Chapter 44: Taking Advantage 


A limestone trail, simple tranquility, clean air, and birds singing. It was such a beautiful scenery, but Su Le did not even take a glance at it as she supported herself against a pine tree. She took in a deep breath. Why did everyone only say that it was fun and not mention about the temple being located at the top of the mountain? Even if she did not die as she climbed up the mountain, step by step, she would still lose half of her life!

This morning, the rain had already stopped when Su Le woke up. Since it was no longer raining, everyone picked up their drinks as they decided to climb the mountain. From a distance, the mountain did not look like it was very high, but when they actually started climbing it, they all suddenly understood that even their holiday would require physical strength. Su Le started to regret her usually sitting around at home since she now lacked the strength to climb up.

She raised her head as she looked at the neverending flight of limestone stairs. Su Le wanted to cry. She did not come here to look at Buddha or the clouds. She came to suffer!

“Su Le, fighting!” Chen Xu cheered as he carried some water and snacks and walked ahead. Very quickly, the distance between then widened. It was like as if the bag of snacks and water he was carrying were just tissues that were as light as feathers.

Su Le rolled her eyes. She clasped her hands together and prepared to climb up again. A good-looking hand extended before her and Su Le did not bother to be polite, holding on to that hand. “I shall rely on you then.” The sentence that had been randomly said out loud have suddenly became rather ambiguous.

The smile on Wei Chu’s face became especially bright. He pulled Su Le closer to himself. “Be at ease and leave everything to me. “

“No wonder Lao Da wasn’t willing to use the cable car to go up the mountain,” Chen Xu, who happened to looked back and saw the scene, said aloud. Then, he muttered quietly to himself, “Really, he’s used all types of methods.”

Su Le felt her cheeks warm up as she felt Wei Chu’s hand at the back of her waist supporting her. The remaining steps began lightening. Step by step, they slowly climbed up the mountain together. When they saw the temple’s shadow, Wei Chu, who supported Su Le, did not have a red face and neither was he gasping for breath.

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Suddenly, Su Le remembered what her mother had once told her. Whether a man had a good appearance or not, it didn’t really matter. What truly was important was his strength. It appeared that Wei Chu’s body strength was passable. So regarding this point, her mother should be satisfied, right?

Conscious that her thoughts were drifting further away, Su Le swatted the hand that was on waist away. “We have arrived.”

“Darling, you’re so cruel. Swatting me away after you’ve finished using me,” Wei Chu rubbed the area that got hit. He had an expression that looked like he was being bullied.

“Great God Wei, please maintain you image a little. Quite a few of your employees are nearby,” Su Le replied, unaffected. Her gaze went to the statue on the side. It resembled the Sheli Pagoda, and it was slightly mottled, seeming like it was quite old. There was a monk not far away, who wore black clothing as he swept the dried leaves off the path. As Su Le watched the scene, she felt like she had just travelled back in time. But as she heard the door shut, she remembered that this place was just a scenic spot.

After going into the temple and worshipping the Buddha, Wei Chu didn’t really ask about love and marriage like he had mentioned yesterday. Also, Su Le didn’t believe that Wei Chu was the type who would place his beliefs in love all on a divination stick.

The architecture of the temple gave off an ancient feeling. The scent of sandalwood and the chants from monks filled the temple. It made Su Le feel that all her sufferings from before was worth it. Su Le stood up from the praying mat. As she looked at the several Buddha’s statues in the temple, Su Le’s mind was at peace.

“Don’t look at it anymore. What should I do if you decide to become a monk after staring at it for a little more longer?” Wei Chu took ahold of Su Le’s hand and led her towards the exit. “There’s a viewing deck that has been built not too far from here. We can see the horizon of clouds there. Let’s go and see it together.”

The viewing deck was surrounded by clouds that were drifting by the wind, and a stone fence that had clouds carved into it. For a moment, Su Le felt like she had left the mortal world and became immortal. Su Le leaned against the stone fence. There were also undispersed clouds at her feet. Su Le felt like she should compose some poetry but after thinking for a long time, she still couldn’t come up with anything suitable. She was indeed a commoner.

“I came here a couple of years ago.” Wei Chu smiled as he rested his hand on Su Le’s waist, “It was raining on that day and the path was difficult to walk on. I listened to the scriptures spoken for a long time. I also came out here and stared at the sea of clouds for some time as well.”

Su Le raised her brows at Wei Chu, “I couldn’t tell that you’re someone who would do something like that. Coming to look at clouds in the rain, did it feel romantic?”

“I had an umbrella at that time,” Wei Chu was slightly regretful. “Next time, I’ll try it out again when it’s raining so I can tell you how it feels.”

Su Le rolled her eyes. Not only had the great God image she had of him collapsed, but it had also become ashes and dust. The only image she had of him was a rogue. “How about if I pour 2 bottles of water over you so you can find that feeling?”

“There’s no need for that,” Wei Chu laughed dryly. He moved his gaze towards the clouds and remembered how gloomy he had felt when he came here a few years ago, and compared it to how different it was to what he currently felt.

He thought that he had no chance at that time. Then, they met again, and just when he thought he could only watch her from afar, he realised that the chance he had always wanted was by his side. Even though the journey of pursuing her was difficult, he was satisfied.

“Su Le.”


Wei Chu looked at the person beside him. She was not a particularly beautiful woman. Her skin was not extremely fair but it was not rough either. Her figure was slim but she wasn’t willowy. Although she was clever, she wasn’t a genius, but a girl like that made his heart move. She had stayed in his heart for years and now that his wish had come true, it made him feel like it wasn’t reality.

“I like you.”

“I know. You have said it before.” The woman tilted her head and exposed her attractive neck.

She was so insensitive. She wouldn’t act cute and helpless, and neither would she reply with any terms of endearment or something that was nice to hear.

Because Su Le was ordinary with many weak points, it made her special and unique. He still remembered her when they had first met. She had her hair in pigtails and her pretty eyes that did not express any timidity.

Because of that unusual first meeting, he had gradually lost his heart to her as he interacted with her more. Unfortunately, neither did his handsome appearance or his status as the student union president make her pay more attention to him.

From that time, he finally learnt that no matter how capable he was or how many titles he possessed, not everyone would take notice of him. He learnt that if he wanted to get something he desired, then he should take the initiative.

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Didn’t people look at others who were higher than them? As for people who stood higher than others, as long as they were willing to look down, they would be able to see the person whom they wished to see.

“I just wanted to tell you once more,” Wei Chu smiled. “Isn’t it romantic to confess here?”

Su Le was flabbergasted. She thought that the other party was just joking around. She didn’t expect to see the seriousness in his eyes. The two of them started at each other quietly as the faint chants from temple could still be heard in the distance. It unexpectedly made Su Le feel that the man had spoken from his heart instead of just uttering sweet nothings.

That feeling was very strange. Su Le felt that her mind was rather hectic but she could feel some joy as well. As expected, a confession like that had a high attack power. She moved her sight away, no longer looking into that attractive pair of eyes, before saying, “Being romantic can’t be eaten.”

“Yes, that’s true. It can’t be eaten,” Wei Chu nodded in agreement before pulling Su Le into his embrace and kissing on Su Le’s lips.

Not too far away from them was a sacred place with monks still chanting and there was also a group of tourists as well. Su Le widened her eyes as her mind went blank.

Wei Chu’s kiss was gentle. It was just like a spring breeze. When Su Le came back to her senses, she was already in the other’s embrace. She even heard the teasing noises from both JinChu and BaiSheng’s employees.

Her face instantly became blood red. Su Le stepped on Wei Chu’s foot while burying her face into his chest.

So embarrassing! Wei Chu, you scoundrel, you used this opportunity to take advantage of this lady!

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