Volume 2 Chapter 68: The Unexpected Rival in Love?!

The Olsyvia Academy’s eastern branch, the Euphemia Academy for royalty. Beside Lake Aldington, the royalty were currently enjoying their lunch. The Euphemia branch was more orderly and less chaotic when compared to the nobles’ Filomina branch. Due to the fact that noble families often clashed with each other over territory and other disputes, it was impossible for it to be all peaceful within the Filomina branch.

Due to the fact that the external threats of the beastmen and demons still existed, the possibility that the 5 human empires would war against each other was very little, at least for the time being. Because of this, the relationship between royalty was much more relaxed.

The Aldington Lake was one of the Olsyvia Academy’s 6 great lakes, just like Lake Virginia, across from which Bella’s dormitory was located. Lake Aldington was smaller in size than Lake Virginia, but its scenery wasn’t lacking at all, its elegance and class made the lakeside the favoured spot to enjoy meals and converse for many of the Euphemia branch’s students.

Beside Lake Aldington was a roofed pavilion built for the exclusive use of the Euphemia branch’s students. There were currently quite a few students already enjoying their lunch in the shade provided by the pavilion. Do the close proximity of the pavilion to the sword division’s training field, most of the students here were from the sword division.

Among the students here, the undisputed center of attention was the 1st princess of the Gabriel Empire, Mathilde Kriss. The silver-haired beauty with violet eyes picked the seat that was closest to the lake.

Even though the 10 schoolyard beauties weren’t given an exact numerical ranking, within the hearts of the male students, there were a clear top three: Kriss, Ese, and Angelina were a level ahead of the seven other girls ranked with them. Kriss was also the only one of the 10 beauties without an official position within the academy, meaning that she should theoretically be the easiest to approach. The other 9 were all student council presidents or something else that was equally hard to approach.

Silver-hair had always been viewed as ‘unholy’ by the Church of Light and Kriss’ violet irises bore strong similarities to the purple eyes possessed by various types of high-class demons. However, this wasn’t the Church’s St.Louis branch and their opinion of beauty wasn’t strong enough to spread to the surrounding branches.

Kriss was one of the most sought after girls within the academy, as one of the only two silver-haired beauties within the academy that weren’t lolis.

The other silver haired beauty was the Rose Society’s president, Nina, who due to her profession as a diviner and well as being proficient in seeing the future, there were a scarce number of males who dared to pursue her. As the most skilled diviner in the human alliance, Nina had the ability to detect the secrets that people’s current and past lives just by making eye-contact.

Due to her power, it wasn’t a very smart idea to have a relationship with Nina, as it would be near impossible to hide any secrets or thoughts from her. The male saviours especially shied away from Nina, as it was definitely a possibility that she would be able to discover their secret of being transmigrators. All in all, Kriss was definitely the best girl within the entire academy if one were interested in silver-haired beauties.

Kriss was currently wearing a silver swordsmen training outfit designed for her by Bella, much better looking than the clothes sold on the market. On the table in front of her were a few pieces of bread, her lunch for the day.

Kriss didn’t like being excessively luxurious and was completly uninterested in the complicated relationships between the various empires’ royalty. So, Kriss had removed all chairs from the table apart from the white one that she was currently sitting on, like this she was able to avoid people from pestering her by taking a seat at her table.

Kriss’ method was quite effective, avoiding quite a few males who had tried to approach her with ulterior motives.

At the table closest to Kriss’, a handsome male student had been staring at Kriss for quite a while now, Kriss had a slight impression of him. He was the youngest and most beloved son of the Aldrich Empire’s emperor, Brittany Adelaide, the younger brother of Kriss’ roommate Ariel.

Adelaide had been bad-natured since his youth, his favourite past time being pestering girls. Adelaide had a terrible impression amongst the commoners living in the Aldrich Empire’s capital. At the peak of his craziness, the young girls of the capital no longer dared to walk the streets alone, afraid of becoming this bad-natured prince’s next target.

If Adelaide was only a bad-natured prince, Kriss had no need to pay heed to his attention. However, in his eyes who stared at Kriss wasn’t only indecency but also a slight calmness that was hard to detect.

Based on the information that Ariel had given, Adelaide had once held barely any talent in magic, only knowing the beginner spell 《Fireball》. Last month, after taking a stroll outside during a thunderstorm Adelaide had been struck by lightning and had been in a coma for quite a while, only waking up about half a month ago.

After waking up, it was as if Adelaide had been switched with a different person, even though he still enjoyed flirting with girls, his methods were a lot more advanced and intricate, with quite a few girls having already fallen for him. As for his abilities, he had only need half a month to go from a worthless mage to a genius who was skilled in every single magical element.

Within the Aldrich Empire, due to Ariel keeping herself low-key, Adelaide had become renowned as the Empire’s genius mage, his reputation has improved greatly among the masses. Due to how cliche his story was and the fact that Kriss was an avid reader of transmigration web-novels during her time on Earth, Kriss had no positive feelings towards Adelaide at all. So, in response to Adelaide’s attention, Kriss didn’t even give him a single glance, after all, the person that she was waiting for was almost here.

From Adelaide’s perspective, he was unable to understand Princess Kriss’ actions. Based on his past experiences, this world’s females would always look at him out of curiosity when he stared at them for some time and then he would be able to find an excuse to start a conversation with them. Using this method, he had already successfully obtained a few princesses already, although none of them were from the 5 empires and instead from some of the smaller human kingdoms within the Coristel Continent.

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When Adelaide entered the Olsyvia Academy, he had set his eyes on Princess Kriss, who he had marked for high amounts of attention. This peerless beauty with silver-hair was quite to his tastes and if he could get his hands on her, it would be enough to brag for an entire school year.

For the past few days, Adelaide had been trying to find a time to spend time alone with Kriss, but hadn’t had the chance due to Kriss always being in the company of his ‘ugly’ sister Ariel and the ‘disfigured’ princess of the Kristoff Empire, Noreya. As he didn’t want to be scared by the rumoured hideous looks of those two, Adelaide had chosen to refrain from approaching Kriss when she was in the company of those two.

Adelaide was another one of those unfortunate enough to have believed those rumours, he didn’t know that Ariel and Noreya, in terms of appearance, didn’t lose at all to the princess who he was currently pursuing. Only after all of them had been obtained by a certain someone and they then revealed their beauty did Adelaide realize the mistakes of his ways.

Due to fact that Kriss never even looked at him, there was no excuse for Adelaide to go and start a conversation with her. There were too many eyes around and Adelaide didn’t want to ruin the impression that he had worked so hard to improve over the past half month by pestering Kriss.

Kriss paid no attention to the brazen gaze of Adelaide, her violet eyes never left the pavilion’s window. ‘Director, this girl isn’t following the script!’ Adelaide was a little depressed that Kriss wasn’t reacting as he expected.

At this time, several female students entered the pavilion, led by a golden-haired beauty clad in a night’s light plate and followed by two other students and a loli maidservant. From their school crests that were required to be placed somewhere visible, the students in the pavilion could tell that these girls were all students of the Filomina branch for nobility.

The two beauties who followed behind the knight both were of the black-haired type, one wearing the attire of a swordswoman coloured in black and the other was dressed as a blacksmith that had the special hammer insignia of someone that had crafted god-tier equipment.

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“The Rose Society’s knight Bellina and smith Marlie and the Filomina branch elite class’s Ivy, why are they here?”

“Wasn’t Bellina rumoured to be hideous and masculine, I read about her on the gossip magazine… none of these girls can be considered ugly at all?!”

“Brother, your gossip magazine is from last week? Have you not read the newest edition yet? The News & Information Society member who reported that Bellina was an ugly pig had been dragged to the washroom by some members of the Rich & Wealthy Association and Aesthetics Research Club and beaten within an inch of his life, he’s still recuperating in the MIR..”

After seeing Bella, Kriss rose out of her seat and walked towards the girls. The cold expression on her face immediately replaced with a smile of happiness. All of the royalty from the Euphemia branch who saw this smile were petrified, in the few days that they had been classmates, that had yet to see any major change in Kriss’ expression, so this smile had come too suddenly.

“You’re here, Bella, why aren’t you with Lisha? Even in our branch, we’ve heard the news that you defeated the knight division’s instructor, the dragon knight Congreve, in a duel all because he kicked Lisha out of class.”

“Something happened with the base for the dragon knights’ mounts. Due to Lisha’s cultivation of dragon knight, she was one of those sent to investigate. My stalker Natasha went as well, it’s been a while since I’ve been so free, so it’s natural that I’d come and find you.”

“You haven’t eaten lunch yet right, I’ll take you to the cafeteria!”

“Er, I’ve already eaten…”

“Just a few pieces of flavourless bread? Kriss, you should be kinder to yourself, follow me!”

After she finished speaking, Bella grabbed Kriss’ hand and walked out of the pavilion in a rather intimate fashion, hand in hand. The onlooking Adelaide could only sit and watch as Bella walked away with the girl that he was working so hard to pursue, Kriss’ attention was completely focused on Bella and didn’t even spare Adelaide a simple glance. When the two girls passed Adelaide, Bella purposefully pulled Kriss closer to her, as if declaring her ownership.

“Duchess Bellina, I’m from the News & Information Society…”

“Ask whatever question you have, but I’m only answering one, I’m in a rush!”

“Er, can we know your relationship with Princess Kriss?”

“Do you even need to ask, she’s my girlfriend! Could you not tell?”

“Girlfriend as in friends who are girls, or…”

“The word meaning of girlfriend, think about it yourself! Now, if you’ll excuse us.”

Bella seemed to hear the sound of a bunch of shattered hearts coming from the onlookers, through the Olsyvia Academy’s gossip magazine, quite a few of the students had heard of Bellina’s feat of brazenly kissing Ivy in the middle of the Filomina branch with quite the numerous amount of onlookers.

Bellina’s definition of girlfriend definitely wasn’t as simple as friends of the same gender. This world had yet to discover the magic of Yuri and they couldn’t do anything about Bella’s peculiar interests. They also had no reason to stop her after seeing the happiness on Kriss’ face.

Adelaide was probably the most depressed, as he believed that he was the first one to pursue Kriss, so why had this happened! Even if you beat him to death, Adelaide refused to believe that the girl he was pursuing was a practitioner of the yuri arts. ‘That Duchess Bellina is definitely just making it up! This world should be quite traditional in its views’.

“Bella, aren’t you holding me just a little tightly, are you worried about something?”

“If I came any later, you would have been stolen by a certain someone. It’s fortunate that I got here on time, from now on Kriss, don’t go to that pavilion alone. When our Rose Society reclaim our territory, we’ll find a place just for us! For now, you should eat lunch with us in the Rose Society’s headquarters.”

‘You’re jealous, Bella, the expression on your face right now is that of a boy whose girlfriend just cheated on him. Relax Bella, one day you’ll find your prince on a white…”

“Kriss, you’re my girlfriend. It’s impossible for us to find boyfriends!”

“But we’re both…”

“I don’t care, Kriss, is it that you don’t like spending time with me?”

“No, I like being around you…”

“That’s right, there’s no need to think too much. When you see that Adelaide or Scout in the future, stay as far away from them as possible. They don’t seem like good people to me.”

The girls hadn’t walked far from the pavilion when Angel came up and quietly pulled on Bella’s sleeve.

“What is it, little Angel?”

“Bella-nee, there are three people following us, my little friends discovered them. One of them is the archer nee-san, in that bush closest to us. The other two are both males, here, I’ll share with you what my little friends can see, Bella-nee.”

After wrapping her own free hand around Angel’s petite hand, Bella was able to view their surroundings from the perspectives of the nearby spirits. Through them, she was able to see and identify the ‘archer nee-san’ that was hiding in a bush not far behind them.

To her surprise, Bella discovered that it was someone whom she had seen just recently, the student council president of the commoners’ Francis Academy, Britney. Britney was an archer and her trailing skills were definitely a little lacking when compared to other classes like assassins, it was only a matter of time before Bella discovered her even without the help of Angel.

As for the two males, they were Scout and Adelaide. It was kind of funny actually, a knight and a mage trying to stalk them, did they think that Bella and the others were blind?!

Britney was following probably because she had something that he wanted to request of Bella, so Bella didn’t really need to be careful about her. As for the goals of Scout and Adelaide, they definitely required Bella to be cautious, while she didn’t know why Scout was here but Adelaide was definitely coming for Kriss.


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