Chapter 55: The Parent’s Approval

When they walked to another street, they were many other neighbors outside. Those who knew Wei Chu greeted him and made small talk with him like asking him if this was his girlfriend before they examined Su Le.

By the time Wei Chu brought her back home, Su Le was certain that within that single day, everyone in the neighborhood would know Wei Chu had a girlfriend.

“These neighbors are very friendly..” People in society were currently very cold and now that she had met such friendly people, Su Le was not used to it.

“Most of them had fought in the war. In the past, this lane was also known as the hidden traps street. My grandfather has now retired and every year, there would be many people who would come to celebrate his birthday. This year is his 80th so there will be a lot more people compared to the usual.”

Su Le shook her head, “Good appearance, smart, and the child of an official. No wonder some other males grit their teeth with envy whenever you are mentioned.”

“Such a man belongs to you now. You should be feeling proud,” Wei Chu chuckled and moved closer to her affectionately.

“Could you be any more shameless?” Su Le scoffed at him and pushed him away. She pretended she did not know him. When they returned to the courtyard house, many people had arrived and they were already seated as they chatted together. It was extremely lively. Su Le didn’t return to her senses until she heard a familiar voice.

“Xiao Le Le,” Wei Yao waved to Su Le. She stood under the magnolia tree. Her husband was nervous as he carefully looked at her stomach. It was then Su Le discovered that Wei Yao’s stomach was swollen. It was like a little ball. That girl was pregnant? No wonder she didn’t go online much recently. She was caring for her baby’s health.

“Woman, don’t make such big movements when you’re pregnant,” As Su Le watched Wei Yao carry out such large actions, it made Su Le’s heart beat even faster in fear. When she walked closer to Wei Yao, Su Le asked, “How many months pregnant are you?” Judging from Wei Yao’s stomach size, she should be around 4 or 5 months.

“A bit more than 4 months. It has just started showing,” Wei Yao laughed. But she was rather shocked and curious when she saw Su Le show up at the Wei family’s house. She glanced around, “Which one of my older paternal or maternal cousins are you dating?”

Su Le coughed dryly as she saw the obvious excitement and curiosity in Wei Yao’s eyes.

“We will be one family in the future. It’s destiny.” Wei Yao was moved. She pulled Su Le to sit down together while her husband brought them tea and water. She and Su Le were authors who had debuted at around the same time. At that time, they were still newbies that nobody knew. They chatted together in the group chat and slowly got to know each other. In the end, they became good friends online and now, their friendship had developed into reality as well. It was really like it was destined.

After Wei Yao told Su Le a lot of things, she suddenly remembered the key point, “Right, which one of my family members is your boyfriend?” Or did she guess wrongly and Su Le was actually the girlfriend of one of their guests?

Was it true that women had a lot more to say when they become pregnant? Su Le coughed, “Um, it’s your older paternal cousin.”

“I have 3 older paternal cousin. Who are you talking ab …”

“Xiao Le, are you hungry? Not all the guests have arrived so the meal won’t start till later. Do you want some snacks first?” Wei Chu passed a bag of salty peanuts to Su Le from behind. He sat down next to Su Le as he gave a small smile to his younger paternal cousin and her husband, “What are you talking about so happily?”

“Older cousin,” Wei Yao greeted as she looked at her most respected cousin, and then at Su Le. Wei Yao didn’t know what to say. After all, she had always thought that he would be the least likely to be Su Le’s boyfriend out of her older paternal cousins because Su Le’s personality was rather strong, and this older cousin of hers was very bold. So Wei Yao thought that he wouldn’t like a girl with such a strong personality, but the reality was actually the opposite from her expectation.

“Yes,” Wei Chu smiled as ruffled Wei Yao’s hair. Su Le didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she thought that Wei Yao had suddenly become a lot more honest.

Then, the honest Wei Yao saw her older paternal cousin help Su Le peel the peanut shells while Su Le ate them calmly. Her mouth twitched. She found herself at a loss for words.

Wei Chu glanced at the time on his watch and put the peanuts down, “Xiao Le, Grandfather should be preparing to come out to greet the guests. I’ll take you to greet him first.”

Crack. Su Le crushed the nut to smithereens. She was feeling restless, “I really need to go?”

“Go. Go. Grandfather is very kind,” Wei Yao kept nodding. She looked like a little chicken pecking at rice. All that was left was sending Su Le off herself.

Su Le was nervous as she followed Wei Chu’s footstep. Meeting the elders was something that she had to go through sooner or later.

The courtyard house was decorated in accordance with the traditional ways. But the design did not feel very conservative and neither did it give off the feeling like it didn’t keep up with the modern times. Instead, it gave off a serene feeling and it was also decorated with cultured objects. As she walked deeper into the house, Su Le thought that the Wei family was not a normal family. The courtyard actually had another door. When they entered a smaller courtyard, Su Le heard people talking.

“Grandfather, eldest uncle, father, 3rd uncle.” Wei Chu called out by the door. Su Le heard an old but spirited voice respond, “Xiao Chu returned? Quick, come in.”

Wei Chu turned to smile at Su Le. He took hold of Su Le’s sweaty hand and walked in. There was a sofa in the middle of the room. An old man with silvery white hair was seated on the sofa. There were also 3 men, who looked like they were in the 50s or 60s, seated beside the old man.

“Good day, grandfather and uncles,” Su Le worked hard to let out a natural smile but the nervousness she felt inside did not disappear.

“Grandfather, this is my girlfriend, Su Le,” Wei Chu pulled Su Le along as he got closer to the silvery white-haired elder, “I brought her home to celebrate your birthday together.”

Elder Wei beamed as he looked at Su Le. He kindly said, “Such a nice girl, Xiao Chu, you must treat her well. Xiao Chu, bring your girlfriend to sit down. Don’t keep standing.”

Su Le followed Wei Chu to sit down. Her sitting position was very proper. In Wei Chu’s eyes, she was acting like a little wife.

“Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous,” Elder Wei laughed as he looked at father Wei, “Second son, your family’s Xiao Chu never brought a girlfriend home, but when he finally does, he brought back a very nice girl. Very good.”

When Su Le heard this, her face quickly heated up.

“Father,” father Wei saw Su Le’s face go red and knew that the young girl was embarrassed and said, “Su Le, you don’t need to be so reserved. My father does like you.”

“I’m not nervous. Haha,” Su Le laughed dryly. But her nervousness has decreased a lot from the elder’s kind smile.

After a small chat, elder Wei said, “You youngsters should play together. I should also go and see a few old friends.” He waved his waved and let the two youngsters leave.

Su Le took in a deep breath.

“Very nervous?” Wei Chu asked while smiling. “In the future, I would also be nervous when I go and meet your parents.”

Su Le rolled her eyes in response. But she was thinking if she should pick a day where there would be lots of people when she took Wei Chu home to meet her family. Of course, with this thought process, Su Le had already skipped the part about whether she should even bring Wei Chu home to meet her family.

The party in the afternoon was very lively. Su Le listened as Wei Chu introduced her to his 3rd aunt, 4th maternal cousin, older paternal cousins and so on, and some of the children of his cousins. It was very crowded and lively.

In between, Wei Chu had also introduced her to some department heads, bureau heads, and some institute heads and so on… Su Le silently watched these chiefs treat Wei Chu courteously and in a friendly manner. This solidified the conclusion she had formed. The Wei family indeed had a lot of influence. No wonder Wei Chu could start a company at such a young age without much trouble. It turned out he had a strong background and was capable as well. It was the best combination.

After the meal, she and Wei Chu decided to stay at the Wei’s family home for the night so she had more time to chat with Wei Yao during the late afternoon while Wei Chu accompanied his parents to see the guests off. “I really didn’t think you and my older cousin Chu would get together.” Wei Yao opened some melon seeds. She sighed as she carried on, “I remember that there were many girls who pursued him in the past, but he never responded to them. He also never brought a girlfriend home when he was in university. By the time he had finished university, my 2nd aunt was longing for him to bring a girlfriend home.”

Su Le was speechless. It couldn’t be auntie Wei was worried that someone like Wei Chu couldn’t find a girlfriend, right?

“During my wedding ceremony, I really didn’t that there was anything going between you two. I thought you were just schoolmates.” Now that she thought about it, she was too naive. Wei Yao looked at Su Le and said seriously, “Xiao Le, even though my older cousin is rich and handsome, he is a very traditional man. If you two are together, you will definitely be happy.”

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Su Le’s hand that was opening the melon seeds paused for a second, “Thanks.”

“Don’t think I’m helping my cousin by speaking for him. He really is a good man. Sometimes I wonder what type of girl would suit him, but seeing how you two interact, I think you both suit each other the best.”

“Thanks for your praise,” Su Le calmly said, “You don’t even know how many hearts feel unbalanced now that I’m with him.”

“What those women think is their problem. Since my cousin is set on you, who cares what they think? It has nothing to do with them. When you meet those type of women, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them,” Wei Yao held Su Le’s hands, “We are friends. Of course, I wish you’ll live well.”

After a period of silence, Su Le laughed, “Thank you.” This ‘thank you’ was much more sincere.

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Returning the inner courtyard, Wei Chu noticed that Su Le and Wei Yao were chatting happily so he halted in his steps and turned to walk away. As he walked, he happened to meet his father.

“That child is a nice girl. Are you serious about having a relationship with her?”

“Of course it’s serious. I have liked her for a few years already.”

“Since it’s like that, then treat her well.” Father Wei nodded his head, satisfied. Good men should be sincere and devoted. No wonder this kid was his son. That was what Father Wei, who was willing to give in to his wife, thought.

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