Chapter 61: Epilogue

The first time Wei Chu saw the female schoolmate called Su Le was during the first day for new students. As the president of the student union, he had to welcome the new students with the rest of the student union’s members.

On that day, he hurriedly rushed to the meeting spot to receive the new students. He saw a long-haired girl with a suitcase standing still. She had no parents or relatives with her. So, he went up and helped her carry her luggage, asked which dormitory she was staying in, and explained the registration process to her.

During the entire time, the female student just listened to him speak. She wasn’t like the new students from previous years. She didn’t try to get closer to him or ask for his number when they heard he was the president of the student union. Instead, she just looked at him and carried on following behind him silently.

But who knew that a problem would arise from the university? So he, the president, left the suitcase and the junior classmate midway. As he rushed off, he even forgot to get another student to show her the way. It wasn’t until he lay on his bed at night that he remembered that he had actually left a new student alone midway.


The next time he saw that girl was when they were in the office of the student union’s PR department. The office was empty and only that female student was present. She was leaning against the table as she stuck paper on the news board for the background, drew a border and split the board into sections. It appeared that she was also drawing something on the side. Truthfully, if pandas weren’t the only black and white animal, he definitely wouldn’t have realized that she was drawing a panda.

“Where is everyone else?” He couldn’t help but ask.

When the female student turned her head around, he instantly recognized that she was the new student he had left midway when he was showing her the dormitory. So she had joined the student union?

“This board is not acceptable. It needs to be re-done,” he looked at the panda with difficulty and upheld a serious attitude.

The young female straightened her back before stretching her neck. Then, she placed the pen she was holding to the side and asked, “You are…?”

“I’m the student union’s president,” he smiled. “This time, the exhibition board of each department will be scored. This board is not good.” Then, he left the office while the girl stared ahead blankly.


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On the day when the exhibition boards were being scored, he specifically headed to look at the PR department’s board. The original one panda lying around had become two pandas nibbling on bamboo. Those blank and innocent eyes looked just like that girl’s eyes when he had told her the board was not good.

“Wei Chu, this exhibition board doesn’t…”

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“It’s alright. Those two pandas are rather cute.” That girl must like pandas. Yes, pandas were from Sichuan and he heard that people from Sichuan really cared about pandas. Maybe she was from Sichuan province?

The person with Wei Chu silently stared at the black and white circles. In the end, he gave the score of good but he heard his conscience scream at that moment.

Later, Wei Chu would always see that female student. He would see her in the canteen, passing by, the self-study room, the library, in lectures, and even on the streets. Gradually, he formed a habit that whenever he went somewhere, he would look at his surroundings to see if she was nearby. He wasn’t disappointed most of the time because he would see her walking out from the alley of trees, in the school buildings, or even basketball courts and football courts. Sometimes, he would even feel a little down when he didn’t see her.

That type of unexplainable feeling made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t know how, but he eventually found out that she liked Sichuan food. During the holidays when he went home, he didn’t know why but he was suddenly interested in learning how to cook Sichuan cuisine. During some time in the holidays, he gradually understood his feelings. So, he decided that when the term started again, he would confess to her.

But when he saw that she was with another man, he felt hurt and disappointed. He understood that he had missed his chance. Later, he graduated and he interned at a large company. Next, he brought a computer program and with the money he earned during his university days and set up a small company. With his family connections and business with his friends, his company got better and bigger. Then, he decided to move his company back home as it would be better for his company development.

Originally, he didn’t actually plan to attend the student reunion, but he suddenly remembered the girl from a few years ago. He didn’t know what feelings he had, but he soon arrived at the appointed restaurant even though he was a little late.

That girl called Su Le really did come as well. She looked more beautiful than when she did at university, but her eyes didn’t change. Her gaze was strong.

Look, this was fate.

He thought about this as he walked closer to the girl called Su Le.

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