch academy student council presidents, Bella had already seen three of them: The Filomina branch for nobility’s Lucia, the Francis branch for commoner’s Britney, and the Euphemia branch for royalty’s Ese. This was the first time that Bella had the chance to see the looks of the other two branch council presidents.

The president of the Church of Light’s St.Louis branch was the sister Maria, apprentice of the current Pope and was currently being groomed as his successor as the 4 holy maidens didn’t possess the right to inherit his position.

Maria’s age wasn’t much different from that of the four holy maidens and if it wasn’t for her title of being the Pope’s successor, she was just a beautiful young girl. Maria’s hair was a pure gold, same as the holy maiden Susan.

Maria had a rather dignified and composed air about her and her lively eyes showed Bella a little of her quick-wit. As the Pope’s successor, Maria had to learn how to balance the relations between the Church’s three factions, definitely something that not every girl would be able to do.

The president of the Olivia branch for geniuses, the one who held the top rank in the Olsyvia branch’s red ranking, was the beautiful assassin Ave. The black-haired assassin maintained a cold look on her face and was the only one of the student council presidents not to have a smile on her face.

The Olsyvia Academy had three different rankings for all of their students, the red, blue, and gold rankings. The red ranking were for the classes who dealt physical damage such as knights, assassins, swordsmen, and archer. The blue ranking was for the students who used magic, the current first place being president Ese.

As for the gold ranking, it was quite fittingly the ranking for the students’ individual wealth. There was currently no first place as the ranking was currently being recounted. Every year when new students joined the academy, the gold ranking would be largely refreshed. In the top ten, the names of both Carlos and Bellina, as well as the five beauties from the Rose Society, appeared but whoever was the wealthiest of them all was yet to be decided.

Kriss and Lisha were new students and had yet to challenge the rankings. If the two of them were to challenge the ranking, Eve’s position would probably have a different name. No matter how strong Eve was, there was no way that she would be able to beat Lisha and Kriss, two girls who were basically cheat characters.

The last beauty on the VIP platform was the Olsyvia Academy’s main student council president, Angelina. Angelina was one of the Olsyvia Academy’s few enchanters and it was her who was responsible for most of the academy’s numerous teleportation formations. Apart from mages who could use spatial magic, enchanters were the only other profession that could set up teleportation formations.

Due to the large loss of life during the invasion of the twelve demon kings, spatial magic had been lost to humanity for the past ten thousand years. The role of setting up teleportation formations had been left to the few remaining enchanters. The worth of an enchanter was equal to 10 other mages of the same level, showing how rare and valuable they were. Enchanters along with those Alchemists who could make storage rings were some of the most sought-after people on the continent and were treated as treasures by every person they offered their service to.

Angelina sat at the centre of all the VIPs to show her position as the president of the main student council. If it wasn’t for the appearance of Ese and the entrance of Kriss into the Olsyvia Academy, Angelina would have been the undisputed most beautiful flower in the entire academy.

This beautiful student council president with navy-blue hair was quite frankly, levels ahead of Lucia and Britney who were also ranked in the top ten. If it wasn’t for Ese and Kriss, there would be no one in the academy that could challenger her beauty.

Bella’s eyes never left the VIP platform and as for whatever the old men on the main platform were saying, she only listened to what interested her and basically ignored everything else. The only reason why she chose to attend this opening ceremony was for the beauties! As for whatever important information that she missed, she could just ask Jenny and the others about it later.

Bella wasn’t sure of it but she felt as if these student council presidents had all sneaked several glances in her direction. Bella could understand Lucia and Ese looking at her because they were already acquainted. Bella could also understand Britney glancing over because she knew that Britney had something to request of her.

Bella began to get a little confused when she tried to figure out a reason as to why Maria and Eve were looking over. While Bella was quite well associated with the four holy maidens but she had never seen Maria before, so the only explanation was that she had heard the holy maidens talking about Bella.

As for the president of the genius’ Olivia branch, Bella hadn’t interacted with a single student from that branch and there was no connection between her and Eve, so there shouldn’t be any reason for Eve to pay any extra attention to her?!

As for the main student council president, Angelina, Bella would like to express that she was incapable of understanding Angelina’s purpose. Even though Bella had a minor conflict with the main student council’s Disciplinary Committee but that shouldn’t have been enough to arouse the attention of the attention of the main student council president.

Bella hadn’t realized that this had been caused by the bottle containing ‘Elixir of Life’ that she had shown during the auction, the shock had successfully thrown Bella straight into the eyes of these beautiful student council presidents. If Bella looked at the main platform, however, she would have noticed that the principals had also noticed Bella but all of Bella’s attention was turned towards the beauties on the VIP platform and she had selectively ignored the looks from the significantly less attractive principals.

“Arvis, that’s the girl that auctioned off the bottle of ‘Elixir of Life’? She looks like a normal student. I can’t see anything extraordinary about her, I suspect that the bottle was given to her by her friends Kriss and Lisha.”

“Trevik, stop judging my students the way you do for your Olivia branch. Being able to obtain such a valuable treasure is a show of her own ability, what does her cultivation have anything to do with it.”

“Alright, can you two stop arguing, at least until this ceremony is finished? Each branch has different standards for their students, we’ll see who is right and who is wrong during the 5 branch competition.”

On the central platform, the Olivia branch’s principal Trevik was arguing with the Filomina branch’s principal Arvis. One of them judged students’ power based on their cultivation and the other on their wealth, their conflicting views made it so that the two never saw eye to eye.

In order to prevent their argument from disrupting the opening ceremony’s atmosphere, the principal of the Euphemia branch, Prince Alex{1} stepped in. Prince Alex was the younger brother of the Manasville Empire’s current emperor and had been the principal of the royal branch for many years now, being held in a rather high regard even amongst the other principals. Seeing that Alex had spoken, the other principals chose to remain silent.

The principal of the Olsyvia Academy was decided on a rotation basis, with each of the five branch principals getting an equal amount of time. There had once been an individual principal not affiliated with any branch but had been removed 10 years ago due to his inability to balance the relations between the branches. With the new system, the conflicts between the branches had alleviated quite a bit.

The opening ceremony took the most of two hours, with these principals speaking the entire time and most of the new students were left half asleep after coming to the ceremony with their hearts full of expectation. If it wasn’t for the fact that the beautiful student council presidents occasionally spoke up as well, there probably wouldn’t be many students that could have managed not to fall asleep.

Currently, the human empires were still at war with the demon forces in the north, the 8th Human-Demon war had yet to end. The war had begun due to the sudden disappearance of one of the four demon empire’s princesses, Princess Dolores, in the waters near the Alfred Continent and the destruction of a human fleet in the same area. The Demons insisted that this Dolores had been abducted by the humans and the humans insisted that the demons had sunk their fleet and the two sides had used these excuses to start a war.

The two sides were currently locked into a stalemate and in order to break the stalemate, the human forces desperately needed more talent. Using that topic, the principals talked a bit about how the students should study hard so that they could contribute to the human alliance.

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Hearing this, Bella found it a little awkward as she had been the one who had rescued Dolores, as well as the one who had sunk the human fleet with the help of Mia and Angel. She realized that she was probably the spark that had set off the 8th human-demon war.

However, Bella didn’t regret her decisions that day at all. If she was given another chance, she would have still chosen to save Dolores. Humans and Demons had always been enemies and even if Dolores hadn’t gone missing, the two races would have still found some other excuse to wage war.

After the completion of the opening ceremony, Bella left with Jenny and the others without any stopovers. This surprised the few student council presidents who had wished to speak to her as they hadn’t expected for Bella to leave so swiftly.

As for that forbidden text, Bella decided to secretly find Angelina another time as it wasn’t something that should be brought up when there were so many bystanders.


Early the next morning in the Filomina branch’s 1st school building, the classroom for the elite class. Bella sat in the seat of honour at the very front of the classroom and was currently flipping through her textbook with a bored look on her face. In front of her, a middle-aged teacher was currently writing on the magic blackboard using a magic pen, as for whatever was being taught, Bella didn’t have a clue.

The Olsyvia Academy was similar to the universities back on Earth, the courses that students needed to learn here were sorted into one of three branches: mandatory courses, elective courses, and specialty courses. There were three mandatory courses, human language, empire history, and empire math, similar to Earth’s language, history and politics, as well as math courses.

There was only one type of elective course, foreign languages which allowed students to select one of either elven, beastmen, dragon and other languages spoken. Naturally, most students chose to learn the elven tongue due to the high concentration of handsome and beautiful elves and many believed that if they learned the elven languages, they could find themselves a significant other of the elven race.

Comparatively, there were fewer students who had chosen to learn the languages of the beastmen races, it wasn’t because of the fact that this race lacked beauties but that they were constantly at war with the human race. Even if one were to learn the beastmen language, there was very little chance that they could actually use it to find themselves a beastmen girlfriend, the more practical uses of the language were for those who were deployed on the front where the two races clashed.

Those who chose to learn dragon tongue were the fewest in number as this was also the hardest of the non-human languages. Unless one was a dragon knight or attempting to become one, there was no one who would bring upon such suffering upon themselves. Bella had chosen dragon tongue as her foreign language simply because it was also the one that Lisha had picked.

The class that Bella was currently being taught was empire mathematics and it was every bit as boring as the math back on Earth. Due to Bella already having graduated from university back on Earth as well as the fact that the levels of math here wasn’t that different from back on Earth, she didn’t really lose anything by not paying attention, as she knew that she wouldn’t have any problems during tests.

As a transmigrator to this world, Bella naturally didn’t plan on attending class all the time. She was proficient in all of the mandatory courses and it would just be a waste of her time here to continue attending such classes, flirting with beauties was the true essence of school life and such a boring class was evidently unsuited for such a task.

The elite class was divided into 6 classrooms as all mandatory classes were split based on the student’s year. Apart from Ivy, Bella’s friends were either in the 2nd year class or in the neighbouring Euphemia branch, leaving behind a rather lonely Bella. Ivy was seated too far back from her seat of honour and made it impossible for the two of them to talk during class.

The students sat separately at their own desks and the student closest to her was Abbot who held the 2nd seat and sat behind her. Compared to Bella’s boredom, Abbot was much more relaxed as he was currently flipping through a hand-drawn collection of beauties with gusto. This was a collection of sketches depicting the Antoinette Academy’s beauties and was drawn by one of the Antoinette Academy’s students.

Bella glanced at the book and noticed that all of the sketches were of the moving moment when the beauties had just left the baths and only had a towel wrapped around their body for cover. She deduced that the artist was most likely a female, or else they wouldn’t have been able to capture such images.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had rather poor relations with Abbot, Bella really wanted to borrow one of these books. Apart from the one from the Antoinette Academy, there were also a few from other academies on his desk and the cover of one of them even had the images of a few suspiciously underage girls. Bella hadn’t expected for this guy to be an old driver, she was tempted to call the police after seeing his collection, as this old driver was ‘driving’ in public and didn’t take the newbies along with him!

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The teacher that was teaching the lesson chose to ignore Abbot’s actions. Even though this was a mandatory course but this world was one where might was held in higher regard and a subject like math wasn’t held in high regard. Specialized courses were the most important ones for these students and most of them really didn’t care about these ‘mandatory’ courses as they could simply hire someone else to write the tests for them and there would be nothing that the teachers could do about them. Such was the pain of having a lower peerage.

In her boredom, Bella pulled out a strange ring and began fiddling with it, the ring was a gift from the fake loli. After their research, Betia and Noesha had told Bella that this ring was something from another dimension and was something sinister, but they didn’t mention what exactly the ring did or where Charlotte had obtained it from.

Bella didn’t see anything special about this ring so she slipped the ring onto her right index finger without a second thought. As soon as she had put the ring onto her finger, the entire classroom went silent, apart from Bella everyone else had frozen in place as if time itself had stopped.

Seeing the frozen world around her, Bella’s brain was a little overloaded. Wasn’t this the time stopping tool from some certain videos back on Earth?!??!??! Where had that fake loli Charlotte obtained this, Bella quickly regretted not asking Charlotte for some more of these…

{1} Prince is used as a title of position here, generally the brothers of a current emperor.

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