Volume 3 Chapter 148:The Special Gift From Ocean Demon King Victoria

Dulles Isle, in the eastern part of New Moon Island – Copperfield Island, was the gathering place of the Siren Race, the residence of Siren King McMillan, and had the Ocean Demon King Victoria’s room in the deepest part of the Tower of Sirens.

In the Ocean Demon King’s room, Bella saw various trophies, various divine artifacts hung all over the walls. There were both the divine artifacts of the God Race from back then and the relics of heroes of the Human Race like Thor’s Hammer and Ares’ Sword. Bella even saw several Holy Weapons of unknown whereabouts that were recorded in the books of Radiant Church.

The books of Radiant Church only mentioned that their whereabouts were unknown. Unexpectedly and fortunately, they were all here. The Vatican was probably too embarrassed to bring up this humiliating past, so it wasn’t recorded in the books. These trophies should only be part of Victoria’s collection.

“What are you looking at? Bella, do these artifacts look superior to me?”

Victoria looked at Bella dejectedly. Why was this Siren so different from the other Sirens? They were unable to take their eyes off of her, and the adoration and awe in their eyes made her a little sick. Although Bella had armor on and Victoria couldn’t see her clearly through her armor, she could tell that Bella’s attention wasn’t on her but on the trophies.

After seeing Bella admiring the trophies, Ocean Demon King Victoria at a loss for words. How dare she ignore the Ocean Demon Race. If it weren’t for the fact that she was a girl, Victoria would already have killed her.

“It’s… nothing. Honorable Ocean Demon King, I’m just curious about these trophies. For example, Poseidon’s Scepter. How did you get it?”

On the wall that was covered in collectibles, Bella discovered the secondary target of her infiltration, that is, Poseidon’s Scepter, which was also known as Poseidon’s Trident. The trident that was made out of gold was lying quietly on the display stand. Bella remembered that this divine artifact had been taken away by the Dryad Chief’s son.

Didn’t the guide transfer it to Siren King McMillan According to Ogre Nelson, the Siren King had traded the female captives for the Dryad who had taken away Poseidon’s Scepter. How did the scepter end up in Ocean Demon King Victoria’s hands?

This fact also made Bella a little depressed. How would she steal it now? It was already far more difficult to steal the loot from right under the Ocean Demon King’s eyes than the Siren King.

“This was given to me as a tribute by a Dryad. I don’t like the Human Race’s custom of giving gifts, so I threw the Dryad into the sea. By now, he should’ve been eaten by the fish. There are many Deep Sea Demonic Sharks in that area. What’s the matter, are you interested in Poseidon’s Scepter?”

“No… That belongs to you, Honorable Ocean Demon King. This subordinate wouldn’t dare.”

Bella quickly shook her head to imply that she didn’t have any idea about it. Ocean Demon King Victoria was capable of speaking such cruel words with an innocent expression on her face. Bella was worried that if she showed any interest, she would end up just like that Dryad guide and would be thrown into the sea as food for the Deep Sea Demonic Sharks.

That Dryad guide probably didn’t have any morals left. To be thrown into the sea by Ocean Demon King Victoria could be considered as fair punishment. Bella was thinking whether or not to wait for Noreya and her team to regroup with her. She wasn’t an assassin, and stealing was Bella’s weakness.

Right then, Bella made a new discovery in Ocean Demon King Victoria’s room, which almost made her smile with excitement. This object was far more valuable than Poseidon’s Scepter, at least for Bella.

In Ocean Demon King Victoria’s room was a beautiful girl from the Oceanic Race in captive. This beauty had long, wavy blonde hair and was naked. Her snow-white, alluring body was bound by a delicate chain made of gold. Bella was familiar with this method of binding.

The appearance of this beauty was similar to the description that Sea General Una had given. She must be Princess Tina of the Underwater City of Atlantis. Tina was currently in a kneeling posture with her hands behind her back, bound with a gold chain.

Princess Tina was wearing a gold collar around her neck, which had been welded shut, making a lock redundant. The collar was attached to a delicate gold chain, and the other end of the chain was fastened to the ceiling. The length was sufficient for her to move around the room but not long enough for her to leave.

“What is it? Do you like this pet? Bella, your interests are a bit strange. Why are you more excited to see her than those artifacts?”

Ocean Demon King Victoria sat on a small stool, holding the gold chain. With a pull, Princess Tina came up to her, an expression of fear appeared on her face. She could still walk around the room since her feet weren’t tied together.

Bella thoroughly sized up Princess Tina. Two streaks of tears were clearly visible on her beautiful, innocent face. She had been gagged with a strange red ball in her mouth and couldn’t speak, or else she would already be crying. There was fear in those gorgeous blue eyes as she looked at Bella and Victoria.

“Is this a pet, Honorable Ocean Demon King?”

Bella secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and pretended not to care, but her gaze had long wandered about Princess Tina’s body. Princess Tina didn’t understand Demon King language. She could only stare at the two demons and tremble in fear at the thought of being tortured by them.

“Yes, I think she’s the princess of the Underwater City of Atlantis. Her name isn’t important. Anyways, she’s just a plaything. Why? If you like her, I can give her to you as long as you satisfy me later.”

“Really? Um, Honorable Ocean Demon King, you’re… “

Bella stopped Victoria in time. The Ocean Demon King’s slender hand had already grabbed Princess Tina’s neck. If Bella had not stopped her in time, she would have strangled Tina to death.

“Don’t you want her? I’ll kill her and give her to you. That’s strange. Don’t you Sirens like to play with the corpses of your prey! Did I… do something wrong?”

“N-no. Can I kill her myself? I would like to… slowly enjoy it.”

“Then find a place to put her away first.”

Only then did Bella realize that the Sirens were into mutilating corpses. After carrying Princess Tina, she carefully examined her body at once. Princess Tina didn’t have any scars on her. She was just a little tired. During the two days that she had been imprisoned, Victoria only force-fed her water and didn’t give her any food.

Princess Tina had not been “entered” either. That was most likely because Ocean Demon King Victoria was also a girl. If she had been replaced with a male Demon King, Tina would have been violated by all sorts of objects.

At first, Princess Tina’s feet were very disobedient and sought to kick Bella away. From her impression, the Sirens were an ugly race with menacing looks. She would rather die here than be brought back for torture by this Siren. Although the Ocean Demon King was terrifying, at least she wouldn’t torture her.

Bella didn’t have any choice either. She pulled the excess gold chain on Princess Tina’s body and used it tie her feet together. After looping it several times around her feet, Tina completely lost her mobility.

“Behave. Honorable Ocean Demon King has already handed you over to me. You belong to me now. If you don’t want to be spanked, behave.”

Princess Tina revealed a shocked expression. Bella stuck close to her earlobe as she whispered in the language of the Oceanic Race. Sirens couldn’t speak their language, and Bella’s ability to do so proved that she wasn’t a Siren but an impostor.

Ocean Demon King Victoria had already moved to the inner room. She didn’t care about how Bella treated Princess Tina.

While Princess Tina was still in a daze, Bella took out the black cloth she often carried with her and covered her eyes. By the time Princess Tina reacted, Bella had already tied her to a chair with the black fabric. Princess Tina, who couldn’t move, could only wait here.

“Honorable Ocean Demon King, you’re…”

“Don’t call me Honorable Ocean Demon King. Belle, I allow you to call me by my name, Victoria. You should feel honored. Only other Demon Kings are allowed to call me by my first name.”

“Mmm… Victoria, you’re…”

“Belle, help me massage my shoulders. I’m tired.”

In the attached bathroom in Ocean Demon King Victoria’s room, Bella saw that Victoria had already shed her heavy Demon King armor. She lied down on the edge of the bath, facing her fair, smooth back to Bella.

Bella didn’t refuse her, either. What hadn’t she seen? She would be a fool if she didn’t take advantage of the Twelve Demon King. Since Victoria had taken the initiative to deliver herself to her door, she would enjoy it first. They were both Demon Kings. When the time came, any misunderstanding could be settled through negotiation.

Bella carefully kneaded Victoria’s shoulder with both of her hands. The body of the Ocean Demon King wasn’t much different from a human girl, except for the fact that her body temperature was significantly low compared to the humans. Bella felt as if she were touching a block of ice.

After massaging her for a while, Bella found that Ocean Demon King Victoria was more sensitive than most of the beautiful girls she had ever touched, and the feel of her skin was amazing. Besides, Victoria was very bold and unpretentious. When she felt comfortable with the massage, she didn’t care that Bella was there and even showed all sorts of provocative behaviors that tempted Bella to “educate” her in the bath.

“Belle, you really know how to… massage. This first time tells me you have a lot of experience. That’s right, do you know the Demon King language because you used to serve as masseurs for the other Demon Kings? ”

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“Victoria, you are so… smart.”

Bella was much more at ease now. Before, she was afraid that Ocean Demon King Victoria would see through her identity as a Dragon Knight. After that, the war would be inevitable. While Ocean Demon King Victoria enjoyed the massage and was in a relaxed state of mind, Bella began to speak her motive.

Through this exchange, Bella obtained a lot of crucial information. Ocean Demon King Victoria had only recovered a quarter of her strength at the moment and hadn’t been in contact with the other Twelve Demon Kings for a long time. In the invasion war back then, she was the Demon King responsible for reinforcements and transfer of soldiers.

This time she rushed here because she had received a tip from Siren King McMillan, saying that New Moon Island had traces of other Demon King’s troops, so she came to confirm it. At present, she was still observing the situation on the other side of New Moon Island. The Demon King’s troops didn’t seem to be the work of the Twelve Demon Kings, and she was a little unclear about the situation.

Knowing that Ocean Demon King Victoria had only recovered a quarter of her strength, Bella was somewhat tempted to “seek death.” She almost wanted to use the hands kneading Victoria’s shoulder to overwhelm her. Fortunately, Bella calmed down in time. Demon Kings weren’t a joke. It was much harder to capture her alive than to kill her.

“I’m really sleepy. Belle, carry me to bed, I want to take a nap. After that, you can do whatever you like!”

“Yes, Victoria.”

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In her head, Bella had already thrown Ocean Demon King Victoria on the bed and done all sorts of naughty things. Was she really the Ocean Demon King? How could she not be a Succubus King? Her provocative behavior had even made her, a girl, so “thirsty” she almost went out of control.

The oceans were vast, but why didn’t Ocean Demon King Victoria’s behavior resemble the purity of the sea at all? Bella forced back the impulses in her heart and picked up Victoria who had already fallen asleep. She carried the Ocean Demon King to the bedroom and placed her in bed without wiping her body clean.

Victoria’s height was similar to Bella’s, but her figure was more erotic. Although they were of the same height, she was born a true siren, and her figure was more exciting than girls of other races. This seemed to be common knowledge throughout the world.

Bella was afraid that she couldn’t control her impulses if she cleaned her body and had to deal with putting her in bed. Before leaving, Bella looked carefully at Victoria’s milky-white and seductive body again. Since she couldn’t have it now, she would keep it in her head.

Bella initially wanted to kiss Victoria’s inviting lips but was afraid she would wake her up. She took out a blue stone ring that she had on her and stuffed it into Victoria’s right hand. She wasn’t sure if she could take on this seductive Ocean Demon King, so she decided to leave a ring to commemorate their encounter.

Bella left the room and untied Princess Tina from the stool, putting her down. Then, Bella used Darkness energy to detach the gold chain, that held Princess Tina, from the ceiling.

Amid the darkness, Princess Tina was at a complete loss and could only allow Bella to stuff her inside a breathable sack and take her away. Incidentally, Bella also took Poseidon’s Scepter with her, but she didn’t touch any of the other artifacts. This time, Bella didn’t have any greedy thoughts, which was rather rare.

On Dulles Isle, several warehouses mysteriously caught fire. The Sirens and slaves on the isle were busy putting out the fire. They were not aware of the fact that some people on the isle had taken advantage of the chaos to leave. Bella handed Princess Tina over to the mutant Slime soldiers and fled after regrouping with Lisha and the others.

Princess Tina allowed the mutant Slime soldiers to take her to one of the outlying islands from another area. Lisha and the others didn’t know about this. Bella took this opportunity to take a beautiful foreign princess away with her. It was better for Princess Tina to forget about leaving and stay under Bella’s “care” for the time being.

“Belle, you really can hold back. If we are destined, let us meet again!”

Ocean Demon King Victoria got up from the bed. She was pretending to be asleep earlier. Like Bella, she was also a master at acting. The moment they met, she found that Bella had the scent of dragons on her body. Bella definitely slept with at least three dragons here on New Moon Island. Victoria was familiar with the breath of dragons from the start.

However, Ocean Demon King Victoria didn’t think that Bella’s identity was a Demon King. She only took Bella as a fallen Dragon Knight. There was a chance that a fallen Dragon Knight might cooperate with a Demon King. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have given Princess Tina to Bella.

Bella’s body had the scent of New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea. On Dorothea’s account, Victoria temporarily regarded Bella as friendly forces. As for Bella’s purpose of sneaking into Dulles Isle, she didn’t have the time to investigate for the time being. She was fine as long as Bella didn’t destroy her port.

Victoria spread out her right hand and looked at the bluestone ring Bella had given her. This was a little unexpected. She really didn’t understand what this depraved Dragon Knight was thinking. She was a girl herself. What could she do with a female captive?

“This ring… seems to represent the knight’s admiration for me… Belle, you really are interesting! You dare to give a Demon King this? Your courage is commendable…”

Victoria thought for a while, and after a moment’s hesitation, she wore the bluestone ring on the ring finger of her right hand. There weren’t any traps on the ring, so Victoria did as she pleased.

“Hmph, Belle, this is in recognition of your courage to confess to a Demon King. You can look, but you can’t have me. I’ll piss you off!”

For the first time in her life, Victoria spoke in such an arrogant tone. Immediately after, she restored her usual image of the Ocean Demon King. After putting on the Demon King’s armor, she came to the banquet hall of Siren King McMillan.

“Ocean Demon King, Dulles Isle is now…”

“You don’t have to say anything. I already know. You can handle it yourself. I’m going back. If the demons occupying the main island of New Moon Island do not come to attack you, you needn’t inform me. “

“Honorable Ocean Demon King, are those demons our allies?”

“Just treat them as neutral forces. I still have some things to discuss with the other Demon Kings.”

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