Chapter 4: The Calm Classmate, Su Le

At this silent moment, Su Le was stunned and looked at the man who was holding her arm. The man was probably taller than 180cm, had a healthy physique, nice facial features and neat. It was a pity that no matter how you look, the man’s eyes gave off an overly pleasing feeling. Based on her opinion, the suit he wore suited him and the price of it would not be low, definitely wasn’t something bought from the street market which costs 100 Yuan for three. This was a man with looks and money. Su Le pondered on it for three seconds and calmly poked at the hand which held hers before coughing, “You are …”

“Senior Wei!” Li Xuan Ran looked at Wei Chu, who stood beside Su Le, in surprise and then at the dull expressions of everyone else around them. When did Su Le and Wei Chu have a good relationship? No, when did senior Wei’s elegance decline? It was fine if he took a liking to Su Le, but why did he use such a dramatic way to make an entrance?

Li Xuan Ran casually took a tangerine from the side and started peeling it calmly. The world really evolves too quickly, and she’s already old now.

Zhuang Wei’s expression changed when he saw Wei Chu holding onto Su Le’s arm. He knew who Wei Chu was. When he first entered university, Wei Chu was the president of the student union. At that time, Wei Chu was already an influential figure in the university and when he graduated, Zhuang Wei became the new president of the student union but word about Wei Chu were still mentioned by many people.

To the male students, Wei Chu was someone whom they admired and also jealous of, but Zhuang Wei resented Wei Chu. No matter who it was, when they are used to being at the top but is in the end still inferior compared to someone else, that someone is not a person to be liked.

Even though, Su Le remained quiet, the crowd no longer looked at her with sympathy but harbored emotions of envy and hate.

“Senior Wei, I never thought I would see you here,” Zhuang Wei stood up and his lips showed a trace of smile before extending his hand, “Long time no see, Senior Wei is still dignified as ever.”

Wei Chu shook hands with Zhuang Wei in courtesy and politely asked, “And who might this junior be?”

The smile on Zhuang Wei’s face stiffened. Not after two months had passed since he had entered the university and he was already one of the most famous people in it. He never thought that tonight, Wei Chu would directly ask who he was. “Senior Wei is now an elite in the business world so it’s normal that you don’t recognise me. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your junior by two years, Zhuang Wei.”

“Ah, so you’re junior Zhuang,” Wei Chu released Zhuang Wei’s hand and promptly lowered his head to look at Su Le, “Want something to drink? I’ll get it for you.”

Li Xuan Ran put a piece of tangerine into her mouth and sighed ruefully. Zhuang Wei was considered talented within their batch. But in front of Senior Wei, he was nothing. She lifted her eyes to look at Lin Qi who had an ugly expression. Li Xuan Ran laughed coldly. What a foolish woman, relying on a man to gain face, if not for the previous scene she created, she would not have lost all her face. In this battle, Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei had both lost badly. Li Xuan Ran looked at the calm Su Le again, before sighing and shaking her head. There would never be a day where Su Le would suddenly possess the skills to deal with all kinds of men. Even when it was Senior Wei who stood beside her, she would only remain calm; but to be more exact, it was more of a blank expression.

Really, this woman knows not of how lucky she was, Li Xuan Ran carried on eating her tangerine.

Su Le could not understand why this person would suddenly help her, but she was not a someone who is unadaptable. Even though his intentions were unclear to her at the moment, she would not put her rescuer in an awkward position when he had just helped her. Smiling at Wei Chu, she spoke, “I’m not thirsty, thank you.” She grabbed her bag from the sofa and added, “You can all carry on chatting, I’m going to the washroom.”

Wei Chu placed both of his hands into his pockets as he watched Su Le leave and sat down on a sofa at one side. Very soon, there were already schoolmates greeting and chatting pleasantly with him.

“Turns out, Su Le knows Senior Wei,” Lin Qi said as she tried to smile while looking at the group surrounding Wei Chu. Her eyes darkened. Su Le was always like that, just when she thought she was winning, Su Le would fiercely strike a comeback.

Su Le! Su Le! Lin Qi’s mind was filled with hatred and she soon left the room, walking towards the washroom.


In the washroom, Su Le properly let out a breath and looked at herself in the mirror. Even though her looks were above average, she was not a great beauty either. To say that Wei Chu fell in love with her at first sight and developed a sense of pity after witnessing her situation which led to him helping her escape, she would rather believe she could win the lottery now if she leaves the place without a reason.

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Opening her bag, she took her phone out to give Chen Yue a call but she saw Lin Qi entering the washroom. Su Le could not be bothered to deal with her so she turned to leave.

“Su Le, no wonder you dumped Zhuang Wei so easily. So your sights are now set on Wei Chu. You really have your means.” Lin Qi spoke as she faced the mirror to touch-up her makeup, “You’re always like this, pretending to be a strong and independent woman, but in the end, you are no different from other women.”

Su Le stopped in her steps. She found Lin Qi’s words ridiculous and she crossed her arms, “Lin Qi, if you really like Zhuang Wei, then pay more attention to what you say. Doing these kind of things in front of Zhuang Wei, are you not afraid he will not like you?”

“Hmph,” Lin Qi put her lip gloss back into her bag and tidied her hair, “Men, they say they like virtuous women, but in reality, who doesn’t want to watch their woman compete and be jealous because of him. The more jealous women act, the happier the men feels. Why did Zhuang Wei cheat? Isn’t it because you’re too rational. Men are the type of things that show how much they respect women, but really, what they are looking for are women to fight among each other for them so that their ego can be satisfied.”

Su Le looked at Lin Qi but didn’t say anything, she had never thought such a woman would say something like this. But looking at it from another angle, what Lin Qi said could not be all wrong. Even though Lin Qi was trying to belittle her, there were truly some men in this world who enjoys watching their women fighting for him as prove of his attractiveness.

Seeing that Su Le was speechless, Lin Qi sneered, “What’s wrong, you feel like you have lost?”

Su Le blinked, “Why would I be jealous because of a man’s vanity?”

The smile on Lin Qi’s face froze.

“I have many things I want to do, so why scheme for the sake of a man and lose face for no reason,” Su Le smiled, “I should thank you for I was at least able to find out the type of man Zhuang Wei is before it was too late. Take your time doing your makeup, I’ll be leaving first.”

Soon after, Lin Qi also left the bathroom, only to see Wei Chu standing a short distance from her. When Wei Chu noticed Su Le leaving the bathroom, he went towards her and said something softly to Su Le. Lin Qi remained still at the entrance of the washroom but her expression changed a couple of times. At the moment when she was about to leave, she also saw Zhuang Wei leaving and heading towards Su Le and Wei Chu.

The moment Su Le saw Wei Chu, she felt her head ache. And when Zhuang Wei also came to sight, she could feel butterflies in her stomach. Su Le nodded her head towards the both of them. Although she and Zhuang Wei had already split up, there was still a need to maintain a friendly appearance on the surface for such an event.

As for Wei Chu, when he saw Zhuang Wei walking towards them, he stepped around Su Le and stood on her left which appeared as if he was guarding her. But from his action, it did make Zhuang Wei’s footsteps come to a stop.

“Su Le, “ said Zhuang Wei as he glanced at Wei Chu, “Let’s talk privately.”

The smile on Su Le’s face was gradually getting harder to maintain when she heard Zhuang Wei, “I didn’t know there was anything left for us to talk about. Zhuang Wei, your girlfriend is standing right behind me. If you have anything to say, say it to her.”

Zhuang Wei looked at Lin Qi who stood a few steps away and retracted his gaze before speaking self-mockingly, “You haven’t changed, always so rational that it’s so aggravating. I really don’t know who will actually make you change yourself willingly.”

After Su Le heard that, she could not help but find it funny because during the time when Zhuang Wei was pursuing her, he said he admired her strength and her rationality. But now that a problem arose in their relationship, he went to find another woman behind her back with an excuse that was the same as the characteristic which he originally admired her for. Because of her rationality?

“If you really like someone, then you won’t want her to change herself,” Wei Chu felt nothing wrong standing where he was and listening to their conversation. As for his interruption to the conversation, he did not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment either. “Always wanting other people to change for you, that is selfish, not love.”

Su Le squinted at Wei Chu like she was sizing him up. He seemed to like putting on airs, so why was he getting himself involved in other people’s business? Su Le felt highly dissatisfied by Wei Chu’s interruption. “Hey, you, at least let me say what I want to.”

After Su Le spoke, Wei Chu smiled at Su Le, his smile was like flowers blooming in the beginning of spring.

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Su Le ignored the smile that was sufficient to capture many women’s heart and shot a glance at Zhuang Wei. She was fully serene, rational and calm when she spoke, “Sorry Zhuang Wei, I think there must be something you are unclear about. At the time when you got together with another woman, we have broken up. What’s my characteristic like, I don’t require your opinion. I, Su Le, can depend on the heavens, and depend on myself, but I’ll never depended on you to live. I think you control things too much.” After speaking, she didn’t even give a glance at Zhuang Wei’s ashen face and walked away with her high heels making a clicking noise.

Wei Chu waited for Su Le to be in a distance before expressionlessly looked at Zhuang Wei and left as well.


“Wei, let’s go together, the dinner is about to start,” Lin Qi smiled and skillfully linked arms with Zhuang Wei. “Just now, I specially told the others to order a few of your favourite dishes. Have a try at those dishes and see if they’re good. If they are, we can come again in the future.”

Zhuang Wei looked at Lin Qi but he remained silent and turned around towards the vip room. He couldn’t be bothered to tell Lin Qi that this was not the best place for dining. If it was Su Le, she would definitely not say something like that. But just from thinking about her, his expression turned ugly again.

Lin Qi appeared to not have noticed the change in Zhuang Wei’s mood and rested her head on his shoulder. Only, her hand clutching on her handbag tightened.


Before entering the vip room, Su Le quietly thanked Wei Chu, “Senior Wei, thank you for your help today.”

Wei Chu smiled warmly, “No need for any. You are my junior, it’s natural to help out.”

Silently, Su Le pushed open the doors of the vip room and looked at the people inside who were dressed formally before looking back at Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi. It couldn’t be that Senior Wei sees all of them as *radishes?

(*= fools)

At this moment, Su Le sensed an unusual misconception that she was special and felt the pressure rising above her.

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