Volume 5 Chapter 283: The Hundred-Year Sin Buried In The Mansion Of The Earl Of Kurus City

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In the central area of the Aldridge Empire, inside the urban area of the Kurus City. Most of the abyss demonic beings had retreated outside the city to meet the Mechanical Race abyss demonic beings. The remaining citizens in the city had retreated to the back door under the guidance of one of the saviors, God Chosen Holy Sword, Akmans.

Inside Kurus City, some of the Abyss Crypt Insects still continued to attack the living people in the city.  What made Bella not know if she should cry or laugh was that Scott and the other two male saviors, who received her support relief supplies, quickly used the Transportation Scroll made by Magic Knight Lisha and ran away with their little brothers.

Scott used the teleportation array and escaped to the relatively safe Garcia City. They couldn’t even help the refugees of Kurus City withstand the abyss demonic beings for a bit and left. God Chosen Holy Sword Akmans, who had a little more conscience, only used the Transportation Scroll and ran away after reluctantly leaving them halfway.

Before leaving, these male saviors took away some of the relatively beautiful female mages from the refugee team and brought them to Garcia City using the teleportation array. Not forgetting to flirt with ladies when they were running away, they were indeed fellow Interdimensional Travelers. Bella couldn’t help but give it to them.

Considering that the “Sky Ark” was still carrying Princess Effie of the Aldridge Empire and many beautiful young girls from the Nation of Arcana, Bella had a rare conscience and arranged for a dozen Grim Airships to go and help the refugees who were fleeing from the calamity. Under the fierce bombardment of the Grim Airships’ artillery, the group of Abyss Crypt Insects that entrenched the back door of Kurus City were bombed and shattered by the gunfire together with the locked gate and the remnant ten thousand residents retreated out of the city from there. The Skeleton Firearm Soldiers on the Grim Airships were on board on the airships the whole time, making the residents think that the Grim Airships were carrying the human race soldiers from Sarnia Duchy.

The population of Kurus City was about 200,000, only 100,000 people ran away. Including the 100,000 garrison troop, a total of 200,000 residents from the Kurus City, and the surrounding villages and towns were lost in this abyss demonic beings attack. If such a large number of casualties were not adequately dealt with in the future and over 200,000 wraiths remained, no one would be able to live there.

Everything had been estimated to be pointing towards disaster for the over a hundred thousand human race people at Angus City. Bella was too lazy to leave the flagship, “Sky Ark.” She wasn’t stirred up after looking at the horrifying scene below. But the other girls on the airship probably would be traumatized for life after they saw it. Only Kriss and her sister Lisha were unmoved after they saw it. 

The mansion of the Angus City Lord, which was the mansion of Earl Kirk the Sixth. When “Sky Ark” arrived, the thick marble gate had been opened from the inside. Many Abyss Crypt Insects came out from the Earl’s mansion. The Abyss Crypt Insects could crawl up to the surface from the underground waterway. The Earl’s mansion had already been penetrated from inside, and the Abyss Crypt Insects outside the door were just pretending to attack. The garrison troop of the Earl’s mansion was careless.

Looking at the blood on the ground, Bella estimated that the people inside had encountered the worst. The Grim Airships first used the artillery to bomb the Crypt Insects outside of the Earl’s mansion. After that, more than one thousand Skeleton Firearm Soldiers descended from the Grim Airship using ropes, into the City Lord’s mansion.

The armor worn by the Skeleton Firearm Soldiers was the same style as the one they wore when they went to attack Benedict Manor’s underground lair. It covered the whole skeleton body. They were holding on to an improved version of the second generation arquebus. This new firearm, which could fire three shots at a time, was designed to deal with demonic beings that couldn’t be beaten with one shot. 

The shots of arquebus were incessantly blaring, and there were a lot of Crypt Insects in the Earl’s mansion. Under the firearm’s suppression, the Skeleton Firearm Soldiers quickly took control of the entire Earl’s mansion. After everything was settled down, Bella changed into a black mage’s cloak, put on a pair of black leather boots and descended from the flagship, “Sky Ark,” wearing nothing inside. She wanted to put all the treasures she found into her Storage Ring and take them away. This was the easiest mode of transportation, and one of the tried-and-true tricks of the seniors of the Interdimensional Travelers.

As it was a money-robbing operation, Bella came down on her own without letting the other girls follow. There were many corpses in the Earl’s mansion, all of them were guards. Not one of the Abyss Crypt Insects was dead, they completely annihilated the guards inside the Earl’s mansion. This military record was embarrassing enough for the human race. The Crypt Insects, which were killed, were all killed by the Skeleton Firearm Soldiers using the arquebus, which could fire three shots at a time. The Skeleton Firearm Soldiers walked back and forth, they were on their guards for any signs of disturbance. The Abyss Crypt Insects might come out anytime from the underground and attack people.

The Earl’s mansion wasn’t large, it looked prim and proper. Its size and style were per the etiquette norms of the various empires’ nobles in the human race as a standard size of an Earl’s mansion. Bella almost thought that Earl Kirk the Sixth was a good man. Bella would be fooled if he could replace the furniture in the house with ordinary wooden furniture.

The wooden furniture in the Earl’s mansion was all precious rosewood furniture. This set of furniture usually sold for at least a few thousand gold coins. Bella was almost fooled by the Earl’s cunning acting skills. It was a pity that the furniture was stained with blood. Bella found it unlucky and was too lazy to resell it and hence, did not take them away.

The body of Earl Kirk the Sixth was not found in the Earl’s mansion, Did he manage to escape? Other than some rosewood furniture and the bodies of the guards, Bella did not see anything valuable. Bella, who was struck by the fact, did not resign and was circling around in the mansion. The Skeleton Firearm Soldiers who knew what was going on inside their master’s mind, also helped Bella to search Earl Kirk’s mansion. 

Bella speculated that this kind of hereditary aristocrats who could run for six generations, it was impossible not to have any savings. An underground treasure vault or some sort of secret room must have been built. After a round of rug search, a Skeleton Firearm Soldier finally found a door to a cellar near the toilet in the mansion. To be able to come up with the idea to build the entrance to a treasure vault there, one must possess some talent.

Bella endured the stench, “greeted” Earl Kirk the Sixth in her heart and went down together with the Skeleton Firearm Soldiers who opened the path. This underground chamber was built by Earl Kirk’s family for escaping. In this underground chamber, a magical array for teleportation was built. When Bella arrived, the magical array was still in activation mode, indicating that the person had not gone far.

When Bella was still hesitating whether to arrange for the Skeleton Soldiers to give chase, she found other interesting things in the underground chamber. In this underground chamber, there was a separate dungeon. The iron lock on the dungeon’s door had been broken by the Skeleton Soldiers using brutal force. Seven or eight beautiful women were imprisoned inside, they looked like they were about eighteen years old. 

The beautiful girls were naked, both of their hands were chained and hung above their heads. Black blindfolds were covering their eyes, and all the beautiful women had one of their legs being chained and hung above from the ground, causing them to be presented in a shameful state with one leg on the ground.

A small ball connected to a tube was stuffed in their mouth, and the tube was connected to a water storage device in the chamber. At specified timings, a special liquid would be forced down into their mouth along the tube. 

The imprisoned beauties were flushed on their cheeks. Bella suspected that they had been forced to take some kind of stimulant. Their gorged breasts were obviously swollen by medicine.

On their necks, a black contraction-shaped leather collar was worn. Bella found a sinister-looking clown face on it. It was the mark of the Horrorshow Group, one of the four underground black forces of the Human Race Continent. This evil slave-selling organization had built countless underground chambers like this to be used for transferring female slaves.

According to the process, these beauties would be placed here for some time. After their will to resist was completely wiped out, they would be transported to the Horrorshow Group’s training area for further treatment. After which, they would then proceed to the trading segment. 

On a stone table, Bella saw an open roll of slave-trading transactions. After skimming through it a few times, Bella discovered some unknown secrets. Earl Kirk the Sixth, the City Lord of Kurus City, his family had been secretly engaging in underground slave trades with the evil Horrorshow Group since the third generation. 

Earl Kirk the Sixth was a senior cadre of the Horrorshow Group. If it weren’t for the abyss demonic beings attack this time, this would still be kept as a secret. Who would have thought that the empire’s hereditary Earl would be a senior cadre of the evil organization Horrorshow Group!

Bella didn’t look at the content after that. They were Kirk’s hereditary family’s records of the methods and steps to train the female slaves, from their rebellion to how they were trained. Wasn’t it just a little yellow book? What was there to see? If Bella were going to write about her experience, she would finish Kirk’s family three generations of records. What was the point of bullying the human race? Bella was someone who dared to act against members of the second generation of Twelve Gods.

Deep in the cell, Bella saw a more-special beauty. Her eyes were not covered by a black blindfold. Now, the pair of light red pupils were looking at Bella with a desperate and terrified expression. 

Bella soon recognized the identity of this beautiful young girl. The daughter of Earl Kirk the Sixth, the precious eldest daughter of the Earl’s family, Karoluna, who was the Head of Listabel Academy’s Disciplinary Committee. Bella had previously heard from her academy’s student president, Alephia, that Karoluna had been missing for a week. When she went to investigate Angus City, she also wanted to find the missing Disciplinary Committee Head.

Karoluna was not Earl Kirk the Sixth’s biological daughter, but the adopted daughter. She had no idea that her adoptive father, Earl Kirk the Sixth, was the senior cadre of the notorious criminal organization, Horrorshow Group. A week ago, when Angus City accidentally lost contact, Karoluna went to her adoptive father, Earl Kirk the Sixth, to discuss countermeasures. Because she was too anxious, she didn’t knock before she entered. As a result, she happened to see Earl Kirk the Sixth, who was doing his “regular job.” 

After discovering the secrets of her adoptive father, Karoluna, who didn’t have time to escape, was caught in the trap set up by Earl Kirk the Sixth in case of any eventualities. Karoluna, who was among the top five beautiful mages from the Listabel Academy, was caught by her adoptive father just like that. After being knocked out by the trap, she had been imprisoned here since. 

Earl Kirk the Sixth was not polite to his own adopted daughter. He despondently stripped her naked into a state of shame and tied her hands and legs behind her back with the magic forbidding collar, shaming her like the other girls who were detained inside. Karoluna was now half-kneeling in front of this iron pillar, her hands and feet were tied together. She has not been forced to drink any strange medicinal potions, and her bust was still in the normal range. 

However, she was forced to watch the training reality show that Earl Kirk the Sixth performed for her every day. Her will to resist was almost completely eroded. Bella saw that she had the same emotional reaction as the other beauties who were imprisoned here. If Earl Kirk the Sixth were still here, probably what was going to happen next would be the Other World version of the “Ghost Father” plot.

Karoluna’s long, reddish hair was wet. Although her beautiful and alluring face still pretended to have a strong expression, the special water stains on the ground had exposed the fact that she couldn’t hold it any longer. She didn’t expect that it was the Skeleton Soldier demonic beings who came to save her. In that case, it would be better just to die. 

Bella and the Skeleton Soldier demonic beings were mixed together and didn’t look like a good person. Under normal circumstances, Karoluna would still chide a few words righteously. But now, she had been under house arrest for almost a week and had no strength to resist Bella. She could only remain silent and hope Bella would ignore her. 

“Don’t… Don’t come here. If you come nearer… if any nearer, I will bite…”

“Miss Karoluna, bite what? Are you sure you can still do that?”

“You… This technique of yours… how…”

“I am a veteran in this area, much better than your unscrupulous old man…”

Karoluna’s small mouth was not stuffed with anything. She wanted to commit suicide by biting her own tongue to threaten Bella not to come close. But Bella directly controlled her small mouth with her hand so she could not bite at all. This was what Bella had learned from the Succubus Queen Aisha not long ago. It was specifically used against girls who wanted to commit suicide by biting their own tongues and be stubborn till the end. 

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“Speak, where’s the old man in your family. I see that he had yet to give you that!” 

“He… he’s over there. There is a secret passage behind the iron cabinet. He and the bro.. The brothers went in there.”

Karoluna gestured to an iron cabinet with her eyes. After Bella let go of her small mouth, she stuffed her mouth with a small piece of cloth to prevent her from demonstrating her sincerity by dying. Karoluna was different from the other beauties who had been successfully trained. She had yet to be defiled. Earl Kirk the Sixth just put her under arrest to be his audience. 

Karoluna hadn’t been violated yet. To Bella, she would add value to her collection. Moreover, after everything was over, in case Earl Kirk the Sixth was dead, then Karoluna also had the qualification to inherit the title as the Lord of Kurus City. Bella wanted to control Kurus City by controlling her and conveniently extending her power into the obstinate xenophobic Aldridge Empire. It was not enough to just control Princess Effie, but also to control the noble lords in some important areas. 

Those beauties were different. After being trained successfully, only the best step was left. Fortunately, they were blindfolded by the black eye masks, and they didn’t see Bella and the Skeleton Soldiers together. In addition to their ears being blocked by cotton, Bella planned to be a good person. After rescuing, to let go of them in exchange for some good reviews. 

Karoluna used her eyes and indicated the direction. Although there was an iron cabinet, there was a panicky look in her eyes. The nervousness in her eyes was generally shown by a novice when they were deceiving people for the first time, but it couldn’t fool a veteran like Bella. Bella pretended to be fooled and walked over, stopping in front of the iron cabinet. 

Why wasn’t that bad girl fooled! It’s okay even if she called her Skeleton Soldiers to open it. Seeing that Bella wasn’t hooked, Karoluna was getting a bit anxious. Bella saw her change in attitude from the corner of her eyes. This girl still wanted to lie to her, so naive!

There was indeed a hidden door behind the iron cabinet, but Bella smelled the bloody smell from the crack in the door. Then, she saw the familiar abyss demonic beings, Abyssal Army Ants. Those Abyssal Army Ants all crawled out from the door crack. She really thought she hadn’t seen the Abyssal Army Ants before!

Bella stepped back, and under her command, the Skeleton Soldiers cut off the iron chains on the beautiful women imprisoned here and took them out of the basement one by one. Bella carried Karoluna who had a panicked and puzzled look and moved towards the exit.

“Stop shaking your head, you are not good, Miss Karoluna. It’s full of Abyssal Army Ants in there, right? You wanted to hurt me… I have to punish you. You will be punished to go onto the bed… onto the ship. Get on the airship and reflect!”

The Skeleton Firearm Soldiers, who received orders, used copper guns and blasted the iron cabinet after Bella came out. The secret passageway inside was indeed fully covered with the Abyssal Army Ants, it was pitched black. After seeing the door opened, they gushed out like tidal waves. Fortunately, the Skeleton Firearm Soldiers were prepared and had placed a large number of combustibles. They ignited a firelight somewhere in the chamber and used fire to block the path of the Abyssal Army Ants. 

At a glance, Bella’s sharp vision caught sight of the bones lying on the ground of the secret passage. There was a corpse wearing a ring that symbolized the identity of the Earl, presumably Earl Kirk the Sixth. 

The old fox overdid it and failed as a result. He had already activated the teleportation array and was preparing to take Karoluna and the rest to leave before remembering that he had yet to take the treasures hidden here. Little did he know that the area around the secret chamber had already been infiltrated by the Abyssal Army Ants, which were good at drilling through the ventilation cavern. 

As a result, Earl Kirk the Sixth became the victim of his own evil deeds. He was buried here together with his trusted subordinates and his few hedonistic sons who never amounted to anything, leaving behind a lump of bones on the ground. Inside the secret chamber, one could see many boxes that were originally filled with treasures, had become empty boxes. 

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The Abyssal Army Ants also liked to eat precious metal and things like treasures. The wealth accumulated by the six generations of the Kirk family was completely finished. The wealth obtained through the evil business had entirely disappeared in this way, it was unknown whether it was God’s will or not. Anyway, Bella could only return empty-handed. But it seemed to be worth it after all, with the Miss High and Mighty carried in her arms.

Karoluna’s eyes were not blindfolded by the black eye masks. Naturally, she would have known that her unscrupulous adoptive father and hedonistic brothers had died inside the treasure vault. By cheating Bella to go and open the iron cabinet, she only wanted to borrow the Abyssal Army Ants’ power and die with Bella. Who knew the plan would fail.

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