Volume 4 Chapter 167: Fleeing From Duke Brandon’s Grand Residence In Victory

The southern border region of Gabriel Empire, Nolan City, the former capital of Norlander Duchy, the city lord’s mansion built by former city lord, Duke Brandon.

White Wolf Princess Tania was attending a war mobilization meeting hosted by Wolf King Springhall. Tania and Wolf King Springhall were distant relatives. The Beastmen currently had a total of nine rulers. Apart from the Beastman Emperor, who was the supreme ruler, there were eight Beastman Kings below him, and their status was equivalent to the imperial princes of the Human Race.

Princess Tania’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her. Although her mother was also one of the Wolf King Springhall’s concubines, the Beastmen had always favored sons over daughters, so she wasn’t taken seriously by her father. On combat effectiveness, Tania was stronger than Harrington, the son of the Wolfman Lord, but her rank was much lower than his.

“Master Kenneth has something outside the city. This is our Wolfmen internal meeting. Hold on… I’ll announce a new plan for the next attack on Tanya Empire. Then… Tania, what’s going on? If you’re not going to pay attention, then get the hell out of here!”

Wolf King Springhall was still complaining about the cowardice on the battlefield and had no place to vent his anger. Unexpectedly, Princess Tania happened to be caught by him. In this meeting, she was the only one who suddenly covered herself and lowered her head over the table, as if she were laughing.

“Father… Wolf King Springhall, I’m… I’m a little ..”

“Get out. Don’t you understand Beastman language, Captain… Tania?”

Wolf King Springhall wasn’t very kind to his daughter, either. Without much thought, Tania was forced to leave. Naturally, Tania hadn’t reacted on purpose. As soon as she sat down, her stomach was hurting for no reason, and the pain was so bad that she couldn’t stand it.

Tania wanted to explain, but her stomach was hurting so much that she couldn’t even speak. She had no choice but to leave. When she left, Wolf King Springhall didn’t even spare her a glance.

“That’s weird. I didn’t eat anything today… except for the snacks from Bella. Could it be that…. there’s something wrong with the snacks she sent?”

Tania looked depressed. She really couldn’t understand why Bella would mess with the snacks she sent her. Right now, she only had a stomach-ache. It wasn’t life-threatening and didn’t look poisonous. It looked more like a prank.

Duke Brandon’s residence, Bella’s temporary lounge.

Bella pinned Dinah to the ground; her hands were pinning Dinah’s hands. Dinah was already injured. How could her strength overpower Bella, who had the power of a Demon King?!

Bella, relying on her strength, quickly held Dinah’s hands above her head. Then, Bella freed one of her hands and impolitely played with Dinah’s voluptuous breasts.

This was a Beastmen occupied area. Hence Dinah couldn’t cry for help. She was surrounded by Beastman soldiers and Dark Wizards and didn’t have any companions who could save her. After Bella’s assault on her breasts, Dinah’s purple eyes were filled with embarrassment and unwillingness. She looked at the dagger nearby and was so anxious that her tears were about to flow out.

“President Dinah, stay still! I’m examining your injuries. It’s not like I’m going to ra-… Anyways, you’d better behave, or I’ll make you call for help. What do you think of that?”

“You’re… you’re shameless. Let go of me, or I’ll… Wait, don’t… Stop it.”

Bella domineeringly pressed up on President Dinah and kissed her delicious lips, her hands continuing their work. Within a short time, she had confirmed Dinah’s sensitive spots after caressing her body.

Dinah’s purple eyes were glazed. Bella’s sweet tongue had already pried her lips open with great skill, hooking Dinah’s tongue with her own. Their tongues were now intertwined, the intensity no less than a french kiss.

Dinah was slightly stunned by the kiss. The pain on her body and her lips were similar, giving her a sort of pleasure. Bella took advantage of Dinah’s distraction to take out the puppet string from the storage ring. Just then, Dinah reacted, giving her all for her final struggle.

“Dinah, don’t move. I’m checking your injuries. You don’t need to be afraid of anything. What could I do to you?”

“You liar! I don’t believe a word uttered by a witch like you. I don’t have any injuries there. Why did you… I already said no, but you still kept touching… Stop.”

Dinah’s final struggle failed. Bella put her hands behind her and tied them together. Bella didn’t dare to overlook her feet either. She tied them up with the puppet string, looping several times before letting go.

“Well, Miss Dinah, do you want to save President Anya? If you want to, then put this in your mouth, and I will take you to meet President Anya. If you don’t want to, I’ll give you to Wolf King Springhall!”

“This little ball… Are you… the Grand Duchess Bellina? What’s going on? Aren’t you stationed in Sarnia Duchy? You’re here… Don’t tell me the rumors that have spread along the border are true!”

“Now isn’t the time to discuss that. Do you accept my suggestion?”

To prevent Dinah from committing suicide because she took things too hard, Bella put on a mask to hide her face on top of her witch clothing. When Dinah was sure that Bella was Duchess Bellina, her previous thoughts of biting her tongue had disappeared.

However, the little red ball in Bella’s hands was too…. Dinah knew what those balls were. When she passed the slave market, she had seen the slave women with this strange prop.

“Duchess Bellina, can’t you change the conditions? This little ball… I really can’t…”

“Sure, which one do you like? Choose one!”

Bella pretended not to understand Dinah’s words. Like a magician performing tricks, she took out several different types of ball gags. Dinah’s face flushed as she looked at Bella angrily. The Grand Duchess’s interests were too…. How could she be more of an expert than some Grand Dukes? She didn’t want to use it, not that she disliked the style of that particular ball.

“Dinah, if you don’t choose, I will help you. See, this style is more suitable for you! This kind can’t be taken off for a whole month once you put it on.”

“No… I… I choose the one from before.”

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Dinah was terrified that Bella would help her randomly make a choice. If Bella picked something worse, she would be miserable. As a last resort, she had to go along with Bella’s wicked games. She obediently opened her mouth and kept the first prop, the red ball gag, in her mouth.

After seeing Dinah succumb, Bella took her into the bathroom for a quick wash. In the bathroom, Bella concealed her ability and used her Demon King powers to help Dinah remove the scars on her body. Only when a Demon King was above level one could she get rid of the permanent scars left by Darkness energy.

Only then did Dinah realized that she had been tricked. The demon energy on Grand Duchess Bellina was too palpable. On top of that, she didn’t even care to hide the fact that she had Darkness energy in her body. Dinah’s regret now seemed a little too late. The small ball gag in her mouth prevented her from committing suicide.

Bella held President Dinah’s soft charming body in her arms victoriously and carefully cleaned her. Before long, all the scars on President Dinah’s body faded. Aside from expressing her dissatisfaction with her eyes, President Dinah didn’t know how else to deal with Bella.

“Dinah, don’t blame me. Who asked you to tempt me like this? I’m most susceptible to the temptation of girls. You naughty girl! You have to take responsibility! I will take you home and educate you well.”

Never mind the injustice in her heart. She wanted to defend herself very much by insisting that she was by no means a bad girl. She came out dressed like this to perform her mission. It was just a professional habit. However, Bella wouldn’t give her the chance to explain herself. Her eyes told her that Bella was set on having her.

After a long time, Bella changed back into her Black Robed Witch costume. Carrying a sack on her shoulder, she headed to the gates of the city lord’s mansion. The ventilated sack held Dinah, the current chief assassin of the Human Assassins’ Union, “Grey Reaper.”

At the moment, Dinah was still conscious, but her hands and feet were bound, and she couldn’t make a sound. Dinah was currently in an awkward position. She didn’t dare struggle, because if the Beastman soldiers found out, she would fall into their hands.

This was such a dilemma. Whether she stayed and was captured by the Beastmen or if she followed the demoness to her territory, both were terrible options. After a long silence, President Dinah chose Bella by default.

The bodies of the assassins hanging from the wooden frames she had seen on her way in made Dinah unwilling to fall into the hands of the Beastmen. Although Bella was a demon, she was a woman. She had wicked interests, but at least she was better than those ugly Beastmen.

As soon as Bella left, she regretted it. She came out without a suitcase and was carrying a beautiful girl. Her mobility was very much restrained. Fortunately, the Duke’s residence wasn’t large, and it was easy to find the location of the gates. However, it was a little troublesome for her to find a way to leave Nolan City after exiting the Duke’s residence quickly.

The Beastmen soldiers in the passage were curious about what this Black Robed Witch was doing carrying a sack, but no one dared to ask Bella the reason. Black Robed Witches had always been unchecked in the Beastman territory, so no ordinary Beastman would dare to ask about their actions or purpose.

“Um, Honorable Witch, do you know where White Wolf Princess Tania has gone?”

Just as she was about to exit the gates, Bella met an unusually seductive fox girl. Her silvery hair was especially striking, and her eyes were different colors, with one eye being sky blue, and the other was turquoise green. If it weren’t for the furry fox ears on her head, Bella almost thought she had met a Demon God or an Evil God since both usually had different colored pupils.

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“Ah, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m the Silver Fox Clan’s Lord’s daughter, Vanessa. I’m looking for Princess Tania because I have something urgent.”

Vanessa’s voice was extremely bewitching. Bella thought that she was the kind of beautiful girl who was unwittingly provocative. From her body, Bella could intuitively feel the alluring charm of those fox demons that appeared in the novels from her old world. In terms of body figure alone, Vanessa was much more attractive than the wild White Wolf Princess Tania.

Silver foxes were also known as white foxes and were a relatively rare race among the Beastmen. Vanessa was wearing a somewhat sheer organza dress. Her jade-like fair skin was visible. If they were in Human territory now, she would’ve been targeted by various slavers.

According to the Beastmen’s “wonderful” aesthetic tastes, Silver Fox Princess Vanessa was an ugly woman and one of the Beastmen’s Four Great Hags. In addition to White Wolf Princess Tania, the other two were also half Beastmen kemonomimi princesses. Bella would instead call them the Four Great Beauties. If Tania and Vanessa weren’t beautiful, then many beauties of the Human Race could only be regarded as ordinary.

“I know where Princess Tania is. She should be in… the restroom. By the way, Princess Vanessa, do you know where I can find a carriage? I want this… this body to be moved to the bone burial site outside the city for disposal.”

“Oh, that’s easy. My personal carriage is just outside the gates. Here’s the key to my carriage. Go ahead and use it!”

Silver Fox Princess Vanessa was slightly different from the fox demons written in novels. At the very least, Bella couldn’t see the cunning attribute of a fox demon in her. After handing Bella the key to her carriage, the Silver Fox Princess left happily.

Like White Wolf Tania, Silver Fox Princess Vanessa could speak the human language. These half Beastmen kemonomimis were fluent in the human language, so communicating with them was relatively more comfortable. If it weren’t for the lack of time, Bella would’ve liked to chat a little while longer with Vanessa. Perhaps she could obtain more valuable information then.

Before Bella left, she took out a mysterious smoke generator that was used to indicate the target. While no Beastmen soldiers were watching, she powered up the device and threw it somewhere in the garden of the Grand Duke’s residence.

In the Darkness Sacred Region in the rear of Sarnia Duchy, more than ten long-range attack weapons that had been positioned accurately captured the position of the colorless indicator smoke rising from somewhere within Nolan City. After the Demonic beasts in the air observed and measured the distance, they began to operate hundreds of giant catapults. Although they were planning on smashing the target with boulders, the hit probability of this attack couldn’t be guaranteed due to the distance.

Bella had initially intended to strike the Beastmen command center from a long distance, but couldn’t find the specific location of Wolf King Springhall, so she had to use a wide range of attacks to give Wolf King Springhall a tactical deterrent.

Outside the gates of Duke Brandon’s residence, Bella found Silver Fox Princess Vanessa’s carriage. The cute fox bust on the carriage was very conspicuous. Just one glance could tell her what the owner’s tastes were.

Almost at the same time, Vanessa was looking at White Wolf Princess Tania’s torn expression in the restroom of the Grand Duke’s residence. Tania was in a delicate situation. She had always been firm in front of Vanessa, her best friend. Now that she had been seen by her best friend when she was like this, she was somewhat embarrassed.

The restroom of the Grand Duke Brandon’s residence was built in a very hidden location. Unless someone intended to come here, they wouldn’t find their way here by wandering.

“Vanessa, how did you know… that I’m here?”

“Tania, it was some Black Robed Witch that… Why are you covering your tummy? Is it uncomfortable?”

‘Bella, you better remember this. How dare you tease me!’

Never mind how depressed Tania was feeling, but Bella had even deliberately tricked her into making a fool of herself in front of her best friend, Vanessa.

Just as it was about to get embarrassing, a loud boom drew their attention. A giant meteorite shower fell from the sky and pummeled Duke Brandon’s residence.

Before they could even understand what was going on, many of the Beastmen defenders in the Grand Duke’s residence were struck by the boulders on the spot. The restroom where Tania and Vanessa were at was lucky to have survived the attack due to its relatively remote location.

The other Beastmen were extremely unlucky. Kenneth and the other Dark Wizards were busy suppressing the undead rampage in the burial grounds outside Nolan City. They didn’t have the time to consider the situation in the city. On top of that, the only three Black Robed Witches in Nolan City were insurgents.

Because they didn’t have the protection of a magic defense barrier from the Dark Wizards, many of the Beastmen in the Grand Duke’s residence were killed. The location where Wolf King Springhall held the meeting was “lucky” to hit the jackpot. Several huge boulders hit the small lofts and were devoured by rising flames in an instant.

Bella carried Dinah in the sack and rode off in Silver Fox Princess Vanessa’s carriage. Along the way, there was chaos amongst the Beastmen soldiers and underground merchants of the Human Race. The huge boulders mainly fell on the former city lord, Duke Brandon’s residence, and didn’t affect the slave market in the central area of Nolan City.

Bella looked through the curtains in the back of the carriage and watched from a distance as Duke Brandon’s residence received a rain of justice. She hoped that Duke Brandon wouldn’t find out later that she had destroyed his residence.

Bella had robbed Duke Brandon of his treasure and took away his daughter. Now, she even destroyed the city lord’s mansion. Such insane behavior was rare among the nobles of the various Human Empires.

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