Volume 3 Chapter 115: Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Expedition Group Sets Out Again

Olsylvia Academy’s Six Major Academy Lakes, Vignia Lake lakeside, Duke Bellina’s exclusive “Pure White Heaven”, inside the room above Bella’s number one dormitory room.

This room was built in the middle of the entire dormitory building, and the layout resembled a restaurant built for foreign guests. Although it was only three o’clock in the afternoon and there was still sunshine outside, the room had been lit up with little red candles that were usually reserved for candlelight dinners and the dim candlelight brought a bit ambiguity to the room’s atmosphere.

“Please come in. Princess Isaman, welcome to my humble house!”

“Duke Bella, you’re too polite. If you call your dormitory a humble house, then most of the dorms in the entirety of Olsylvia Academy aren’t even qualified for occupancy.”

Bella’s seat was at the edge of the plain white dining table set in the center of the room. The table was already full of delicious dishes; a variety of precious ingredients were everywhere, some of which were things that even money couldn’t necessarily buy.

In addition to Bella, several of Bella’s lolita maids were also present. The two demon and evil gods, Angel and Mia, as well as Noesha and Betty, these two bringers of chaos, were all dressed in exquisite maid clothes with smiles on their faces. They just felt that it was fun to play this way and didn’t truly want to be maids.

On the balcony not far away, Lolita was dressed in a black, gothic lolita outfit. She didn’t know what to do with the glasses, and in order not to bring trouble to the dining table, Bella hadn’t asked her to play the role of a maid. Instead, Lolita was given the status of ‘banquet bodyguard’, and she looked the part with a thin sword hanging from her waist.

President Isaman had some opinions about Bella, but still respected Bella’s offer and had changed into a blue dress in order to attend the event. The dress was clearly an evening gown that would be worn at a grand banquet and was paired with a beautiful heart-shaped sapphire necklace.

“Duke Bella, can your gaze be a little more respectful of the occasion? Are you looking at the necklace or something else…”

Isaman’s dress was an evening gown. She could originally have chosen to dress in any old dress and still matched the occasion, but given Bella’s bad taste, plus the fact that she had to thank Bella for something, she had dressed up in this more formal evening wear instead. Unexpectedly, Bella’s gaze had been fixed on her chest ever since she was seated.

“Fortunately, there isn’t anyone’s name… President Isaman, you’ve misunderstood. The shape of your necklace is too unique. It looks like something only girls with lovers would wear, so I just wanted to see if your boyfriend’s name is engraved on it!”

“Bella, your focus has always been different from others. I don’t have a boyfriend. How about you introduce one to me? Since you’re so interested in the topic.”

“Alright. Isn’t there a ready-made one here? There’s no need to search, it’s right in front of you. I’ll help you engrave my name onto the necklace for you!”

“You…. stop joking around. Let’s talk about proper matters!”

In terms of shame, Isaman really wasn’t Bella’s opponent. In order not to fall into Bella’s ploy with this unintentional topic, President Isaman chose to get the topic back on track. Girl, there were more important matters on hand than looking for a boyfriend! Really.

After Bella won the bet, President Isaman would become her person, and there was no rush for the moment. With this in mind, Bella sat back gracefully and poured a glass of wine for Isaman.

President Isaman picked up the high-stemmed wine glass, her pair of beautiful blue eyes gazing into the glass of blood-red wine for a long time before touching her glass to Bella’s and taking a sip.

This female rogue really wasn’t simple. She knew when to bend and when to stretch. It was no wonder that so many girls had been ‘corrupted’ by her. Isaman had thought that Bella would persist in her boyfriend problems, but unexpectedly, Bella knew when to stop. Although she was a little unwilling, Isaman had to admit that Bella was much more scheming than many of the old foxes she’d met before.

Bella saw that Isaman didn’t even blink as she drank down a large glass of ‘Demon’s Feast’ and whispered internally that this Isaman seemed to be a master when it came to wine. Sylvia and Natasha had drunk the same glass of Demon’s Feast, but their eyes had turned a little confused while this student president’s expression had never changed at all.

Fortunately, she didn’t intend to do the same thing she had done to the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief Natasha as President Isaman probably wouldn’t get intoxicated. Demon’s Feast wasn’t a cheap wine, and it pained her to have to use more of it.

“Bella, I already know about what happened in the Alcott Valley yesterday. Thank you for saving my little sister, Pamela. However, I just don’t understand when the demons started to have such powerful skeleton soldiers. Over ten thousand troops from Manasvir Empire only managed to kill two thousand skeleton soldiers before getting annihilated.”

“Also, the Rock Puppets of Alcott Valley have disappeared, and there are obvious signs of explosions near Simon Quarry. It’s so strange. I asked President Ivy, who came back with you, but she said she didn’t know much about the situation. Do you know anything about it?!”

Bella nearly sprayed out the wine in her mouth, but she managed to hold back. She cursed the officials from Manasvir Empire who were in charge of this matter in her heart. Those idiots couldn’t even act and had been too reluctant to even send a few more people to Simon Quarry to help cover for her.

Also, were they incapable of faking their military exploits?! She had left behind the bones of a thousand skeleton soldiers, and they actually went and reported it honestly to their superiors. Couldn’t they have broken them to bits before sending it up? If she’d known it would be like this, Bella would’ve taken care of it herself.

Ivy certainly wouldn’t have said anything. Bella had been the one to bring her back, tossing her straight onto the bed in the secret room and spending an entire night with her. Right now, President Ivy had already ‘fallen’, and out of the Five Major Campuses of Olsylvia Academy, other than President Isaman and President Lucia, the other three Student Union Presidents had already fallen under Bella’s ‘control’.

“Isaman, I also won’t know even if you ask me like that! You can go ask your sister!”

“There’s no need for that. It’s great as long as Pamela’s fine. The secret of her being a princess can’t be made public for the time being. But, did you really not do anything bad to her? How come she’s been clamoring to move into your dormitory ever since she returned? She not even willing to stay in the barracks.”

“I really haven’t. I didn’t do anything bad to Pamela… President Isaman, the reason you’ve made so much effort to come and see me can’t be because of these kinds of wretched things, right?”

Bella and Isaman’s interview took a whole afternoon to finish, and what they talked about between them was unknown at the moment. However, it didn’t appear to be a difficult transaction. President Isaman’s mood never fluctuated, and it seemed that everything was within her control.

“Well? What do you guys think of this big sister?”

After the party, Bella watched as Isaman departed, then asked the lolita maids around her for their opinions. When Isaman had left, she had deliberately wrapped herself in the conservative Olsylvia Academy school uniform – she probably hadn’t wanted anyone other than Bella to see how she looked in an evening gown.

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Sooner or later, the sapphire on her chest would be engraved with Bella’s name. Bella put away her regret and began to think about how to obtain Isaman more quickly. President Ivy and the others would be moving in the day after tomorrow. Isaman was as a President of the school union and giving her the ‘privilege’ of roaming around outside wasn’t very good.

“Elder sis, President Isaman isn’t a good person! None of my little friends dared to come near her while she was making her way here.”

“Sister, I feel that way too. I added a bit of evil magic to the Demon’s Feast. If she had been a pure priest, she wouldn’t have been able to drink it without having a reaction.”

Angel and Mia didn’t hesitate to take the lead in expressing their opinions, though their intentions weren’t to scold President Isaman. For them, as demon and evil gods, praising someone as being good was the true way of insulting someone. Bella knew this and didn’t think too much of it.

“Lady Sister, I just feel like you have more and more little partners around you. I don’t know about anything else. Can you lend me that little mage sister to play around with?! I also want to get close to sister Sylvia.”

“Noesha, your bad habits are resurfacing. I’ve already sent Sylvia back to her dorm room since she’s already on our side. I’ll call her over when I have time!”

Bella interrupted Noesha’s proposal. The lolita’s eyes were filled with evil intent. Sylvia had drilled into her arms at the sight of her, and Bella really wanted to know what this girl had done to her.

“I don’t have any opinions. In any case, I haven’t seen any real female opponents aside from Sister Bella. By the way, the Six Colored Flower that you sent over, the Kiwi Fruit, and the hearts of the Rock Puppets are all with Sister Sharon.”

Currently, Betty was only interested in refining strange drugs, so her answer to Bella’s question still leaned towards that topic.

After Alcott Valley had been attacked by the demons, the price of the Six Colored Flower, Kiwi Fruit, and Rock Puppet Hearts had risen in an instant. As a result of the incident, the Manasvir Empire had sent heavy troops to blockade the entire Alcott Valley and the Six Colored Flower and Kiwi Fruit could only be collected from other places for the moment.

The price of Rock Puppets’ demon cores had gone up even further, and profiteers had been speculating with the price, pushing it up to 20 gold coins apiece. Even then, it was still rising – this item was really valuable now.

Bella glanced at Lolita on the balcony. She had no objection to Bella’s question, and seeing that she hadn’t refused, Bella didn’t continue to ask, either.

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Lolita would only express her opinion if she disagreed with Bella. At all other times, whatever Bella said was law. Lolita knew much more about Isaman’s real identity than Bella did.

The Northern Campus of Olsylvia Academy, Filomena Nobility Academy’s living area.

It was now around 9 PM, and there were still many students hanging out around the campus. For these aristocratic students, their nightlife had just begun.

Bella, dressed in black armor, walked inside the brightly lit campus, followed by two adventure companions, the assassin Noreya and puppet master Elaine, as well as their new little sister, Lisha.

According to <Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Unbelievable Tales>, one of the nine forbidden spiritual sites was in Filomena Nobility Academy – the McPherson Monastery. The entirety of Olsylvia Academy could be split into the Nine Academy Midnight Forbidden Grounds, and the majority of them were concentrated in the Francis Academy and Olivia Wizard Academy.

Each of the three remaining colleges had only one of the grounds. In a school like the Filomena Nobility Academy which specialized in teaching the nobility, the church’s blessings were relatively still in place and large-scale spiritual sites generally wouldn’t appear there.

“Elaine, Noreya, are you unhappy? Why aren’t you talking? Didn’t Kriss tell you guys last night that I had things to attend to outside and wouldn’t return to the dorm for the time being?”

“Bella, I found something interesting in my book last night. I wanted to talk to you about it, but who could’ve known that you would stay out all night?”

“I really had something to deal with. This Rock Puppet Heart is for you. Noreya, Little Sis Lisha, I’ll give you your gifts tomorrow!”

Bella refused to admit that she had spent a night hanging out with President Ivy in the room next to her own last night. That cold and distant beautiful teenage assassin had been the most determined out of all the beautiful girls Bella had slept with to date. Bella had been busy all night and had finally used a cute puppet toy as bait before successfully tempting Puppet Ivy to fall for her completely.

In order to appease her roommates, Bella had to use her usual trick of flattering beautiful woman. Sure enough, under the attack of Bella’s ‘sugar-coated bullets’, Noreya, Elaine, and Lisha all stopped complaining.

“I’ll let you off this time, Bella. What did my sister Isaman talk to you about this afternoon? It was so secretive and the maids around you also said that they don’t know.”

“Nothing really. We just discussed what happened at Alcott Valley yesterday.”

“Oh. Nevermind then. But remember our agreement – I want to know what she’s doing behind the scenes.”

Elaine originally wanted to ask more, but when she was faced with the Rock Puppet’s Heart, she temporarily let Bella off. The heart she’d been given was the one that had been plucked out from the giant Rock Puppet that stood fifteen meters high and was a real treasure. The difficulty of producing Rock Puppets was related to this thing.

Isaman did mention Elaine during their afternoon chat. But her request was similar to Elaine’s, and she had asked Bella to help her keep an eye on Elaine to see if this sister was secretly hiding any unspeakable secrets.

Bella didn’t know how she would deal with these two sisters’ mutual investigation requests and had simply accepted both of them. Isaman had paid her a lot of money and even promised Bella that she would fulfill a wish of hers if anything important happened. Other than agreeing to become a maid, she would do it as long as it was reasonable.

These two sisters were playing with fire, especially Isaman. Did she think that Bella wouldn’t be able to ‘deal with her’ if she wasn’t a maid?! That was too naive. If she wasn’t a maid, couldn’t she be a girlfriend?

Based on its name, McPherson Monastery should have been built at St. Louis Church College. However, the monastery was actually built at Filomena Nobility Academy. Bella and the others looked around the campus for a while before finding the monastery, which had been built in a very prime location.

Unlike Scripps Cemetery, which was also one of the nine forbidden sites, it was located at the heart of the lively campus and was surrounded by students. At the very least, it was nothing like the ghostly, terrifying Scripps Cemetery.

Lisha, who had always been afraid of all sorts of spiritual things, was willing to take part in the midnight expedition in large part because the area wasn’t as scary. At least, it appeared that way from the outside.

McPherson Monastery covered a large area, and the outside was encircled by a three-meter high wall that ensured that outsiders couldn’t see in. The entrance was barred by an iron gate that was made out of a single piece of iron. It was different from the hollow door of Scripps Cemetery and didn’t allow people to see what the situation was like inside.

“Bella, what are you guys doing here? That door can’t be opened!”

Just as Bella’s hand reached the lock on the iron door, a beautiful girl who looked a little familiar came up to stop her. It was unknown where she’d come from, and it felt like she had flashed out of thin air.

“You are… may I ask where we’ve met before? How come you know my nickname?!”

“President Angelia talks about you too many times a day. I have no choice but to remember your nickname. In that case, I’ll introduce myself – I’m Cynthia, Angelia’s secretary.”

“Also, this door can’t be opened at random. Otherwise, it will make quite a bit of trouble for Angelia and I. As for the reason, don’t ask.”

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